TAMED by Kallista Dane & Kate Richards

Tamed, by Kallista Dane & Kate Richards, is my favourite of the Centauri Captives series so far.

Whilst Tamed can very much be read as a stand alone, I do think reading the two previous books (especially book 2) will enhance the experience. With each new book we learn more about the Centauri as a race, more about the corruption on Earth and also about the threat posed by the Rydek. Whilst there is good world building, and an explanation of why Xia is on-board an alien space ship, this is a shorter read (novella length), so both are limited. 

I LOVED that Xia was a warrior, unwilling to bend or kow-tow even in the face of adversity. Biding her time until the moment was right. It was so good to see a strong female remaining strong, she might submit to Joran but she was never going to be a submissive and obedient female. Joran’s thoughtful responses to Xia, and his burgeoning respect for her made this a really wonderful love story too. He was an overbearing as at first, but by the end of the book I loved them both. 

For a novella this managed to pack in plenty of action both in bed and out of it! There are some hot scenes both in Joran’s cabin and in other rooms of the spaceship not to mention some actual action and adventure segments too. I really do recommend this series, especially if you love hot dominant alpha male aliens!

PS Their skin changes colour and they have extra ‘features’ that bring great pleasure – what more could you want?

AMAZON – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TXKQ9R7/

BREAKING IN BELLA by Isabella Laase

BREAKING IN BELLA, by Isabella Laase, is a wonderful mix of DD, BDSM and pure smexyness.

Sometimes I want a sexy, easy read, so I jumped into this, which was a free serialisation in via the Stormy Nights Publishing newsletter. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, so was pleasantly surprised with the quality of writing, the engaging story line and with just how much trouble Belle could get herself into.

Belle really was an unpleasant brat but as the story progressed we got to know the real her, and to see her grow up and mature. She was a very likeable character by the end and I was only too happy to see her get her HEA with Jack. The book is written third person but pretty much from Bella’s perspective – I would have liked to have had Jack’s too as I find this helps me connect with the character more. However it wasn’t a major issue for me, though he did feel a more distant character.

The book actually had far fewer spanking scenes than I expected, particularly given her bratty and rude behaviour for a chunk of it. From a personal perspective that was fine, I actually enjoyed that this focused on the characters and their lives more. However I would have liked some variety in the spanking scenes we did have, particularly in Belle’s reaction to them. 

Whilst perhaps not having the emotionally intensity of other similar books I’ve read, it is still a very enjoyable story. I ‘m happy to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys BDSM/spanking/Domestic Discipline stories.


Bite Me: A Vampire Anthology
by Zoe Blake, Addison Cain, Alta Hensley, Sara Fields, Myra Danvers, Anita Gray, Eris Adderly, Livia Bourne , Cassandra Faye

Gold star

As with all anthologies of short stories some characters lack depth and it is difficult to form emotional connections to them. However so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how drawn into this book I have been.

3 stars – Cathedral by Addison Cain
My enjoyment of a story is very much linked to how I feel about a character, my connection to them and the emotions they make me feel. Personally I just didn’t care for the female protagonist in this book – did we ever learn her name? I’m not sure, if we did I don’t recall it. This has left me, despite the story and writing being really good, feeling very *meh* about this. 
There is some excellent world building, a fantastic sense of the sinister and in true Addison style one humdinger of a cliff-hanger. In fact that final scene held all the emotion that had been missing, for me, in the rest of the book. It gave the heroine depth, it added that personal element that allowed me to connect with the story.
I’m undecided yet whether I would read the full story, although that ending totally changed the tide.

3.5 stars – Till the End of Time by Zoe Blake
I loved this unusual and compelling take on the Dracula story. The passion between the two protagonists was raw, consuming and depraved. An excellent dark, twisted and gory short story!

4 stars Master of Ceremonies by Alta Hensley
This was a twisty tale with an unusual mix of both darkness and sweetness. I liked the characters and found the plot to be refreshingly different.
For a short story the author managed to pack a very erotic punch and then topped it off with a very twisty teaser of an ending.

