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CRAZY ON YOU (Bliss Brothers #4) by Amelia Wilde

5 STARS – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I’ve enjoyed this series but Charlie and Leta just blew me away.

*Swoon* just goddamn *swoon*. I thought Charlie’s book would be fun, maybe a crazy girl who turned his life upside down, but I never imagined it would make me cry. I’m a sucker for a second-chance romance, but only when the writing is good too. This book. THIS. BOOK. was so full of feels, so emotive, so…. so perfect. 

It’s on the shorter end of the novel spectrum but Crazy on You cut through all the usual fluff and filler, dragging us straight into a maelstrom of feelings and emotions and tossing your heart around as though it were in a tumble drier. On completion it left me adrift, a wreck floating on a turbulent sea, yet having loved every second of reading it.

Charlie is Mr Uptight, Upright and Organised, Leta follows ‘signs’ that the universe sends her. This pair shouldn’t work but they do, bringing the very best out of each other. Who would ever have guessed just what a dirty, bossy guy Charlie is.

Their story was believable and they were very likeable and ‘real’ characters. And then when we find out why Leta’s aunt bought the house – that shredded what little was left of my heart. Thank goodness Ms Wilde has such a talent at putting all the pieces back together again!

I highly recommend this if you like second-chance stories, well written romance or just a full of feels book.

She’s my polar opposite. My fooled-me-once. My heartbreaker.
And now she’s back in town.

The last time I saw Leta Quinn, she was driving away from me, breaking the speed limit in our residential neighborhood off-the-wall artist girlfriend and love of my life was headed for California.

The universe gave her a sign, so she went.

I don’t believe in signs. I believe in working hard at the Bliss Resort. I believe in solving the mystery that’s ruining our finances. And I believe in never, ever thinking about Leta.

It’s all going according to plan until she tackles me on the sidewalk.

It’s not a sign. It’s coincidental torture that the great love of my life is moving in down the street.

Because one look at her has me wanting the impossible: 
a happily ever after.


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DELINQUENT by Ally Vance

Title: Delinquent

Series: Cavalieri Della Morte

Author: Ally Vance

Genre: Romantic Suspense Novella

Release Date: May 30, 2019


Seth Galahad

Reckless rule-breaker with a taste for violence.
It’s what I’ve been called time and again.
Carving my way through the names I’ve been given, I’ll rise through the ranks.
Collecting your blood as payment for your debts
I’m young, I’m hungry, and I won’t be stopped.
I take what I want, when I want. Nothing can hold me back.
The cross on my back speaks of a past I know nothing about.
The history of my family drenched in mystery.

Leeann Mallory
My brother’s string of gambling debts has raged out of control.
An insurmountable sum that he’s racked up over time.
Out of money and out of luck, he did something unthinkable.
Playing with my life in a game of chance, he lost.
My brother did nothing to prevent me from being taken.
The debt collector came in the night, and he snatched me from my bed.
Debts must be cleared, and I’m going to be the one to pay it.
The question is will it be in blood? Or will it be with my heart

**This is a standalone novella within the series**

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Review – 3 stars

Delinquent is a well written, fast paced and exciting romantic suspense. Both main characters had depth and strong personalities, and the chemistry between them was spectacular.
In a very ‘it’s me not you‘ way, I just didn’t quite connect with the book. It might have been my mood, it might have been something else. There is nothing I can point at as a reason why I didn’t really love it, indeed on a ‘tick the box’ level it really should have worked for me.
So whilst it didn’t wow me, I know that this will appeal to and be enjoyed by many readers. So for that reason I do still recommend that you try it for yourself.

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5 shining gold stars for this debut novel
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This is one amazing debut novel.

Calling all M/f omegaverse lovers!  The Sacred Omegas – December is an absolutely fantastic story and one you really should read. The majority of the plot is set within a small number of rooms/buildings, so we don’t get to experience much of the outside world. However some very good world building at the start of the story helped set the scene, along with conversations, memories and the dynamic between characters. 

