Delirium by Myra Danvers

5 stars


That’s the sound of silence, caused by me being in total awe and wonder.

If I knew how to add a gif, I would be adding a ‘mind blown’ one. This is sci-fi ‘romance’ as it should be. No dominant strangely coloured humanoid aliens come to ‘claim their one true mate’. No this is life on the frontier of space, with a deranged heroine, an evil hero, a possible third and also fourth to the story, along with magnificent world building like you wouldn’t believe.

It ends on a soft cliffie, but so what? I used to read Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, David Eddings, Julian May, Marion Zimmer Bradley and they all had cliffies too. We didn’t moan about that AND we had to wait sometimes a year or more for the next book. And yes, I am putting Myra Danvers up there with all those greats of the sci-fi/fantasy world because, goddamn, this woman can write.

I couldn’t read this book quickly enough, I absolutely loved Iris. Forget book boyfriends, she’s the kind of girl I could switch sides for. Bloody hell she is one crazy, f’d-up bitch of the highest order. I want to be her when I grow up. Big Evil, well I don’t think we’ve fully explored all the depths of him yet, so I’m reserving judgement, though I’m liking what I’ve seen so far.

It most also be noted that his has a female supporting character, who isn’t a bitch or a piece of totty and whose sole purpose is not to irritate/upset/annoy the heroine of the piece. I am so looking forward to seeing more of Oriana, not to mention the devilishly sexy Daxx and the intriguing Ben.

Whilst this book might be about Atom (Iris) and Evil (Big Evil), it is about so much more too. It doesn’t rely on cardboard cutout, just-change-the-name characters, identikit plots and a story that could just as easily be set on Earth. I can’t believe this is only the second book this author has released, because *insert whatever swear word you wish* it dragged me down the rabbit hole of insanity, chaos and delicious deceit into a world I didn’t want to leave.

My favourite read of the year.

“We’ll never be done, you and I.” He pushed off her desk. Closed the distance between them with prowling steps, clenched fists, and oh, so much determination. “Too much unfinished business to ever call it over.” He stopped a few steps away from uncomfortably close. Braced his palm on the wall behind her head, forearm brushing the side of her throat. “’Sides”—he licked his lips, glanced down her shirt—“we never got our hate f**k, baby girl.”

Iris knows he’ll come.

He’ll come lookin’ for what she stole, what she refused to give up when everything went to hell.

Won’t find it, of course.

There’s nothing left but a pipe full o’the good stuff and the dregs of the past that refuse to die.


“Another amazing book from debut author Myra Danvers. I didn’t know it was possible to write such psychotic and depraved characters, and still make them likable, but she was up for the task.”

“Myra Danvers delivers once again! The ability of this writer to suck you into a believable alternate universe is un-canny. This time we are sent into space and the not so distant future. You are dropped unceremoniously into Iris’s lap. She is a foul-mouthed space engineer with considerable mechanical talent. I was caught in Iris’s spell from the start. She is a heroine of surprising strength for one so obviously damaged. The plot is deep, twisty and dark, dark, dark…. her nemesis is just as devious as her! As you watch Big Evil (and others) try to manipulate Iris, you can’t help wondering what she will do about it. So, so, so looking forward to book 2!”

“Holy freakin’ AMAZEBALLS, Catwoman! I LERRRRVED this book so much! The story caught me from the start and I lost a lot of sleep reading way past my bedtime because I just needed to know what came next! Iris is a BOSS. Crazy as a loon, but BOSS nonetheless. Her story is captivating. I want more! More background, more current, more future – just MORE! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!”

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