BREAKING IN BELLA by Isabella Laase

BREAKING IN BELLA, by Isabella Laase, is a wonderful mix of DD, BDSM and pure smexyness.

Sometimes I want a sexy, easy read, so I jumped into this, which was a free serialisation in via the Stormy Nights Publishing newsletter. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, so was pleasantly surprised with the quality of writing, the engaging story line and with just how much trouble Belle could get herself into.

Belle really was an unpleasant brat but as the story progressed we got to know the real her, and to see her grow up and mature. She was a very likeable character by the end and I was only too happy to see her get her HEA with Jack. The book is written third person but pretty much from Bella’s perspective – I would have liked to have had Jack’s too as I find this helps me connect with the character more. However it wasn’t a major issue for me, though he did feel a more distant character.

The book actually had far fewer spanking scenes than I expected, particularly given her bratty and rude behaviour for a chunk of it. From a personal perspective that was fine, I actually enjoyed that this focused on the characters and their lives more. However I would have liked some variety in the spanking scenes we did have, particularly in Belle’s reaction to them. 

Whilst perhaps not having the emotionally intensity of other similar books I’ve read, it is still a very enjoyable story. I ‘m happy to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys BDSM/spanking/Domestic Discipline stories.

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