I found the mafia/omegaverse blend to be both intriguing and captivating, the two aspects worked really well together. Along with both of these was a lots of steam and an excellent romantic suspense element. These all wove together to produce a well written and engaging story, one that easily held my attention both with it’s interesting plot as well as it’s good pace.

December and Nikolai totally made this book work for me. I loved both characters; December with her strength, fortitude and tenacity and Nikolai with his dominance, perseverance and tenderness. Whilst Nikolai is not a man to be trifled with, and though he made some mistakes with December at first, he was an alpha hero in every sense of the word. In general he treated December with respect, displaying a level of empathy not always found in his dynamic. 

December experiences some harrowing times during this book, just be aware that there are potential triggers around sexual assault. However these scenes involve secondary characters, rather than the hero, so whilst this is a dark romance it isn’t at the very blackest end of the spectrum. I have to admit that I had been lulled into a false sense of security, given Nikolai’s almost gentle treatment of December, so these passages really did knock me sideways. What further impressed me was the very genuine feelings that plagued December afterwards. She wasn’t miraculously ‘cured’ nor was she gagging for her alpha within minutes of being rescued. The lasting effects of her trauma and her responses to them felt very real.

The connection between Nikolai and December was very convincingly portrayed. The passion between them was incredibly hot but, more than that, I believed in their emotions too. It was only too easy to accept their feelings for one another.

*** Whilst this followed the general ‘rules’ of omegaverse works, it still had a fresh and fairly unique feel to it too. If you’re unfamiliar with the world, this book reads very much like a contemporary romance, but where the alpha and omega release pheromones that the other can scent. The omega will have heats and produce slick (lubrication) in response to growls from the alpha male. The alpha male produces a knot at the base of his penis, much like dogs and wolves do, that ties him to the omega. They DO NOT ‘shift’ or change into wolves/animals, they are more like modified humans.



In a desperate bid to find relief from a mysterious illness, December steals from the most dangerous crime syndicate in the city. Her botched burglary attempt leaves her at the mercy of the Bratva and its leader Nikolai Petrovski, and after an incident with one of his men lands her in the hospital, the horrible truth is revealed.

Nikolai wants to punish the tiny female who wreaked havoc in his holding pens, but after catching the scent of the girl his enforcer almost strangled to death, instinct prompts him to alter his course. When doctors confirm what was believed to be a sickly beta woman is actually a chemically sterilized omega, a plan to secure himself an heir becomes his first priority.

When December awakes, it is Nikolai himself who breaks the devastating news. The faulty device that the state implanted in her when it deemed her unworthy of breeding has been removed, and she will soon experience her first true heat as an omega. December owed a debt, and she’d pay with her body, or her life.

But what would happen when the alpha Nikolai discovered just how valuable a prize he’d caught? Would he honor the terms of their arrangement once he realized she was one of “The Sacred Omegas”?

-“Ms. Pierce has made her own niche in this genre. This story made me feel everything. I wanted to throw something, cry, laugh and claim my hubby throughout the story. Sometimes at the same time. “

Goodreads reviewer. 

-“I loved this mafia-meets-omegaverse romance, and I enjoyed the blend of fantasy and Bratva worlds. It was complex, with a lot of characters all having a part to play in this action-packed book.”

Goodreads reviewer

This is a Dark Omegaverse Fantasy Novel. Omegaverse often features themes of noncon, dubcon, power exchange, and more. If you enjoy these tropes, please continue. If you don’t, this book may not be for you. 

This book is set in a world where criminal regimes reign. There will be strong language, violence, and scenes of assault that may trigger some readers. You may cringe, you may cry, you may rage, but I promise, if you can bear to fight through that darkness, light and a HEA wait for you on the other side. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. You have been warned. 

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BLACK SWAN (The Kingmaker Saga #3) by London Miller

FIVE+ STARS – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I adore Karina, I’m slowly forgiving Uilleam (though he still has a long way to go yet) and I am desperate for this pair to find everlasting happiness.

