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BLACK SWAN (The Kingmaker Saga #3) by London Miller

FIVE+ STARS – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I adore Karina, I’m slowly forgiving Uilleam (though he still has a long way to go yet) and I am desperate for this pair to find everlasting happiness.

I have to wonder way, way back in the past, when Ms Miller wrote Red, the first book in the Den of Mercenaries series, if she had this entire story arc in mind. The imagination, planning and the painstaking recording of details needed to make this series work, to have it blend so seamlessly with the Den series of books, leaves me in absolute awe. Her talent for story telling is second to none. 

This book, THIS. BOOK. It held me spellbound. It broke my heart. It shredded my soul. It made me ache and despair for the two lost and wounded individuals within its pages. At times it had me on the very edge of my seat, the tension so very palpable that my heart was racing, my hands were clenched tight and I couldn’t read quickly enough. Other times I gazed on in wonder at the sheer audacity of the plans and schemes. Mesmerised with how the intrigue was like a tightly ravelled ball of string wound just perfectly, so that the slightest tug on a loose end saw it unravel before my very eyes.

The fact that I’ve already witnessed so much of this story through the eyes of other characters didn’t matter a jot. Every line brought something new. Each paragraph held meaning, gave context and revealed secrets that I hadn’t even known existed before that moment. I actually had to put this book aside a couple of times just to let my brain process everything I had read. I had to give myself time to recover from the depth of emotion this stirred within me. Allow myself space to soak in the sheer brilliance of the story. I also needed to try and eek the story out for as long as possible because I just knew I’d go into a massive book hangover upon completing this. 

In the aforementioned DoM series, I really didn’t care for Karina. In the first two books of The Kingmaker Saga we see the woman she was before betrayal, pain and misery shaped her into Belladonna. That this agony befell her, ultimately, at the hands of the man whom she loved with all her heart provided me with a very different perspective of the character. Karina is a woman who only ever saw the good in others, a woman who cares too much and too deeply for her own good, especially when it comes to Uilleam Runeheart.

Whilst not an easy man to always like, mainly due to his arrogance and high handed manner, Uilleam did win me over both in the Den books as well as the first book of the Kingmaker saga. However much he loved Karina, despite how the situation broke his heart, there was never anyone more to blame for events than himself. Yet despite this, despite knowing he is selfish, despite knowing he is manipulative and despite knowing he doesn’t always care enough about the innocents caught up in his schemes, he is slowly worming his way back into my heart.

I simply can’t begin to guess how this story will proceed. I do know that it is a series that you will happily read again and again, each time noticing another little facet, hint or clue that you missed on previous reads. If you love romantic suspense, if you love a well written story, if you enjoy books that involve your mind, heart and soul then this is for you. It needs to be read after the first two books, White Rabbit: The Rise and White Rabbit: The Fall. You might possibly also want to read the Den of Mercenaries books, which this series overlaps with, it isn’t strictly necessary but they are also incredibly well written stories too.

Bravo London Miller!



In the blink of an eye, Karina Ashworth lost everything.

But in the pits of her despair, she finds a new purpose—a reason to keep living.

Uilleam Runehart might have shown her how ruthless he could be, but she’s no longer the girl he once knew.

No longer innocent and blind to the cruelties of the world, she’s now a woman fueled by vengeance and fury. And by the time she finishes with him, an empire will fall.

His actions have consequences, and she would be his reckoning.

From Romantic Suspense Author, London Miller, comes the third installment in the Kingmaker Saga following a woman with nothing to lose and the man who will never see her coming.

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