ALPHA’S KITTY by Aria Adams

He wanted nothing more than my total submission. 

Kitty, Alpha’s Kitty

She’s my kitten; my slave. And she will obey. 

Herve, Alpha’s Kitty


Obey and submit. That seemed to be all he wanted from me. He expected so little, and yet, so much. 

Hervé: I rule this planet. I will settle for nothing less than absolute control. And my tastes are dark. She is my pet. My plaything. I will train her for my use. I want her to desire the pain I will inflict. She only exists for my pleasure. Until she gets taken from me. Without her, my world is shattered. But make no mistake. I’m coming for her. 

Kitty: I am a pet kitten. I have no name. From birth we are kept in captivity and prepared to be sold. My owner does whatever he wants with me. His rules? Obey and submit. When we are forced apart, I realize I need him. I crave his complete mastery. His pain. His pleasure. No one else can take the place of my owner. 

Publisher’s Note: This is a dark sci-fi romance intended for adults only. It features total power exchange with some potentially triggering scenes along with an HEA. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase. 

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“Address everyone you encounter from now on as ‘master’. You are a pet. A slave.” 

I knew I was a pet. I’d been raised all my life to expect to find an owner. But not like this. Not with punishment and sorrow. Owners were supposed to be loving and cherish their pets. 

I had to hope my new master would be kind. 

Looking out of the holes in the carrier, I saw gray concrete everywhere. Occasionally, it was punctuated by big planters full of bright flowers, but they looked like little islands drowning in a rising tide of stark concrete. It was like the people here knew their world wasn’t beautiful, but instead of changing it, they just brought nice things here to suffocate. 

Tall concrete buildings rose around the wide streets. Windows everywhere. A thousand lives playing out behind the smokey glass. And I was never going to see any of it.  

I sympathized with the flowers, imprisoned in soil and forced to live for someone else’s pleasure. It was my lot in life, too. 

Note from the author: Alpha’s Kitty 

I had the idea for this book when I was visiting a wild animal cafe in South Korea last Easter. Unlike other animal cafes in Korea, this one was a place where wild animals had been rescued from irresponsible people who had illegally bought them, there were strict no-petting rules unless the animals approached people of their own free will. All proceeds from food and drink were used to help the animals. The creatures couldn’t be released back into the wild because they had grown up in captivity, and they were often thousands of miles from their proper habitat, over country borders.  

As I watched the rescued wildcats and other animals exploring the environment around me, the idea of a human kitten, with real ears, claws and a tail, jumped out at me. I knew Kitty would be named by her owner. I also knew she would have grown up in a kitten farm, treated like a cat, and that she would only know how to crawl.  

When Kitty first popped into my mind, she was drinking warm milk from a bowl and I only had a snapshot of the character, with no story to fit her. I had read a few petplay books, and even written a short story, but none of the stuff I’d seen seemed to take the concept of pets very literally, so next I had to figure out how this could work as a story.  

I might have written this book a year ago, but the question that I couldn’t answer was, “what kind of a man buys a human cat, and how can she ever love him?” I may have actually said this out loud, to my husband, standing outside in the middle of a busy Seoul street!  

I mean, seriously, who wakes up in the morning and goes to a shop to buy a person? How can that work as a love story? I just couldn’t figure out how to pull it all together without the male lead being horrible. 

It took me a while to realize that, although I knew Kitty was an intelligent and sentient human, the people around her had no idea that she was anything other than a kitten who looked a bit human and who could speak in simple phrases. So they treated her the way people treat animals. Worse, in a lot of ways. This story gets pretty dark and pets have no protection under the laws of the planet they’re on. But I still needed someone special to take the lead in this story, and I didn’t have my main man, yet. 

It was months and months before I finally got the idea for Hervé, the stern and demanding alpha who rules the planet, and who buys a kitten simply because every man needs a pet. 😉 He doesn’t know Kitty is anything more than an animal, at first, and he’s shocked when he finds out her true nature. But he doesn’t let her go, I mean, it wouldn’t be much of a dark romance, otherwise. As soon as I thought him up, I got started writing Alpha’s Kitty.  

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the finished tale as much as Kitty finally enjoys her tail. 😉  

Aria xxxx 

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