Hunted and Claimed: Delta James

For all the Wayward fans who may have thought the Alpha guys have it easy, meet Riley Gentry a.k.a. The Masked Marauder. 

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I FLOVED this book, IMHO it’s the best one yet. In fact I was that drawn into the story I read it in one day. This features Riley and Cameron, we’ve not really met either character before, though both have been hinted at/been in the background.

I either want to BE Riley or marry her (even though I’m straight and been married for 24 years). God that woman is kick-ass. Cameron was pretty decent too, though he paled in comparison to her absolute amazingness. My word she led him a merry dance with her determination to see justice served. I felt that he showed a great deal of respect for Riley, even though he too wanted to protect her a little too much at times.

In earlier books I’d got the impression that many of these super strong females had been spanked into submission by their alpha’s and were pretty much toe-ing the line. The last book threw a few doubts around that, this totally blows it out the water. There is a much stronger feel of discontent amongst the women, not particularly regarding their male so much as the patriarchal nature of their society as a whole. There was mention of an underground network that helped females escape less enlightened mates, and we discover that those Bae Diogel girls haven’t been quite as well behaved and meek as it might first appear.

Now if you don’t like alpha males who decide when their mate has been naughty, and spank/welt her ass soundly when she is, then you probably won’t like this. SO STEP AWAY, OR AT THE VERY LEAST PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I’d hate to see negative reviews on a book that clearly states that it has spanking and that in this parallel universe shifter males are in charge.

Another thing I will throw out there is that this finishes with a part of the story line left ‘hanging’. I wouldn’t call this a cliff-hanger and we do see Cameron and Riley’s story reach a HFN point BUT the ending almost isn’t an ending. HOWEVER that isn’t a criticism as I can see quite clearly that it’s a lead up to the next book. Part of me feels like Riley should continue to be the heroine, however so far each book has featured a separate couple, so I’m not making any assumptions. I do think she and some of the Bae Diogel girls will be playing a significant role in that book though.

I have a sneaking suspicion this may be the penultimate book, though I really REALLY hope it isn’t because I quite simply haven’t had enough of this world yet. However they do say to always go out on a high, and with how the series has been shaping up so far I do have high hopes for the next book.

Whilst this has an ongoing background story, and characters from previous books, I firmly believe you CAN read it as a stand-alone. It contains a few very mild spoilers for previous books (not many though) and seems to explain things I already knew in a way that didn’t feel tedious or repetitive, but would allow someone new to the series to pick up on what they’ve missed.

If you love shifter romances or domestic discipline stories then I highly recommend this book. I can’t wait for the next one.

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She thought she could run from her mate. Then he lassoed her.

Riley decided years ago that she would be better off on her own, but when the alpha of the local pack finds out there’s a lone wolf causing trouble on his turf he takes matters into his own hands.

As far as Cameron Nichols is concerned, Riley will be joining his pack whether she likes it or not. Her only choice will be whether to submit to his authority with or without needing to be stripped bare and spanked over his knee until she is kicking and crying and promising obedience. When she chooses the latter, the Navy SEAL turned cowboy is more than happy to oblige.

But Cameron knows instantly that Riley isn’t just a feisty female in need of an alpha’s firm hand. She is his mate, and she knows it too, despite her best efforts to deny it. No matter how many times she tries to run, he will always chase her down, punish her thoroughly, and then mount and claim her so roughly that all she can do is scream her helpless, shamefully intense pleasure into the pillow as her body betrays her and surrenders ever more completely to his demands.

Author Synopsis:

For all the Wayward fans who may have thought the Alpha guys have it easy, meet Riley Gentry a.k.a. The Masked Marauder. 

Riley, lone wolf, alpha herself, has dedicated her life to rescuing as many women as possible from the rogue packs who have kidnapped them to use for breeding.   Using the cover of working as an executive chef for hire, Riley has been very successful in getting women out and to safety with the packs in the Coalition.  But her rescues have bought her to the attention of the Ruling Councils and the kidnappers.

Enter Cameron Nichols, powerful cowboy alpha of the Wolf Meadow pack in Galveston.

Believing the masked women is using his territory as her home base, Cameron intends to discover her identity and bring her under the protection of his pack. 

Two strong-willed alphas — fated mates.  Who will rescue who?


Standing side-by-side along with their mates, Roz and Skylar grinned at either and each delivered a staggering blow to the other’s mate.  Maddie tripped Griffin as Catherine smashed a priceless urn over Marco’s head. Marco seemed unphased by the blow and brushed the chards of pottery from his hair.  Declan had a death grip on Ava who managed to stomp on his foot and bite him anyway.

Darby broke free from Jean-Michel and launched herself at Cameron knocking him to the ground.  As Jean-Michel fisted her hair to pull her off of him, she grabbed a small chair, turned within his grasp and broke it over his head.  He shook his head, grinned at her but didn’t loosen his grip and growled at his mate in a menacingly affectionate tone.

Cameron got to his feet and was out the front door just in time to see an SUV speeding up the driveway toward the main road.

About Delta James

Sinfully sultry romance – that’s the world that International and US best selling author Delta James inhabits and shares with her readers. A world where alpha heroes find true love with feisty heroines. Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline. One fan suggested it was best to have a “fan and a glass of water” when reading Delta’s stories.

Delta has been a highly successful competitor both in horse shows (Arabians, Appaloosas and Paints) and in the AKC and International Kennel Club with her beloved basset hounds.

Delta is always happy to hear from those who enjoy her work – and even those who don’t. She can be reached at

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