5 stars – V is for Vampire by Eris Adderly
Amazing! More please! Now?
This is novella length and is a prequel to a new series Ms Adderly is planning and I’m already in love with November and Leo and very in lust with Rado. Vampire stories aren’t a go-to for me – it was the authors in this anthology that got my interest. However this story has changed my mind. Vamps aren’t the all powerful evil beings you find in most stories, I FLOVED how the author has taken the genre, shaken it up with a big old dollop of seasoning and presented something completely new and captivating.
The anthology is worth buying for this story alone.

5 Stars – Blinding Salvation by Livia Bourne
I loved this wonderful mix of suspense, humour and all things sexy. It’s the opener to a future series by the author but was a complete story within itself. I found myself really falling for Lily and Armand, Livia Bourne imbued her characters with incredible personalities that just draw you in. I can’t wait until she releases more books in this series!

4 stars – Enthralled by Myra Danvers
This story definitely enthralled me, Axton retained a spark of humanity enough to make him likeable. The characters were clearly defined and I liked that this was more about fighting for power between vampires rather than the more common vampire verses humans.

2 stars – The Devil’s Game by Sara Fields
This started so well with a kick-ass heroine and good writing. Then in the second chapter of a very short story there was a glaring continuity error. The heroine is stripped naked (it actually mentions her panties being ripped off and her never having been naked in front of a man before). The anti-hero then removes her panties AGAIN. 
After that it became almost one long sex scene, which some people will love but I wanted the story to move on, rather than up and down, in and out! I also dislike stories where characters personalities radically change because of sex. So for me this was a miss.

5 stars – Sweet Ruin by Cassandra Faye (aka Jennifer Bene)
This story just held my attention from the moment it mentioned the Weeping Angels (OMG I still can’t walk past an angel statue without getting shivers!). Nic is so infuriating but also so sexy, whilst Grace was snarky and strong, despite his best efforts to confound her. At times I wanted to shake or slap one, the other or BOTH of them – but in a good bad way. This is a hot and heavy head-spinning story that will leave you wanting more.  We’re talking ghost chilli hot.

I haven’t read Anita Gray’s story yet.


I have a confession to whisper at your ear. 

That shadow caressing your body in the dark, that tingle which draws you to arch your spine
… it tempts me to ruin. 

You’re beautiful when you sleep.

Everything I long for.

All I ask is a sip, a taste of the life coursing through those delicate veins.

Just one little bite.

And I’ll make you mine… forever.

These tales range from seductively enthralling to soul-slashing horror. 
Read on, and you’ll discover every beautiful shade of night.

AMAZON US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VJF3Z7H/
AMAZON UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07VJF3Z7H/
GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46410644-bite-me

Suzie Q by Stevie MccFarlane

Well, wasn’t that a surprise?

I missed out on an arc of this via booksprout and as a new-to-me author I was a little reticent about purchasing a book that is at the higher end of my price bracket. However I just couldn’t resist that blurb and threw caution to the wind, and I’m very glad I did.

This is a very unusual story and very much NOT your typical spanking romance. Whilst it features two couples (and I need to check if Joy and JR/Jay have their own story) it focuses mainly on Suzie and Hunter. This is a couple who had it all until Hunter crossed the line and delivered a non-consensual and abusive spanking (this isn’t a spoiler as it’s in the blurb – we also only hear about it retrospectively). 

So we don’t get to see a couple meet and fall in love, we see a couple struggling to find the middle ground, struggling to compromise but also learning some surprising things about themselves along the way. I didn’t miss the ‘romance’ part at all, though there were romantic elements involved in this book. It might sound surprising but I also totally believed in the love and chemistry between Hunter and Suzie.

This story absolutely captivated me from start to finish, a few times near the beginning it felt almost like a spanking 101 guide but overall it was a great read. As already mentioned this is unlike the vast majority of spanking books, in fact only get 2 full spanking scenes and one truncated one, it is much more about the domestic discipline relationship as a whole. 

The use of contrast between Suzie’s view of DD and Joy’s need for it allowed the author to really demonstrate the consensuality of Joy and JR’s relationship. We have two pretty strong and determined women but Joy has always wanted a DD relationship whereas Suzie is horrified by the thought of giving up control. I really appreciated that the author didn’t have Suzie crumbling and losing all her personality and sense of reason just because she was in a relationship with a dominant alpha male. 

