Reign of Ruin by Jennifer Bene

5 stars – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Oh my dark loving brethren, here is an offering that will torture your sinful soul.

Reign to Ruin is a reworking of Baptised in Eden, Jennifer’s offering in the Twisted Sacraments anthology. Not only has it been tidied up but it has been significantly expanded into something even more dark and twisted. There are no heroes in this world, there is no salvation, no rainbows, unicorns nor dancing cats. Instead there is only the loss of all hope, except perhaps the one for death. A continued existence of choosing the lesser of two evils, or at least doing that when you are given the option of a choice. 

Danielle is a woman with fragmented memories, trapped in a hell of man’s making. Repeatedly sacrificed to the corrupted lust of the priests who hold her prisoner. Abused, degraded, beaten, raped again and again, revived by baptism in the ‘holy’ water, only for the horrifying violence to start again. 

This story punches its claws into your gut, grasps your insides and refuses to let go. The writing held me spellbound. I suffered alongside Danielle, through her pain, despair and the countless violations of both her body and mind. I can not do this story justice, I am unable to find the words that will convey just how bloody brilliant this tale is. Perhaps I should worry that Ms Bene’s mind can produce such a dark, dark, dark story, instead I’m rather selfishly glad that she produces such masterpieces of depravity.

The original story left us just after Danielle was ‘treated’ to a very special second baptism and thrust into a pitch black chamber. Now I do remember feeling like this situation had a minuscule ray of hope within it. Well I was sort of right and a lot wrong, but you’ll need to read this compellingly twisted, licentious, deviant and obscene (and I mean that in a very good way) book.

Be warned, this book contains a multitude of possible triggers, caution is advised if you are sensitive to certain subject matter involving physical and sexual abuse.

Bonus story – The Day The Sky Burned

This is such an eerie read. It has enough of an air of the believable about it to be incredibly frightening. Mob mentality, panic and politics make it only too easy to imagine this actually happening. 

I loved the insight it gave us, both into Danielle’s life prior to the sky burning, her family and loved ones and how Eden could ever possibly come into existence. A stunning read.

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If you are looking for a dark, disturbing read then this is the book you need to get.

Jennifer Bene, Author

“This story was absolute hell and I couldn’t put it down if I wanted to.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely loved how this book confused me and dragged me (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the darkness!”

Amazon Reviewer

“I couldn’t stop reading. Partly out of intense fascination and partly because if I put it down, I wouldn’t be able to think of anything else until I picked it back up again.”

Amazon Reviewer


‘The priests want me to thank God, but the only thing I pray for is death.’

There is nothing before Eden. Just flashes of a time before Danielle woke up in chains, in hell, to be violated and broken.

Over, and over, and over.

They say that God honors those who serve, that each baptism is a gift, but all Danielle wants is to die.

Eden has other plans.

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