MAGGIE’S MATCH by Kat Carrington

Interviews and Excerpt

Meet a new author, her characters and read an exciting excerpt from the book!


Maggie Maxwell is part of a tiny community that has become like family to her, until her landlady’s grandson comes to town with the idea that she is out to scam his grandmother. Sparks fly high between Maggie and the handsome Carter Beauchamp. 

Maggie discovers that Carter won’t hesitate to act when she takes a risk that could be dangerous to her, and this sets off new sparks of attraction between the two. 

But Carter is struggling with his feelings for Maggie and can’t decide what he wants. When someone begins to tamper with her business and home, the risk to her wellbeing escalates quickly. Maggie is abducted by a mysterious stranger, and Carter races to rescue her, but will it be too late for the two of them? 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romantic mystery contains elements of power exchange.  


Author Interview 
When did you know you wanted to be an author? 
I began reading as a young child. By the time I was in school I was devouring the fiction that was available in the school library. When I ran out of fiction, I moved to biographies, which I found fascinating. At the same time, I found myself sitting at my dad’s big desk and writing stories for hours at a time. But by the time I reached high school, I had stopped writing, although I never stopped reading.    

Later in life, I realized that there were many times that I still wrote. There were newsletters that I assisted with, press releases, posts on social media. One day I realized that there was a story rattling around in my brain and I sat down to put it in print. And so Maggie’s Match was born. It is my very first book and I am on a very exciting journey now, thanks to Blushing Books. 

What is your writing process like? 
My writing process is very spontaneous. I’m retired, so my time is my own. Often I find myself lying in bed in that place between awake and asleep and find myself half dreaming about my current characters and story. That’s when ideas and interactions begin to take form. I often get up early in the morning with my husband still sleeping and the house quiet and type away on my laptop. 

Where do you find inspiration? 
Maggie’s Match contains a lot of experiences that are right out of my own life. I have a love for cooking and baking and spent years horseback riding. The people I meet inspire me and the books I read inspire me. There is an endless storybook out there to be watched and enjoyed and, sometimes, to be put into a book. 

Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing? 
I like to do a very basic outline, just to keep myself from getting too scattered and to remind myself of where I wanted to go when I began the story. 

Tea or coffee? 
Definitely coffee! 

Favorite color?   

Character Interview Maggie’s Match 
Interview with Maggie Maxwell 

How did you meet the man who turned your life upside down? 
I met Carter when he came to town because he heard that I had gone into business in Boone, Indiana, where his grandmother lives. His grandmother, GG, gave me the opportunity to rent my bakery from her and begin the life I had always wanted, in a small town, with good people who became a family to me. Carter believed that I was there to scam his grandmother. I had never even met this man and he was convinced that I was some kind of evil thief! 

So you and Carter didn’t get along with each other? 
No! Don’t get me wrong, he obviously loved GG and it was nice, the way he was with his grandmother, but he was absolutely obnoxious to me. I love GG too, and it was completely unfair of him to behave that way toward me. 

And yet you found yourself strongly attracted to him?   
Yes, it was the strangest thing. Carter has a way of pushing people around when he doesn’t like what they’re doing and he seemed to love pushing me. And yet, when he got the angriest was when he thought I was doing something that was risky for me, that put me in danger. It was so odd. And then he actually threatened to spank me if I did it again! I’m a grown woman and he was threatening to spank me like a child. 

But did he have reason to? Were you behaving like a child?   
Well, I guess he had a point. After I thought about it, he was right about my being careless. And that was just as infuriating, realizing that he was right. 

So what happened when the attraction grew stronger? 
Oh! Carter….well, Carter kissed me and it was like my legs just turned to jelly. It was after he spanked me and I just could have melted right into him. It was the strangest experience I ever had. 

What’s the best thing about Carter? 
The way he looks out for the people he loves. 

Interview with Carter Beauchamp 

How did you meet Maggie? 
I heard about her setting up business in Boone and I came to check her out. My grandmother was responsible for giving her a start in business and I know how big my grandmother’s heart is. It wouldn’t be hard for some sweet talking gold digger to take advantage of her.  

Did you find that happening when you got to Boone? 
Well, I couldn’t be sure. I did a background check on Maggie and she was a complete blank until she went to college. After that, things looked okay but what kind of person just appears out of nowhere with no past? I told her I’d be watching her and if I found out she was using my Gran, she was going to regret it. 

What did your grandmother think of that? 
She got pretty pissed about it, especially when she found out I had done the background check. But I wasn’t about to back off until I knew the truth about Maggie Maxwell. 

But then you and Maggie started a relationship? 
I’m still not sure exactly how that happened. She could do some really dumb things and I wasn’t about to let her get herself in trouble. Gran loved her and so I was stuck looking out for her. So I warmed her butt for her when she put herself in a scary situation and afterward she looked at me with those big green eyes. Next thing I knew I was kissing her. What is it with crying women? Then you have to take care of them. 