For me this is a spanking/Domestic Discipline story for those that don’t like/get that type of book as much as it is for lovers of the genre. Not once did I ever find myself getting annoyed by a situation, I felt the heroine both held her own and was fully in control of the decisions she made, rather than being railroaded into them. 

I’m really pleased that I took a chance on this book.

AMAZON US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VMJBWP9/
AMAZON UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07VMJBWP9/
GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47188587-suzie-q


Running from him wasn’t her best idea.

Hunter made a slight error in judgement when he disciplined his girlfriend and co-worker, Suzanna. He went overboard and he’s been backpedaling ever since, trying to get Suzie Q to forgive him without renouncing his belief in a loving, domestic discipline relationship. 
Suzie’s not having it – no way, no how! She loves him but her first experience with over-the-knee discipline was horrible and it’s not something she’s willing to entertain again. When Hunter gets a promotion at work and becomes her boss, tensions rise. Oh hell, no! She’s not going to be under his thumb 24/7, no matter how much she adores him. 
Quitting her job and taking off for Montana to spend some time with their friends Joy and J.R. Everly might not have been her smartest move. Leaving Hunter without a word was asking for trouble and, in hindsight, she knows she probably has just put her heart and her hind-end at risk.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, humor and power exchange.

CONDEMNED by Cari Silverwood

This is a reverse harem book for people who don’t like reverse harem!

Condemned is unlike most (any?) RH story you will have read (or not read) before and it should be top of your TBR list. Reverse Harem has been one of those ‘things’ that seems to have become huge (no pun intended) in the romance world over the last few years. I have to say unless they are part of a series, for a variety of reasons, I had rather given up on them. 

The vast majority of books in the genre have zero male character development and I have all on trying to remember which guy is currently featured or to find ANY plot in between all the sex scenes. Well Condemned turned all those preconceptions on their head. This author refused to stick to the formulaic one sex scene with each, a couple of MFM scenes and then one sex scene with all of them as the grand finale.

No this author GAVE THE BOOK A PLOT! Imagine that, she actually wrote a story with action, adventure, dastardly plots against the heroine, sweet little moments, some darn kinky sex but not too much and 4 distinct male characters who actually quite liked the heroine! How dare she?!! (That last bit is tongue in cheek)

She licked and tried not to appear happy to do so even if the taste appealed to her in the worst and most disgusting way.

I really had a soft spot for Zo (who, for a sadist, was quite tender) and Kondio… Oh also the very troubled Timin and I guess, in the end, the aloof and cold Takk wasn’t too bad either. These men all had their own distinct personalities, their foibles, strengths and weaknesses. Four battle damaged, weary Mauleons looking for some peace and quiet in which to live out the rest of their days. And all it took to mend their broken souls was one unwanted, unloved and uninhibited Huleon girl thief called Avalon. Well that and rescuing her from certain death by impalement.

We get a pregnant scythefox, a mousebot called Nibbles (who may just steal the show a little), assassins, a religious sex cult, a runaway ‘lovemaking’ machine and a strange prophecy that all add colour, texture and flavour to this wonderful story. We get salacious kinkiness, plenty of humour, a quirky plot that never fails to captivate or surprise and piercings. If you’ve ever read Terry Pratchett’s discworld and wished for something similar but naughtier, dirtier and with piercings then you will LOVE this book.

She concentrated, finding herself panting, and feeling the forced and inevitable widening of her entrance in every minute detail.
Interesting. Yes.
Then he shoved 

**Condemned has the same setting as Ruled, though there is no overlap between the two stories and it can be read standalone.**

She owes them her life. She’ll pay with her body.

After she is caught trying to steal an artifact from an alien temple, Avalon is saved from a terrible fate by four veteran warriors, but the battle-scarred brutes make it clear they have no intention of setting her free. She belongs to them now, and one after the other they bring her roughly to heel, using and enjoying her beautiful body as thoroughly and as often as they please.

Though their plan to rescue her goes smoothly, Avalon remains distrustful of these alien beasts, and her efforts to escape them soon earn her a painful, humiliating punishment. Despite her shame, she cannot hide her response to their touch, and before long she is screaming with pleasure as she is brought to climax again and again by acts she’d never thought she could enjoy.

