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AFTER WRATH by Gwyn McNamee

4.25 Vengeance Filled Stars

After Wrath is written entirely from the main male characters pov. I say main male character because no way would I ever call Aleksander/The Dragon a hero! He is glowering, moody, aggressively alpha and deliciously dark. Unafraid to get blood on his hands and with very little patience, Aleks is the man you know will be very bad for you, but who you just can’t resist.

Written entirely from his point of view, and with it also being a novella, it is harder to get a full picture of Brynn/Kitty. I liked what I saw, a strong woman willing to do what it takes to get by but with a good heart and kind soul. I definitely need more of her in future books, more of her with Aleks but also more of her just being.

Having only just read Squall Line I can barely believe this is written by the same author. The entire feel of the book is different it is rougher, sharper, grimier and darker. Violence and torture is second nature to Aleks, living in his world of power, pursuit and pain. 

The book is part of an ongoing series and whilst you could probably follow most of this book without having read Wrath first I would encourage reading the books in order. The ending is at a natural point, rather than a cliffhanger, though with the story definitely unfinished! With its captivating writing, enthralling plot, amazing characters, not to mention that doozy of an epilogue I will 100% be continuing with this series.


๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ”ฅ After Wrath is LIVE ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ”ฅ

They took something from me.
Something that can never be replaced.
They destroyed something.
Something that can never be repaired.
Only one thing can appease the burning rage in my soul.
Unleashing my wrath on those responsible.
The Dragon will rise.
Death will reign.
Because wrath is the deadliest sin.

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