So what’s the best thing about Maggie? 
Maggie is just…she’s feisty and funny and sweet and smart. She’s just Maggie. Oh, and she’s drop dead gorgeous! 

A Note From the Author 
This is my very first book and my characters are really dear to my heart. They do things I love to do myself and live a lifestyle that I’d love to live. My next book will take place in Boone as well, as more characters come to town and more relationships bloom.  

5 Fun Facts about Kat Carrington 

  1. Lived in Indiana all her life until retiring in the South a few years ago. 
  2. Loves to cook so much that she participates in a monthly cooking club. 
  3. Would rather read than watch TV or movies anytime! 
  4. Loves horses and dogs. 
  5. Greatest joy is her kids and grandkids. 

Excerpt from Maggie’s Match 

Maggie puzzled over the mystery of the missing baking powder until she got so busy in the kitchen that is slipped from her mind. She put in a long day, forgetting to turn her sign to Closed that afternoon. She had her case stocked with sweet treats for the next day, her sandwich fixings ready and in the big refrigerator, and only one pot of soup still simmering when she heard the little bells on her door jingle. 

“I’ll be right there,” she called out, wiping her hands on a towel and glancing at the with surprise at the clock. 

“I’m sorry,” she was saying as she walked out to the counter. “I actually closed quite a while ago, but what can I help you with?” 

Carter said sharply, “What time do you close?” 

“Oh, Carter.” She flushed. “Well, usually at three. I was just so busy I lost track of time.” 

“So you’ve been working back there for hours with your door still unlocked and your sign still saying you’re open?” 

“Well, yes, but everyone knows I close after lunch.” 

Carter looked impatient. “Anybody could have walked right in here. What’s wrong with you?” 

Maggie snapped, “Yes, and look who did. Carter Beauchamp. Is there anything I can help you with?” 

“Yes, you can use your head. Just because this is a little town and everybody knows everybody doesn’t mean that something bad can’t happen. There are a lot of strangers who pass through here, especially during tourist season.” 

Maggie knew he was right and it made her angry. “Well, what do you care? You’ve made it clear that you’re not happy that I’m here.” 

Coolly, he said, “I don’t. But my gran does, and I do care about her. And as long as I’m here, let’s talk about that. Exactly what are you up to here in Boone? You’ve been assistant chef in an upscale restaurant. Why would you want to come to this little place and run a tiny little bakery with no future?” 

“That’s none of your business! And how do you know I was an assistant chef?” 

“I checked your background. There’s not a whole lot of information there. You just sort of pop up out of nowhere, working your way up in the restaurant trade. Do you have some kind of a grand plan in the works here?” 

Maggie’s eyes flashed. “What are you talking about? What kind of grand plan could I have?” 

Carter leaned forward and put his finger under her chin, lifting her face to his. “The kind of plan where poor little Maggie Maxwell gets herself taken under the wing of my gran. Did she look like prime pickings for you when you wandered into town? Single, no family around, owns businesses and the biggest house in town?” 

Maggie gasped and jerked away from him. “How dare you? That’s a filthy thing to say!” 

Carter’s voice was steel. “That’s a filthy thing to do. And don’t think I’m going to stand by and let it happen. If that’s your game, you might as well pack it up and get on down the road.” 

Speechless with rage, Maggie swung her hand at his face, only to have him catch her wrist in a steely grip. 

“You don’t want to do that, little girl,” he drawled. “Try it again and I’ll turn you over my knee and give you something to think about.” 

“You wouldn’t dare,” Maggie said. 

“Don’t try me. Right now, it sounds like a real good idea.” 

“Let go of me and get out of my shop.” Maggie drew herself up haughtily. 

He let her wrist go. “Gladly. But understand this. I’m going to be here indefinitely, and I’m watching you. You’d better mind what you do. And your soup is boiling over.” 

“What? Oh, crap!” Maggie rushed to the kitchen. When she finished dealing with the mess on the stove, Carter was gone. She stalked to the door, where she found her sign already turned to Closed. She locked the door and pulled the shade, muttering darkly to herself. 

Maggie’s fingers brushed her chin, where his fingers had held her. Her stomach fluttered a little as she felt heat low in her belly. Her legs had actually gone weak when he had threatened to spank her! Confused, she tried to push all thoughts of Carter Beauchamp out of her head. She finished cleaning up and headed for home. 

About the Author 
Hi, I’m Kat. I’m a new author, even though I have been writing various things for most of my life. Writing for business or on social media has always just been a normal part of my life. One day, looking for something different to do, I began a story. I picked it up and put it down many times for several months. As the characters developed and the plot formed, I soon needed to follow it through to the end. That was how Maggie’s Match was born. 

I was born and raised in the Midwest and I wrote about things that I knew. The people around me have always been varied and interesting and they are a rich source of inspiration for writing. The idea of writing my stories and sharing them is so much fun for me, it has quickly become much more than just something different to do. A Strong Man’s Hand is my very first book series but the world of writing has just begun.  

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