BUILD A NERD (AEON #2) by Wendy Smith – 4.75 stars

Wonderful characters, full of feels and just a truly great read

I can’t remember whether I liked Bridget or not in Game On , but I loved her in this. I really liked Tom too, which just goes to show male leads don’t always need to be all alpha and macho. One of my favourite things about this author’s work is how normal, everyday and real the entire story feels. You find yourself reading about a group of people who you would love to be friends with, living in a town you want to move to.

Bridget is the confident one, Tom is socially awkward but together they make a perfect pair. Their chemistry sizzled, their emotions squeeze your heart and their story will make you smile, ache and swoon in equal measure. The excellent writing just wraps you up in this story and holds you in the moment. I felt as though I could almost reach out and touch the characters. 

I found this easy to read, entertaining and very much enjoyed the time I spent within its pages.

She’ll build his confidence. He’ll make a nerd out of her yet.

Tom Jarvis is a nerd. He’s a programmer, project manager, and loves Star Trek.

Bridget Walsh spent years establishing herself in the male dominated world of construction. She loves her job, but recently had her heart broken by her long term crush. She doesn’t even know what Star Trek is.

But when opposites attract, can two people so different work?


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