VALOR by Measha Stone

4.5 stars – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ✨

An excellent romantic suspense with a hot sauce of domination

This is definitely one of my favourite books of the Cavalieri Della Morte series. The author writes with such panache, imbuing her characters with the depth and emotion necessary to connect profoundly with them. Reading this felt like coming home, warm and relaxed, somewhere I not only was happy to be but also never wanted to leave. The story flowed through me, never needing any effort on my part to read, rather it soaked into my very being.

I adored both Dustan and Cherise, they felt so normal and believable, not to mention they had a chemistry that was electric. In many ways this felt very much like Ms Stone’s Owned & Protected series, though without the Pet Play and BDSM. There is a definite air of domination by Dustan, though Cherise, despite starting out as an introvert, is very much NOT the submissive. The scenes following where she decided to be a Bad Girl were very hot indeed! Whilst I love my BDSM stories, this was the type of relationship and power exchange that anybody can still enjoy reading about.

The twists, turns and action in the plot held my attention throughout. There are no silly scenes that stretch the imagination – it is enough for me that Dustan is an elite assassin. We don’t need, and thankfully don’t get, ridiculous scenes where he repeatedly and single-handedly battles dozens of men. Where he receives grievous injuries but still takes down a small army. It may seem odd that I’m telling you what ISN’T in the book, but I’m hoping to convey how much this story line worked.

Whilst I was very much looking forward to reading this offering in the CDM series, I also had high expectations of it. Of course this then leaves one open to disappointment – and I’m always honest when that happens, even when I normally love the author’s work. The wonderful news is that this didn’t leave me flat or scrabbling for words, trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. This book easily stands on it’s own merits and is worth reading even if you haven’t read any of the rest of the series. In fact it is written in a way that means you DON’T need to have read any of the other books.

Valor is an 18+ book ideal for fans of the author, romantic suspense and those who love well written characters and a good plot.



My orders were clear.
Get in, get the job done, and get the hell out.
No loose ends, no witnesses.
It’s what I do. And I don’t fail.

Until now.

She shouldn’t have been there.
And now I have a new job.
Find and deal with Cherise Styles.

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Author Bio
USA Today Bestselling Author Measha Stone is a lover of all things erotic and fun who writes kinky romantic suspense and dark romance novels. She won the 2018 Golden Flogger award in two categories, Best Advanced BDSM and Best Anthology. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories in the U.S. and the U.K. When she’s not typing away on her computer, she can be found nestled up with a cup of tea and her kindle.

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