HIRED FOR HEAT by Leann Ryans

4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A very different take on the omegaverse world

A lot of the M/f omegaverse stories out there are quite dark, but not this one. In Hired for Heat Leann Ryans has put a whole new twist on the dynamic by writing a world where the Beta’s are pretty much in charge and Alpha’s are segregated from the rest of society. I very much enjoyed the world building in this story and can’t wait to discover what journey the author will take us on. I’m already looking forward to reading more books set in this world.

Sandra is a successful businesswoman who has refused to let her omega dynamic hold her back or restrict her life. Curiosity leads her to using the services of an Alpha-for-hire facility during her next heat. It’s at the facility that she meets Austin, an alpha resigned to his fate of never being free. His hopes are to make some good memories before he spends the rest of his life in one of the Alpha Camps. Things don’t go quite as planned, leaving Sandra and Austin fighting for the chance to be together. 

Both characters are very easy to like, they share an amazing chemistry and you can feel their emotions. I totally felt their pain at being separated, the almost physical agony this caused them was so well portrayed. The pace of the story is perfect, the plot moves along with enough speed to maintain your interest and I soon found myself caught up in the wonderful story line. Between wondering what would happen next, fearing for a HEA and perplexed as to how Sandra and Austin would even find their way back to each other I just couldn’t read this story quickly enough.

This book is perfect for those who enjoy omegaverse stories, with their different dynamics, omega heats and alpha knots, but who are not so much into it being dark. It’s also one that I’m happy to recommend.


***This is an Omegaverse story set in an Alternate Universe similar to ours***

When Alphas are considered a menace to society and are relegated to living in Alpha-camps, they can only hold specific jobs, and being a stud is the best one. 

Being an omega in a society without Alphas roaming free, the only way to have one tend you during your heat is to hire them.

Safeguards are in place to prevent pregnancy and bonding when an Alpha is Hired for Heat, but what happens when one of those fail?

Hired for Heat is a stand-alone story meant for a mature audience. 

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