Omega of Sathion by Ana B Starr – 4 stars

This is a good debut book, one that I really enjoyed reading

For me, this book ‘picked up’ and improved as the story progressed. I would hazard a guess that this was in part due to the author honing her writing skills as she got further through the book. In addition she was trying to give some background to the main character, without dwelling too much on it. After a couple of chapters I was soon caught up in what is very much an engaging sci-fi story. I would go so far as to say that this felt as much more sci-fi in nature as it did Omegaverse, which is not a criticism at all.

There was some very well executed world building, the sci-fi element was clearly important to the author and her hard work paid off. I absolutely adored Vinz! As I’ve already said, the first couple of chapters contain some significant jumps in time and details are focused on scene setting. Once Faye leaves Earth then the adventure (and action) really begin. The story flows well with natural changes in tempo and cadence, ebbing and flowing to give you the highs of action, peril and threat along with gentler periods where characters connect with each other and Faye learns about new worlds.

We don’t meet the hero of the story for a while, as the book is written first person and entirely from Faye’s POV. My preference in first person is to have BOTH view points, as this allows me to connect to both main characters, but I can appreciate why the author perhaps chose not to do that for this book. Both Faye (h) and Irikav (H) were likeable characters, with Irikav’s species being much more gentle, respectful and caring of omegas than is more frequently seen in Omegaverse stories. 

The sex scenes between Faye and Irikav were consensual and not as frenzied as in the darker OV books. With the exception of the knot and some interesting alien appendages they felt more akin to contemporary love scenes. Whilst there are one of two ‘darker’ elements and scenes, I personally don’t believe that there is anything too extreme or of an offensive nature in the book.

If I have any advice to offer the author it would be to add more emotional depth. This is a personal preference of mine, and I know it doesn’t bother many readers but in order for me to ‘love’ a book, I have to connect emotionally with the characters. Whilst I knew if Faye was happy, or sad or scared etc, it was on a fairly superficial level. I want a description of physiological responses to emotions along with ‘x made her happy’, ‘y made her sad’ etc. Did her palms get sweaty with terror, was her heart in her mouth, pounding so loudly it might be overheard? 

For me that would have lifted this from a good and enjoyable read, one I’m happy to recommend to others, into a truly great read. However I am still impressed with the quality of this debut novel and will be following this author and reading more of her work.


Sathion. A new home, where humanity can start over. The planet was gifted to us by a benevolent race of aliens. They intend for us to colonize. I am one of the rare humans who has been chosen to go there. 

But en route our transport ship was attacked by pirates, and my friend and I have been kidnapped. These new aliens tell us we are ‘Omegas’. They tell us we are meant to pair and breed with ‘Alphas’ of any race, be they human or alien.

I don’t know what it means to be Omega. But what I do know is that I was just given a second chance at life, an opportunity to live it on my own terms. No matter what my captors say, I will find a way to get to Sathion. No one is taking this away from me. 

“Ana B. Starr has made herself right at home in the Omegaverse, brightening a normally dark and moody genre with just a hint of sugary sweetness to go with all the interstellar excitement packed between these pages. Five stars!” – Merel Pierce, Author 

The Omega of Sathion is a Sci-Fi Omegaverse Romance, which may include themes of power exchange, dubcon, noncon, violence, alien interactions, and more. If you enjoy these tropes please continue, if you don’t, this book may not be for you.




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