I have to wonder way, way back in the past, when Ms Miller wrote Red, the first book in the Den of Mercenaries series, if she had this entire story arc in mind. The imagination, planning and the painstaking recording of details needed to make this series work, to have it blend so seamlessly with the Den series of books, leaves me in absolute awe. Her talent for story telling is second to none. 

This book, THIS. BOOK. It held me spellbound. It broke my heart. It shredded my soul. It made me ache and despair for the two lost and wounded individuals within its pages. At times it had me on the very edge of my seat, the tension so very palpable that my heart was racing, my hands were clenched tight and I couldn’t read quickly enough. Other times I gazed on in wonder at the sheer audacity of the plans and schemes. Mesmerised with how the intrigue was like a tightly ravelled ball of string wound just perfectly, so that the slightest tug on a loose end saw it unravel before my very eyes.

The fact that I’ve already witnessed so much of this story through the eyes of other characters didn’t matter a jot. Every line brought something new. Each paragraph held meaning, gave context and revealed secrets that I hadn’t even known existed before that moment. I actually had to put this book aside a couple of times just to let my brain process everything I had read. I had to give myself time to recover from the depth of emotion this stirred within me. Allow myself space to soak in the sheer brilliance of the story. I also needed to try and eek the story out for as long as possible because I just knew I’d go into a massive book hangover upon completing this. 

In the aforementioned DoM series, I really didn’t care for Karina. In the first two books of The Kingmaker Saga we see the woman she was before betrayal, pain and misery shaped her into Belladonna. That this agony befell her, ultimately, at the hands of the man whom she loved with all her heart provided me with a very different perspective of the character. Karina is a woman who only ever saw the good in others, a woman who cares too much and too deeply for her own good, especially when it comes to Uilleam Runeheart.

Whilst not an easy man to always like, mainly due to his arrogance and high handed manner, Uilleam did win me over both in the Den books as well as the first book of the Kingmaker saga. However much he loved Karina, despite how the situation broke his heart, there was never anyone more to blame for events than himself. Yet despite this, despite knowing he is selfish, despite knowing he is manipulative and despite knowing he doesn’t always care enough about the innocents caught up in his schemes, he is slowly worming his way back into my heart.

I simply can’t begin to guess how this story will proceed. I do know that it is a series that you will happily read again and again, each time noticing another little facet, hint or clue that you missed on previous reads. If you love romantic suspense, if you love a well written story, if you enjoy books that involve your mind, heart and soul then this is for you. It needs to be read after the first two books, White Rabbit: The Rise and White Rabbit: The Fall. You might possibly also want to read the Den of Mercenaries books, which this series overlaps with, it isn’t strictly necessary but they are also incredibly well written stories too.

Bravo London Miller!



In the blink of an eye, Karina Ashworth lost everything.

But in the pits of her despair, she finds a new purpose—a reason to keep living.

Uilleam Runehart might have shown her how ruthless he could be, but she’s no longer the girl he once knew.

No longer innocent and blind to the cruelties of the world, she’s now a woman fueled by vengeance and fury. And by the time she finishes with him, an empire will fall.

His actions have consequences, and she would be his reckoning.

From Romantic Suspense Author, London Miller, comes the third installment in the Kingmaker Saga following a woman with nothing to lose and the man who will never see her coming.

🖤 Book One:
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🖤 Book Three:

Book Review


I recently read both books number 4 and 5, and since the final book concluded the series I decided to post my reviews for all five instalments.

My overall rating for the series is 4 stars, which equates to; I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.


A young adult paranormal urban fantasy blend, with well written characters and a captivating story line.

Having read and enjoyed The Statues Trilogy I knew I enjoyed this author’s work. I was also very intrigued by the blurb for the book. 

I love stories where the fae/immortals/gods are walking around on Earth, with most humans totally unaware of the truth. I really enjoyed how the author steadily world builds in this book, introducing new characters and information in a way that neither overwhelms nor gives you too little to work with. This book was very much scene setting for the rest of the story, we spent a lot of time discovering some unexpected truths, both about Everly but also about Veil Rock.

