JAMES – S Cinders

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ – 4 Stars

Hot, action packed and exciting, this well written book will hold your attention from start to finish

James is set 20ish years after Finn . Whilst you could read it stand alone, I would recommend reading the first book so that you fully understand the background to this story. It’s not a hardship as both books are fun, hot and entertaining reads. This book totally drew me in and I found myself reading late into the night, wanting to finish it. Exhaustion won out, but I grabbed it the next morning and devoured the last few chapters STAT.

The book starts halfway through Ella and James escaping from the GMU. Alone, afraid and with Ella seriously hurt James takes a stranger up on his offer of help. That stranger and his business partner are familiar faces from book #1. Along with the help of some co-workers they teach James and Ella some of the things they need to know in life.

We then get a period of time in the book where the relationship developed between James and Ella. Given the setting they were in, and the lifestyle they were exposed to, it wasn’t surprising how quickly it evolved into a very explosive sexual situation. What follows are some incredibly hot scenes, including some BDSM play and exhibitionism. Whilst these scenes flow incredibly well, and the passion between James and Ella was very believable, after a little reflection time I see a few ‘faults in the pattern’ and have a few ‘I wish that…’ moments.

As genetically modified and highly intelligent lycans, I can sort of accept that James and Ella quickly adapted to a world they had never encountered before BUT they seemed to do it far to seamlessly and easily. And whilst the sex-club element of the story allowed for some incredibly steamy sex scenes, it felt like that was it’s only purpose. For me it didn’t actually develop the plot in any way. I liked that we had a ‘quiet’ period of time where James and Ella were free to explore their connection, but unnecessary sex scenes distracted from this.

We then get a situation that leads to a total change in the lives of many of the books characters. Personally I would have preferred LESS of a focus on James and Ella’s time at Club Lycan and more detail on the following year. Having followed the pair of them at this time, as they prepared for the trials ahead of them, would have transformed this from a very good to a truly great book. But again, that’s ‘me’ and my preference, it’s why for me this was 4 stars rather than 5. It’s still a good book, and better than many others out there.

The author has some amazing ideas and the twists and turns we got in the last quarter of the book left my head spinning. My word the pace was break-neck speed at some points, though clever writing allows you to easily keep up. Then you get to the end, which is a cliff-hanger, not a total tear your hair out cliffie, but definitely a ‘when’s the next book up?’ one.

So if you enjoy steamy, NA, paranormal, action-packed romance then this is perfect for you.

Buy Links

US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QP2GBDD/
UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07QP2GBDD/


Ella and James have been prisoners of a madman ever since they were stolen from their mothers at birth. They were raised in a top-secret facility and genetically modified to be the fastest, strongest, and most powerful Lycan assassins on Earth.

After escaping, they find themselves thrust into the outside world with no life experience and only one another to rely on. Suddenly, they are faced with choices they are ill-equipped to deal with: lust, alcohol, crime, and murder… to name but a few.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy fantasy shifter romance contains elements of power exchange.

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