WOFLE by Cari Silverwood

Rating – 4.5 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐.✨

My Review
I really recommend reading this, but I personally think it’s best read AFTER the Dark Hearts Trilogy

Whilst Wolfe is technically a stand alone story, it is set in the same world as the Dark Hearts Trilogy. These books contain a LOT of background that helps set the scene for this one and Wolfe actually features in the final book of the series. I know from having read Used (a short story set in this world), before any others, how important that world building is.

“We’re never free. We can only dare to run the line between destruction and glory.”


Please don’t read this expecting a standard dark romance, that isn’t what you’ll get from Cari Silverwood. She likes to challenge the reader, provoke deep thoughts, mess with your head and provide lots of hot and kinky fun too. You also have to be prepared to read between the lines and look for the subtle clues. All of this is topped off with a whimsical and sarcastic humour that usually appears at the most inappropriate of times.

Some mornings, I half expected to wake and find a thorn barrier growing out there, or a for a little red riding hood to wander in and join us for breakfast.
I had the Wolfe already.


Wolfe and Kiara are an absolutely adorable couple. He might be verging on mad, somewhat evil, able to manipulate both her mind and body and with a very dubious history but there is also a massively sweet, kind, charming and loving man under the rough and ready exterior. Despite so many reasons to hate this man, there was just something about him that stole my heart. (And no Ms Silerwood, it wasn’t the size of his cock – though it did help!)

Kiara is a good person caught up in a bad situation and trying to keep those she cares for safe. Before long Wolfe becomes one of those she cares for. She loves his gentle side, she loves his dominant side, she even quite likes his sadistic side, though the monster within somewhat scares her. I loved how she twisted the interpretation of his ‘commands’ in order to disobey whilst not disobeying – you’ve got to love a clever and devious woman!

I touched the band-aid on my neck. That word made us seem like some old married couple, and that was as far as you could get from the truth without catching a train.


With outside forces determined to consign Wolfe to experimental history, and the beast suppressing drugs running out, is there a future for this pair? Added into the mix are a handful of mysteries and some shocking discoveries. A few loose ends are left just that, loose. However this fits perfectly with the whole theme of ‘what matters is not who we were, but who we are now’.

It had a very different feel to the rest of the series, strangely I found it ‘gentler’ even though this time the hero WAS the bad guy. There was less forcing and less, for want of a better word, ‘mind-raping’. Unlike the majority of mesmers, Wolfe wanted Kiara to chose the darkness, not just force it on her. 

My suggestion? Come join the journey into madness.

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M05IKGL/

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M05IKGL/


This book is dark fiction and may disturb some readers. Please read the full warning at the bottom.

Beauty and the Beast as it’s never been told.

Riddled with bullets and left to die in Thailand, Wolfe is medivacked to the USA. He survives, recovering from wounds no man should be able to heal. Months later, his perplexed doctor lowers the dosages of his medications and Wolfe begins to change.

His powers awaken.

Kiara, his nurse at the rehabilitation village, thinks she only has to hand him over to Russian intelligence agents to save her parents from punishment. It won’t be that simple. Kiara isn’t safe.

The kidnapper becomes the victim.

When free of drugs Wolfe becomes ferocious and animalistic in his desires and actions.
What if a man who is almost an animal could command you to do anything he wanted? And you couldn’t resist…

Kiara may be taken past the point of survival.

Be careful who you dare to betray.

Wolfe is a spin-off book from the Dark Hearts series. You do not need to read the trilogy. This is a standalone book.

This story explores horror and thriller territory. You’ll find some very graphic scenes oozing from the pages.

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