Written in first person and completely from Everly’s point of view we, as the reader, quickly get to know this not quite girl but not yet woman really well. There are quite a few other characters to also keep track of, some of these are clearly friends, some very much enemies, whilst others could be either. The people she can trust don’t know enough to really help her, whilst those who know everything are the very ones who might want to cause her harm.

I’m was intrigued by the whole story and determined then and there that I would be continuing with it.


I would have sworn I was just a normal girl. But, I was wrong. And it could cost me my life.

When I’m sent to finish my last semester of high school in the peculiar town of Veil Rock, I thought that would be punishment enough. But when mysterious vampires, shifters, and witches come to seek me out, there’s no escaping the clutches of this new hell.

They believe I am powerful enough to be their ultimate sacrifice to break a binding curse, and they will stop at nothing until they claim me as their own.

I laughed at the absurd idea until unexplained and magical things began to happen to me. Now, unable to gain control of my newfound powers, I’m forced to rely on the very ones who plan to sacrifice me to keep their immortality.

As my world breaks apart into a thousand pieces, it’s flight or fight. Since I’m not one to run away, the only thing left to do is decide who I can trust and who is manipulating me as I try to unearth ancient secrets that may save my life.

My name is Everly Shade, and I’m not ready to die.

*Echoes to Ashes is the first in this YA paranormal mystery series. Expect romance, magic, and twisting plots that will have you guessing to the very last book.*

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The story gets better and better

Ashes and Shadows picks up pretty much where book #1 ended, and continues the story of magic, mystery and mayhem. It continues to be written first person and just from Everly’s pov.

Ainsley Shay spins excellent magical tales but in a modern day setting, merging the two worlds into one massively entertaining read.

Everly is discovering more and more things, both about herself and about the immortal beings who are so very interested in her. There are a few new people to meet in this book, along with some surprising discoveries to be made and increasing threats to face. 

I did find that I was having to remind myself that Everly is only a teenager, particularly at those times when she seemed very trusting of the wrong people. Personally I wouldn’t trust any of them, but I guess in order to get the answers she needs, Everly has to trust someone.

The writing is executed well, making the story easy to follow and understand. The pace was nicely balanced, holding your attention without moving too quickly, and there were plenty of twists and turns in the plot. Characters clearly have their own motivations, only revealing information to Everly when it suits them. They often leave her in ignorance and then get offended by her unwitting actions!

I flew through this, devouring each word, page and chapter whilst being totally riveted by the story. I am massively looking forward to reading the final book and discovering the truth hidden behind all the smoke and mirrors that the immortals dazzle our heroine with.


Magic paints a target on Everly’s back, and her hunters won’t stop until she belongs to them…

As Everly attempts to control her powers, everything else in Veil Rock comes unhinged. Now, there’s a new a gift over-riding all of her senses, and its insatiable need to be fed drowns out everything else.

There’s only one person who can help her overcome the magic’s hunger. He’s more than happy to oblige… but he’s the last person Everly wants to turn to. Especially about this.

But, she may be left with no other choice as more supernaturals begin to realize how unique her powers are. The white witches are the only ones who know exactly what Everly is capable of, and they will do whatever it takes to keep that secret sacred.

Even if that means Everly’s death.

The CW’s Supernatural collides with LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries in the thrilling series of The Immortal Trials.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed third instalment of The Immortal Trials.

We’re half way through the story now and whilst there are still a lot of unknowns and secrets galore, I did feel as though plot strands were starting to tie together. Whilst I still have NO idea of how the story will progress, strangely enough I did feel as though we made significant headway in this book and am now beginning to build a much clearer picture in my head. 

It might just be me but this felt as though it had better pace and flow than book 2. That’s not to suggest book 2 was a bad read, rather that this is an even better one! We don’t see as much of Cameron, Mina and Raiden in this one, though there are quite a few other characters to meet and place into the story. There are also some surprises and plot twists added into the mix.