Over the coming days, Avalon’s captors become her protectors, but will they be able to keep her safe when her life is threatened by the man who sent her to steal the artifact in the first place?

Publisher’s Note: Condemned is set in the same world as Ruled, but it is a stand-alone novel. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

AMAZON US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VLKD736/

AMAZON UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07VLKD736/

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47220202-condemned


“Along with some very interesting side characters/creatures such as florses, a scythefox, mouse-bots, assassins, and love priests, this is a story of second chances, of healing, finding love when you least expect it, and finally a place in this world to call home.” 

Sheri Cordell

“The mauleons all have injuries…some worse than others. The camaraderie is genuine and the personalities varied. In reverse harem stories, the toughest thing is outlining the men well enough so they don’t blur together. It’s easy to see the men only as a group. But Silverwood creates four very distinct men here, also allowing Avalon time with each (and the reader) so she sees them as individuals. The relationships grow in honest ways.” 

Sierra Clothier

“a dystopian story where large tech is seriously frowned upon (kaboom!), the heroine is a thief, there’s a reverse harem, mouse bot, florses (yes, FLORSES!), and that spear! So many fun things about this story. Avalon was all sorts of snarky sass and the mauleons were hot and tragic with heavy doses of snarkiness making the story pure entertainment.” 

Leslie O’Brien

“The steam is both titillating and uncomfortable (especially for Avalon). I cannot count the number of times I had to smile like a Cheshire cat at how well this author pushes the envelope between extreme and erotic.” 

Maria Howard, (she of the ‘sweet holy titfire’ compliments 🙂


Mated To The Capo – 4.5 stars

A great read

Sometimes I take a punt on a book. A blurb captures my eye and, despite not knowing the author, I take a chance. Some you win, some you lose – this one felt like a pretty decent success. Whilst it didn’t have quite the finesse say of KF Breene, I still really enjoyed this story and didn’t want to put it down.

There is quite a lot going off in the book, which meant the ‘romance’ took a bit of a back seat at times. However this is something I not only expect but PREFER in a paranormal, sci-fi or paranormal genres. For me contemporary is the place to focus solely on the lovey-dovey, if you aren’t going to make the most of the paranormal setting, why bother? There was also some good solid world building, which I would love to see added to in future books.

Personally I really liked both Zoey and Dominic, yes you could argue they were a little cliched at times, but good writing, a pacy plot, interesting side characters and plenty of humour more than made up for that. I totally bought the intense sexual attraction between Zoey and Dominic, the love part felt a teeny-tiny bit rushed BUT there was a very touching passage where Zoey and Dominic really connected emotionally and that was enough for me to happily go along with things.

There is so much potential for the series to expand and grow in many different directions. The possibilities really are limitless. I feel that this is one of those series’ that will improve with each book and opportunity to learn more about this world and the people within it. I’ve already bought book 2 and can’t wait to find where this adventure leads me! 

After an epically bad blind date, Zoey Monroe swore off men forever and got a tattoo that says “love bites.” Maybe she shouldn’t have tempted fate. A very powerful Mafia wolf has bitten her on the ass on a full moon. According to the Moretti Pack, the “moon-bite” means she is now the mate of Dominic Lombardi.
Dominic will follow Zoey to the ends of the earth—no matter how far she runs or how well she hides. Crowding her world and refusing to take no for an answer, he refuses to stop courting her until she becomes his wife. 
New dangers suddenly rear their ugly heads and threaten all of Encantado, the supernatural sin city Zoey calls home. When dark magic arrives, will she stop running long enough for her werewolf to claim his bride, or will she find herself fitted with a cement overcoat and sleeping with the fishes?

MATED TO THE CAPO – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T7MSQ1P/

Mated To The Enforcer – 5 stars

I loved every moment of this book

Mated to the Enforcer is a ‘pass-the-parcel’ of a book – it has so many layers, and as each one is peeled back there is a surprise or twist waiting to spin the story on its axis. My attention wasn’t just held, I was mesmerised from the very first lines through to the last words of the epilogue. Kalinda and Romano are such damaged, fragile yet super strong and simply wonderful protagonists. I absolutely adored them both, I felt their emotions, and oh boy who was peeling onions as I read parts of this?

