Because He’s Perfect is now LIVE!!!!

Get your fix of our perfect heroes.

Free gift available – a selection of full stories from some of the authors. See the link at the back of the ebook.


Because He’s Perfect is a charity anthology with all proceeds being donated to the Movember Foundation. Twenty-one authors ranging from first time writers to long-term storytellers, seek to dispel all the myths from the romance world about what a perfect hero should be.

Emotional or physical disabilities and illnesses are nothing to be ashamed of; in fact they can make a man. With the inclusion of a poignantly emotional foreword by NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan, this anthology will take you on a journey through comedic laughs, sweet contemporary romance, and into the world of darkness and bizarre.

Joining the authors on their quest are one graphic artist, two photographers, and two models donating their time and efforts to this project, which has inspired all involved.
We hope you will enjoy what you read, ‘Because He’s Perfect’.

Buy now $0.99 ($4.99 after 14th May)


Free gift available – a selection of full stories from some of the authors. See the link at the back of the ebook.

Foreword – NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan
Models – Sean BradyChristopher John
Photographers – Christopher John at CJC Photography, David Wills
Graphic Artist – Charity Hendry at Judged by the Cover.


I haven’t managed to read all the stories in this anthology. However I’ve read enough to know that it is a very special book and an absolute must buy. It’s introduced me to a few new authors, who have now been added to my TBR list.

Because He’s Perfect is a mix of short stories, is quite an eclectic mix of stories. Some are clearly precursors to longer books, others are complete tales, one or two are little vignettes of life. As with any anthology some of the books you will love, some won’t be your thing but best of all you will find new authors to read and follow.

I love me a perfectly imperfect hero, so this anthology is right up my street. Not to mention it is raising money for a good cause, so it’s well worth purchasing.

Screw Up by Renee Harless – 3.75 stars
This is a sweet but steamy read, a little insta-love for my taste but that’s par for the course with a short story. The character development was very good, Sofie and Carter were both easy to like and believable. Best of all I felt I ‘knew’ them and a little bit about them.
The story was really easy to read, the writing flowed smoothly and the pace was good.

Worth The Risk by Tracie Delaney – 4 stars
I felt we really got to know both Jess and Wade in this short. I actually felt invested in them, particularly since I love a second chance romance. I loved how educational the story was, regarding the issue of HIV. It avoided feeling sermon-y or as though you were reading an information pamphlet, instead it was just a natural part of the story line.
A wonderfully hopeful story.

Inhibition by Dani Rene 5 stars
This is deliberately only the start of what appears to be one cracking good read. It left me hanging and desperate to know how Adrian and Scarlett’s story will progress. I was smitten by this couple and look forward to reading more about the snarly MC member and the therapist with a secret past.

The Cure by Jo-Anne Joseph
I really enjoyed this until the very end, when it didn’t really end at all, or at least not in a satisfying or even conclusive way. I’ve read and enjoyed books that haven’t necessarily had a HEA or even a HFN, but the ending of this quite simply made no sense to me. I’m not even sure I feel as those this was a romance. A very solid and gripping 5 star read until it abruptly ceased in what just did not feel at all like a conclusion of any description. It left too much unexplained regarding Kenzie and her feelings.

Nap King by Danielle Dickson – 5 stars
I loved Jack and Felicity’s story, this couple hooked me in from the off and kept me engrossed throughout. Because it’s a short story a few scenes felt a little rushed, or lacking in depth, but I could tell from the rest of the writing that this is one talented author who crafts characters you care about and connect to.
I would really, really love this to be extended into a full length story.

Suck & Sweet by Maria Macdonald – 4.5 stars
I really enjoyed Gracie and Noah’s story, we got a nice amount of back story along with a well paced and engaging plot. The fact that they had been childhood friends made their swift connection more believable, particularly as both had harboured feelings for the other in their late teens. Noah’s emotions and struggles felt very real, his resentment, anger and despair were palpable.
This story easily held my attention from start to finish.

Diary of a Teenage Drag Queen by Samantha Lewis 5 stars
What an absolutely beautiful and moving story. Written in diary form from a teen boy’s perspective this held my attention from start to finish and absolutely touched my heart. Zac is a boy who copes with all the crap life has thrown at him, determined to make the best of every opportunity and to never let fear stop him from following his dreams.
I’m not sure just how much of the author’s son is reflected by Zac but I thank them both for sharing this inspiring, motivating and above all amazing story.

Order. Control. Deceit by Murphy Wallace – 3.5 stars
This is another story that the author is planning to turn into a full length book. It definitely hooked me in with it’s interesting and heartbreaking plot. We only got Kev’s pov so whilst I liked him I did struggle to connect with the other characters in the book. The story also felt rushed. The pace was fine for a short story where there isn’t time to expand and add depth. However this was written more as a prequel, leaving us on a cliffhanger and as such left me a little disappointed.
The balance just didn’t quite work for me on this one. However the writing and idea’s are good, hence the extra half a star.

Don’t Sugar Coat It by Anna Edwards – 5 stars
Another excellent short story in this anthology. Alex and Chiara are both likeable and believable characters, the chemistry between them was really well portrayed. I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish, it had a well thought through plot, a good pace and a nice dollop of steam too. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and was disappointed to reach the end, I would happily have read about Alex and Chiara for hours.

Chase by Lexi C Foss – 5 stars
This is another ‘start of a story’ and one I immediately want to add to my TBR list so that I can finish the tale of Chase (Gideon) and Jillian. This is a fast-paced, action packed romantic suspense with some incredibly hot chemistry to boot. I was totally hooked into this story and was devastated when I got to the end (for now).
I was enjoying the story far too much to want it to end!

Deep Breaths by Ally Valance – 4.5 stars
This is a breathtaking MM romance, the story of Will and Drew. Not only did I really enjoy this story but I loved how this tackled the emotional impact of bullying and lack of understanding. Will was so rude at times, yet hearing his insecurities and fears made me forgive him. I’m just glad Drew had thick skin and didn’t let Will’s ‘best form of defence is offence’ modus operandi from deterring him.

Love in the Dark by Claire Marta – 5 stars
This was just so…..*swoon*. I loved the dark edges to the story, Darius and Kara were a divine couple, so easy to fall in love with. I was totally mesmerised by this tale and loved every moment of it. This is definitely another story that I would love to see expanded to full length, and I’d definitely read it if it was.

Unexpected Risk by Anna Blakely 5 stars
Wow, definitely one of my favourite stories in the anthology. This is a fast paced and action packed romantic suspense. Sarah and Kole were so well written, I really liked and cared for this pair. I haven’t read this author before but I got the impression this was set within the world of an existing series of books. I will definitely be checking her other work out and hoping their are other books featuring these guys.

Alice La Roux
Ally Vance
Anna Blakely
Anna Edwards
Claire Marta
Danielle Dickson
Dani René
Elle Boon
Jo-Anne Joseph
K A Sands
K.L. Humphreys
Lexi C Foss
Lexxie Couper
Maria Macdonald
Morgan Campbell
Murphy Wallace
Renee Harless
Samantha Lewis
Tracie Delaney
Victoria L. James

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