Suzie Q by Stevie MccFarlane

Well, wasn’t that a surprise?

I missed out on an arc of this via booksprout and as a new-to-me author I was a little reticent about purchasing a book that is at the higher end of my price bracket. However I just couldn’t resist that blurb and threw caution to the wind, and I’m very glad I did.

This is a very unusual story and very much NOT your typical spanking romance. Whilst it features two couples (and I need to check if Joy and JR/Jay have their own story) it focuses mainly on Suzie and Hunter. This is a couple who had it all until Hunter crossed the line and delivered a non-consensual and abusive spanking (this isn’t a spoiler as it’s in the blurb – we also only hear about it retrospectively). 

So we don’t get to see a couple meet and fall in love, we see a couple struggling to find the middle ground, struggling to compromise but also learning some surprising things about themselves along the way. I didn’t miss the ‘romance’ part at all, though there were romantic elements involved in this book. It might sound surprising but I also totally believed in the love and chemistry between Hunter and Suzie.

This story absolutely captivated me from start to finish, a few times near the beginning it felt almost like a spanking 101 guide but overall it was a great read. As already mentioned this is unlike the vast majority of spanking books, in fact only get 2 full spanking scenes and one truncated one, it is much more about the domestic discipline relationship as a whole. 

The use of contrast between Suzie’s view of DD and Joy’s need for it allowed the author to really demonstrate the consensuality of Joy and JR’s relationship. We have two pretty strong and determined women but Joy has always wanted a DD relationship whereas Suzie is horrified by the thought of giving up control. I really appreciated that the author didn’t have Suzie crumbling and losing all her personality and sense of reason just because she was in a relationship with a dominant alpha male. 

For me this is a spanking/Domestic Discipline story for those that don’t like/get that type of book as much as it is for lovers of the genre. Not once did I ever find myself getting annoyed by a situation, I felt the heroine both held her own and was fully in control of the decisions she made, rather than being railroaded into them. 

I’m really pleased that I took a chance on this book.



Running from him wasn’t her best idea.

Hunter made a slight error in judgement when he disciplined his girlfriend and co-worker, Suzanna. He went overboard and he’s been backpedaling ever since, trying to get Suzie Q to forgive him without renouncing his belief in a loving, domestic discipline relationship. 
Suzie’s not having it – no way, no how! She loves him but her first experience with over-the-knee discipline was horrible and it’s not something she’s willing to entertain again. When Hunter gets a promotion at work and becomes her boss, tensions rise. Oh hell, no! She’s not going to be under his thumb 24/7, no matter how much she adores him. 
Quitting her job and taking off for Montana to spend some time with their friends Joy and J.R. Everly might not have been her smartest move. Leaving Hunter without a word was asking for trouble and, in hindsight, she knows she probably has just put her heart and her hind-end at risk.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, humor and power exchange.

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