Book Review · Organised Crime


Twisted is just the perfect title for this tale of lies, betrayal and deceit.

Whilst this is a long book, well over 7 hours of read time, not once did I get bored, feel like the story was dragging or consider any of it to be filler.  AJ Adams has written a captivating, complex and convoluted tale that simply held my attention from start to finish. Its length meant there were times I HAD to put this down, at some points sleep and work just got in the way. But I didn’t WANT to stop reading. I was desperate to see what would happen to Jorge and Persia next.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I could very easily see this story being turned into a film. It has action, peril, sinister plots, lies and secrets, blackmail and the prerequisite romance all packed into it’s pages.

Talking of Jorge and Persia – wow what a couple! An in-charge, alpha hero with humility and a hard as nails heroine whose strength had been forged in the fires of hell. If you don’t fall in love with this couple then you have no soul!

If you’re not familiar with AJ Adams’ work then you need to know that she doesn’t just write a romance, she writes a story . And not just any old story but one that takes you on a non-stop, fast-paced journey that twists, turns and weaves into something huge and amazing. The writing is also excellent, her prose is so easy to read, the plot is easy to follow and their is a subtle warmth, at times almost humour, in the dialogue and thoughts of the characters.

This is a book I’m happy to recommend to a whole slew of readers. It’s got plenty of organised crime detail for the mafia lovers, it’s got a great romance for the contemporary lovers, it’s got masses of action for those who love a good adventure and it’s a fantastic book for those that just want something of quality.



Persia York has the face of an angel and a reputation that’s pure gutter but she will do anything for her family. Forced into debt-slavery to save her brother, things aren’t what they seem. No matter how hard she works, Persia can’t free herself. Worse, she publicly disses Jorge Santos, the leader of the Zeta cartel, and is catapulted into a turf war. Abducted and a helpless captive of the deadly drug lord, Persia decides she’s had enough. It’s time to fight back.

Dangerous, devious Jorge Santos doesn’t take shit from anyone. When a meeting with a rival turns ugly, Jorge goes to war. Determined on destruction, his first step is to abduct his enemy’s most prized possession, the beautiful but mouthy Persia York. But Jorge soon learns his victim is not as easy to break as he thought and to his shock, he falls for his adversary’s woman. As the war heats up, the cartel boss is forced to make decisions that may cost him his life – and his love.

A ruthless man on a quest to win no matter what it takes.
A woman intent on holding her own, even if it destroys her.

Twisted is a compelling tale of vengeance, murder, cartel violence and finding love in the darkest of times.

Warning: This bad boy dark romance contains explicit scenes of dubious consent and graphic violence.