FORBIDDEN LETTERS (Men of the North #0.5) by Elin Peer

Quite simply this is Elin Peer at her very best

Whilst we’ve actually seen the end of the Men of the North series, this prequel gives us some insight into how and why the Motlanders and the Northmen grew so far apart. Elin’s narrative is not only that of a love story but also a warning of how divided we can become over the simplest of issues.

I adored this story and, if like me, you have read the rest of the series, it was so enlightening. It shows a time when the differences between the two nations were actually much less. A missed opportunity to build bridges rather than walls. Knowing the love of two very wonderful people led to even more suspicion, distrust and a worsening of relations between the Motherlands and the North was, at times, heartbreaking. A rather chilling analogy to so much of human history where something good has been twisted into something to fear.

Forbidden Letters is a beautiful story of love across the divide but also a warning of what happens when we allow prejudice and fear to lead our decision making. Whilst it is an amazing work of fiction, it also draws some eerie and foreboding parallels to the political situation in so many countries at the moment, my own included. Yet at no point does this ever feel as though the author is trying to force her views on us, but it does open ones eyes and elicit deeper contemplation at times. It’s also one heck of an emotion packed, full of feels love story.

For some reason Devina reminded me of Christina, though she was a much ‘freer’ Motlander due to living in a different era. She had the caring-sharing ethos of the Motherlands, but was much less of a conformer to societal expectations and so much more of a free thinker. Tyton was perhaps more like Finn, a much milder N’man than some of the later protagonists. I totally and utterly fell in love with this pair, thankfully they get a much better ending than Romeo and Juliet did, even though I consider their love story to be just as wonderful as that of the star-crossed lovers.

This book took me through the gamut of emotions with a story that has carved itself a special place within my heart. I won’t quote them, because of spoilers, but some of those lines in the epilogue were like a punch to the gut. I could feel them squeezing my heart!

I really can’t recommend this book enough. The writing, the story, the pace and the characters do not disappoint but are all outstanding.



Curiosity has the ability to turn the smartest person into a reckless fool. 

“Few dared live as close to the border as us. Not even the long-standing peace treaty between our two nations could make people forget how the savage Men of the North used to hunt down and kidnap women here.”

If only Devina hadn’t been so damned curious by nature, she would have never picked up that letter thrown across the Northern wall. Now, she is horrified to see that it’s from a teenage girl who is only weeks away from being auctioned off in a bridal tournament. With no time to waste, Devina is determined to help the girl escape, even if it means putting herself in danger. 

Forbidden Letters is a stand-alone prequel to Elin Peer’s wildly popular dystopian romance series, Men of the North. 
The entire series is out, so if you like binge reading there will be no waiting for the next installment.

Get this book and see why readers are raving about the masterful dialogue and unexpected plotline.

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