I almost wished I’d come to this series when it was (almost) complete. I want. NO. I. NEED. The next book NOW! I love this world, I love the politics, the intrigue, the funny, sexy and sometimes plain annoying characters and I love the exciting, jam-packed with action plots. There isn’t a single thing I would change in the book. These are SO much more than just a shifter book. They are a suspense, adventure, paranormal, magical, intrigue, emotion, chemistry and romance packed smorgasbord of goodness. 

The lions want to kill her … and then it gets worse …
Staying under the radar of the Mage Society’s Trinity Council hasn’t been much of an issue for bakery owner Kalinda Thorton, but when her supposedly weak magical powers start causing afternoon delights, she knows she’s in trouble. Add in one dangerously alluring wolf who says he wants to eat more than just her confections and life in Encantado, Nevada, has gone from enchanted to cursed in one afternoon.

He’ll huff and puff and keep his mate safe …
Kalinda belongs to the big bad wolf—Romano Moretti. He’ll stop at nothing to protect his mate, even if she doesn’t yet know they belong together. But clashing with the Trinity Council and a pride of lion shifters at the same time is a lot of work for one wolf, and he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

Kalinda is nobody’s witch …
Screw the Council, screw the lions, and most especially screw Romano’s scorching touch and fierce protection. She’ll handle things on her own even if it kills her, except Romano’s sizzling embrace makes her yearn for things she’s never thought she wanted. She’s beginning to wonder if a big bad wolf is exactly the kind of ally she needs, in more ways than one. 

With the fate of the town at stake, Kalinda will need to trust someone … or everyone is doomed.

MATED TO THE ENFORCER – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T297NJC?


Rogue Wave, the second book in The Inland Seas Series by Gwyn McNamee releases on August 22nd!
Preorder now at all vendors — books2read.com/RogueWave

Complete the mission.
It’s what I was trained to do—no matter what.
But when things go to $hit right in front of me, my objective gets compromised by a set of fathomless amber eyes.
This isn’t a woman’s world. 
Yet, Valentina refuses to see how dangerous the course she’s plotted really is.
How dangerous I am.

The man who saved my life is just as lethal as the one trying to take it. 
Maybe even more.
While Cutter may have rescued me, in the end, he is my enemy. 
The one intent on destroying everything I’ve striven for.
But the scar of his past draw me closer even though I know I should move away.

𝑪𝒖𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑽𝒂𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒂. 
𝑨𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒊𝒓𝒆.
𝑭𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓.
𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒂𝒚 𝒅𝒓𝒂𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒃𝒐𝒕𝒉 𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓…

🔥 ☠️ 🔥 ☠️ 🔥 ️ ☠️ 🔥 ️ ☠️ 🔥 ☠️ 🔥 ️ ☠️ 🔥 ️ ☠️ 🔥 ️ ☠️ 🔥 ️ ☠️

Start the series today with Squall Line!
Available now at all retailers: books2read.com/SquallLine

Cover image – Wander Aguiar
Cover models – Zack Salaun and Bahar
Cover design – BlueSky Designs  

Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to one human baby and two fur babies). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite from the cold and snow.  Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world.  She loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat.
When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection, golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels). 

Gwyn is the author of The Hawke Family Series, The Slip Series, The Deadliest Sin Series, The Inland Seas Series, and The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd (as her alter-ego D.P. Payne).

Website – http://www.gwynmcnamee.com/
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🔥🔥 Check out the HOT cover from Julie Kriss’s new book releasing on August 13th… Filthy Rich is book 1 of her new series about four guys who run a successful venture capital company… They’re rich, they’re dirty, and they get tamed one by one! 🔥🔥

A billionaire. His assistant. And a game that could cost both their hearts

Aidan Winters. Gorgeous, brilliant, ruthless, and filthy rich. He’s known as the Man in Black, because New York’s most sought-after bachelor is icy perfection in an all-black suit.

As his executive assistant, I know his suit size, the security code to his penthouse, and the number to his private line. The only thing I don’t know is what would make him fall to his knees for a woman.

And then, one night, I discover Aidan’s sexy secret. And he discovers mine.

Now we play a very dirty game. By day, we’re all business. But by night… he’s not Aidan and I’m not me.

No emotions. No lies. Except for one.