In the second half of the book Everly eventually felt like she was taking charge of events. I do like that she acts like a girl of 17 and not as though she were an adult, but time’s a ticking and there are A LOT of powerful people plotting her demise! I loved how the story progressed and can’t wait to see where the next book will take us.


Time is running out, and there’s no room left for mistakes.

The date of the ritual has been decided, and Everly has thirty-five days until she becomes the immortal’s sacrifice.

When shocking news comes in the way a sacred one, her entire world shifts. Everything she’s ever known may have been a lie.

But, Everly’s hope blossoms when she discovers a vital piece to the deadly mystery she’s trapped in. She must find a way to endure the never-ending horrors that continue to haunt her.

Especially if she plans to survive.

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Wow, things are certainly hotting up for Everly.

There was so much happening in this penultimate book that my head was left spinning. The pacing was perfect, holding me riveted from start to finish and I found myself finishing the story before I realised I was anywhere near the end.

Everly finally seems to be making headway in her struggles with both the immortals and The White Ones. In fact there are so many immortals in this story that it can be difficult to keep track of who is who. Thankfully the author drops gentle reminders into the story to aid with this.

The story flowed really well, the writing is engaging and the characters inspire genuine emotion, both positive and negative. I love how we can never be quite sure of who to trust and sorting truth from lies and subterfuge has my mind imagining all sorts of ways the story may progress.

I’m jumping straight into reading the final book right now. I can’t wait to find out how the amazing adventure draws to a conclusion. Not to mention finding answers to all those questions still flying around my brain!


The Creator of all immortals has left his lair.

His reason for paying a visit to Veil Rock is just… the need to know if Everly Shade is indeed the one creation that was never meant to be born. Knowing that she could ruin everything he has ever created, he must see to it that she is dealt with before the Hunter’s Moon.

Everly can no more prepare for the warlock’s arrival than if she was going to Hell itself. Still in possession of the grimoire, she searches through powerful spells she hopes will keep her alive long enough to save the ones she loves.

As her power to wield magic intensifies, she can no longer hide in the shadows. When the White Ones come for her, the only protection from their mental assaults is her own power. They don’t fight fair, the fight for what’s theirs. But, Everly belongs to no one.

Through her growing strength, Everly refuses to let murder, blood lust, or ancient magic keep her from what’s rightfully hers, the freedom to live.

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A thrilling conclusion to a wonderful series.

One of my favourite things about this series has been seeing how Everly has grown and matured throughout the story.  Curse to Ruin showcased this aspect really well, she still felt like the same person but she was making more reasoned decisions. The plot is incredibly busy but the pace allows you to follow it quite easily. There were so many unexpected twists and turns too, you just couldn’t predict what would happen next!

The writing, as always, was of a high standard with a flowing and easy to read style. I found myself flying through the book, quite simply it held my attention from start to finish, even when I wasn’t able to be reading, it was still in my thoughts. I adored the very sweet romantic element that we saw in this book, it wasn’t excessive but it just added something special IMO.

There were only two aspects of the book that could have been even better for me. Personally I would have liked Everly’s parents to have a larger role in this book, their inclusion almost felt pointless. I also felt the ‘sacrifice’ scene was rather rushed, the resolution felt too quick and easy. However this is a YA book when all is said and done, so a violent battle scene would have been inappropriate.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and would highly recommend it to those who enjoy paranormal stories and YA adventures. The series is suitable for teens through to adults, it has a very mild amount of romance.


Embracing death may be the only way to survive.

Trapped in her own body, Everly has been put under a spell to imitate death. With only ten days until the Hunter’s Moon, Dragan is now her eyes and ears to ensure she comes out of it alive. With both, the White Ones and his own immortal family, breathing threats and curses in their direction, Dragan turns to an unlikely source for help.

In the middle of the ocean, at Veil Rock, the ritual is set. Every immortal is on edge waiting to see if their curse will finally be lifted. Their hope falters when Saphira shows up to claim her daughter, Everly, to use her for the only thing she was created to do… abolish the immortals who never should have been.

When Everly is viciously ripped out of her death-like embrace, she’ll be forced to choose which side she’s willing to die for.

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