Forever Molly by Alyssa Bailey

Release Date April 26, 2019  

“You scared the living hell out of me, and you can believe I’m going to spank the devil out of you.” 

Forever is a long time to live with the wrong decision. 

Newlywed Molly O’Connor loves all kinds of mysteries and solving them gets her blood pumping almost as much as her new husband Cián O’Connor. Cián wants his wife to ease into her new life and is open to any way she finds comfortable. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that running a clinic, orienting to a large Irish family, and dealing with her protective husband isn’t enough excitement for the love of his life.

When things progress from a little harmless fun to horse thefts, assaults, kidnapping, and even murder, Cián puts his foot down. Despite his admonitions, his bride is too enmeshed in the events going on around them to heed his warnings for long. Molly becomes secretive, refusing to let go until it’s too late, putting herself and her family in grave danger.

It will take help from the entire O’Connor clan along with some special friends to ensure the young couple’s forever isn’t over before it begins. 

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains elements of domestic discipline. 

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Cián nodded and signaled for Jane to bring him a menu, effectively dismissing Mr. Carpenter. Jane came quickly with a menu and a coffee pot. He paid special interest to the cup of coffee he was supplied. The waitress paid special attention to Cián before she walked away.  

“We have some things we need to discuss. I’m sure this is as good a place as any.”  

“Cián, he said he knew you.”  

“Really? That’s not what he just said.”  

“He said that in front of Mr. Archer, or I don’t think that he would have left me alone.”  

“Well, we hadn’t met before and it was a certainty that you hadn’t.”  

“I’m finished eating, Cián. I’m going home. We can talk there.” She made to get out of the booth but Cián didn’t move. He continued to observe his cup and then took a sip.  

“I imagine we can talk here. I’m sure there are other, pressing things to do when we get home.”  

“Like what?”  

Finally, Cián turned a questioning face towards Molly, his left eyebrow hiked up. “Do I need to spell it out? All right. After you explain yourself to me while I eat my dinner, we will go home. Then you will immediately strip, present that lusciously naughty bottom to me and I am going to spank it ruby red. Anything after that will also be on my terms.” 

About Alyssa 

USA Today and #1 International best-selling author, Alyssa Bailey, lives amongst the beauty of Southeast Alaska. She lives where the sky meets the rainforest on the mountains; the mountains touch the ocean, and the wildlife frolic on land, sea, and air. Humans, the ultimate interlopers, are wedged in where allowed and are properly thankful for the privilege. 

Alyssa loves writing realistic romance for the naughty in all of us. Writing power exchanges between strong, intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and men confident enough to give his woman space, but Alpha enough to keep her safe despite her choices is a common theme. She loves series.  

If she can throw a little humor, or suspense in her stories, it’s even better. Her characters predominately live in Regency England, Ireland, and Scotland amongst lords and ladies, in the Contemporary Realm amongst men and women of the world, and of course, hard-working Cowboys and fiercely romantic Indians.   

Note about penning this book: 

This last trilogy and especially the last book was difficult for me. I have grown as an author during the writing of the O’Connors. If you start from the beginning, with Liam and Jocelyn, you will not only follow the progression of the family storyline but the story of my writing.  

There were plenty of ups and downs and growing pains but at the end of the day, like the O’Connors, I like where I am. And like them, the next generation is in full swing and their third generation is beginning to find love as I am beginning to spread my own wings to spaces and places I never thought to go.   

I hope you have fallen in love with the O’Connors. Would you like to know of other new and wonderful places my writing might take us?  

Check out the venue of your choice below and follow me.   

You can find Alyssa online: 
Twitter: @blushingalyssa 
Blog/web page: 

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Blushing Exclusive: 

Who are some of your favorite authors: 

I’ll share one right now. As a teen, I discovered Victoria HoltPhilippa Carr, Kathleen Kellow, and Jean Plaidy (all the same woman) whom I devoured for the gothic style of writing, the Victorian settings, and the mystery. The crime and mystery style gave way to the gothic romance mystery in her later career. 

Library or bookstore? 

Is that a real question? Library of course. I have spent hours surrounded by books my whole life fueled by my mother who is a lover of books. She shared that obsession with me. She dabbles in writing as well. I think most people who have love affairs with books–the feel, the smell, the weight of an old book in your hand, has the craving to create them in some form or another. I tackled my demons, built worlds, and met my first lovers in the library.  

What type of book do you like to write the most? 

Honestly, I like a taste of suspense, but don’t have the patience to write mysteries as in Agatha Christy types. I want a book that shows character connection to others. It’s hard for me to draft a book that isn’t a series because I tend to think in groupings. I immediately identify the main characters in the first book, adding as the story morphs. I want to fall in love with my characters, laugh and cry with them. Then I want to share who have become important to them in a next book, creating that sense of community that weaves in and out of each other’s lives as they tend to do.   

What was the hardest part about writing Forever Molly? 

The ending. It was the last book of the series. I imagine I might do a novella, or free stories for my fans of this huge family, but the last sibling is now married, all the main characters have been settled. It was time to move on. They are a part of my life now but it’s time allow them to raise their families in peace. Time to eavesdrop on the lives of another community.  

Now that the last of the O’Connor Series has been written, what is next on the 2019 horizon? 

I have several other trilogies and series that I’ve started. I’d like to finish those. Clearwater Ranch series is a trilogy-book 2, Camille’s Second Chance, is coming out soon. In Forever Molly, we re-introduced Saving Sharlee characters, Jacquard, Sharlee, and Kaden. I have a few moody alpha men to get through there. Finally, I think I will write another book to my Lords and Little Ladies. I already have a novel in a rough outline.  

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