If you think this is a story about a girl who hates her boss, think again.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46803749-filthy-rich
Cover created by: Hang Le: https://www.facebook.com/designsbyhangle/?ref=br_rs
Photo by: Wanger Aguiar: https://www.facebook.com/WANDER.AGUIAR.PHOTOGRAPHY/

Preorder your copy of Filthy Rich today!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Filthy-Rich-Julie-Kriss-ebook/dp/B07V3W9RQS/
B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/filthy-rich-julie-kriss/1132472666
iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1466662282
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/filthy-rich-15
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=Uk6iDwAAQBAJ


Julie loves reading and writing hot, sexy romances with awesome alpha heroes. Her favorite things are books, coffee, her perfect cat, and her husband, not necessarily in that order. She’s a writing addict who is always hard at work on her next steamy romance.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14685774.Julie_Kriss
Website: http://www.juliekriss.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/juliekriss16
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliekrissauthor/

MELODY (Beautiful Book #3) by Lilliana Anderson


A heart-achingly, angsty great read.

Well, just wow. This book sure puts it’s characters through the ringer and it dragged me through too. I’d not even felt in the right frame of mind to read a ‘straight contemporary’ romance. So colour my surprised when within a couple of chapters I wasn’t wanting to put this one down. This is one emotion filled stand alone read.

Whilst I guessed Theo’s secret fairly early on, there are also plenty of clues and hints made before it is revealed and the ‘surprise’ element isn’t necessary anyway. Personally I prefer knowing in advance because I love that feeling I get waiting for the big ‘Ta-da’ moment. I also appreciated that it wasn’t dragged out a ridiculous length of time in the book. I’ve read much poorer quality stories where the ‘big secret’ is the entire plot and you spend the whole book waiting for the reveal – I find those stories to be rather pointless.
(Indeed, plot-less might be a more accurate description.)

Whilst technically this is a love triangle, there is absolutely no cheating or sharing (I’m aware many readers have an intense dislike of either) and the situation only becomes sexual once a choice has been made. So in many ways this could be classed as slow-burn but there are enough scenes of sexual chemistry and tension to keep things interesting. 

The book is written 1st person, from all three main characters view point, allowing you to really get a feel for them. Neither guy is easy to like from his actions alone, but when you are ‘inside their head’, so to speak, you see the motivation and reasons behind it. This allowed me to connect with them on a much more emotional and personal level. I definitely had a preference for one of the brothers and admit to checking out who was the hero of the next book – yes I was one of those people who used to read the last few pages of a paperback once I got into a story.

The sign of a good book for me is not admitting it’s too late into the night to still be reading. This book definitely ticked that box. So I’m only too happy to recommend this wonderful, full of feels, contemporary romance.

****Included at the back is the story of Katrina and David’s wedding. They are the couple from book #1. This story also contains spoilers for book #2. ****

AMAZON US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RQZYYFM

AMAZON UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07RQZYYFM

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46008177-melody


Marcus and Theo Bailey. 

Matiari frontman and drummer. Brothers. They’re on the cusp of rock star success. Then I show up…

We have history. 
Sordid history.
One of them hates me. The other claims to love me. 
Neither are allowed to touch me.
Band rules.
But working this close to them, the lines love and hate, business and pleasure are easily blurred. Now I have the power to fulfil their dreams or create their nightmare.
All it will take is a kiss…

Naomi enters the love triangle of the century when she falls for brothers she can’t have. She’ll be forced to choose love or fame in Melody: Beautiful Series, three.  Containing new and extended scenes from A Beautiful Melody and Commitment in one breathtaking novel.


A routine mission…

The Dom Who Loved Me, a sexy and action-packed standalone from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake is FREE! 

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Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist, and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. She’s the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.

…turns into a dangerous seduction.

Soon, Grace Hawthorne is living a double life. By day, she is the widowed mother of two college-aged sons. By night, she submits to Sean’s every dark desire. She’s living out her wildest fantasies of pleasure—intimate acts of trust she’s only read about. As passion engulfs her, a murderer strikes, and Grace learns that Sean has a deeply hidden agenda. Will Sean choose his mission and break her heart or be the Master of her dreams?

A Masters and Mercenaries Novel by Lexi Blake