(Mershano Empire, #3)
by Lexi C Foss

Oh my goodness, I lost count of how many times this book made me ugly cry!

This has gone straight on the list of favourite reads of 2019, right up there in the top 10 – scrap that, definitely top 3! Avery, Wyatt and Jamie took me on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride, zooming me to the peaks and pinnacles before dropping me into the depths of despair.  Lexi C. Foss writes with such an unbelievable depth of feeling that my heart feels as though it has been caught up in a maelstrom, pounded by the violent forces contained within it and then left floating in the gentle eddies of current along the edge of the water.

On first meeting him I absolutely detested Wyatt, so much so that I wanted to cause him bodily harm! My pulse was literally racing and I couldn’t read quickly enough to find out what this despicable excuse for a man was going to do next. And do you know what he did? The goddamn rebel made me fall in love with him! He also made me want to slap him around the head a few times, and possibly kick his ass too, but my word this seemingly arrogant alpha-hole had a gentle heart and a caring nature not many got to see.

Avery is a wonderful heroine, the sort of woman you either want as your best friend or would even aspire to be! From the off I just couldn’t help liking her, which only increased my ire at Wyatt. At times her heartache had me sobbing, and I felt her pain, passion, anger, angst, lust and love. Thankfully Wyatt redeemed himself and provided Avery with the love, support and care that her life had been sorely lacking.

There was just so much good story in this book, so many feels and throughout it all was the careful dance between Avery and Wyatt, with neither sure who or what to trust. However the author wove a story that was both convincing and captivating. I believed in Avery and Jamie, I forgave Wyatt and understood why he acted as he did. I cared for these characters, wanting and needing them to find that HEA. Not only that but the chemistry was intense, resulting in some red hot sex scenes.

What really stands out for me is that straight forward contemporary romance rarely hits the mark for me. Add in suspense, BDSM, comedy, sci-fi, paranormal elements etc and I’m fine. But contemporary, especially one that includes the concept of ‘billionaire’ (a huge turn OFF normally for me) would usually have me running in the opposite direction. I’m glad the author’s name was enough to persuade me to try this, because if I hadn’t I would have missed out on an amazing and wonderful book.

This author continues to enthral and enamour me. I discovered her via a short story in an anthology and then read her first foray into romantic suspense with Scarlet Mark. If she hadn’t told me it was her first attempt in the genre I would never have guessed she hadn’t written in it before. I’m now off to go and purchase her entire catalogue of books, because I know I will love them.



Even rebels have regrets.
Mine has a name: Jamie.

When news of Jean Perry’s passing reaches me, I feel a moment of selfish relief and hope that I might be able to reconcile the most consequential mistake of my life.

There’s only one problem.
Her sister.
Avery Perry.

The moment I see the way my son looks at her, I’m reminded of a past I thought long buried. There’s more to this arrangement than meets the eye and there’s only one way to learn more.

It’s time to play house.

No feelings. Just observation. And maybe a little seduction along the way.

I am a rebel, after all.
And not all rebels are worthy of redemption.


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