RED HERRING (The Kingmaker Saga #4) by London Miller

This book, this series, this story is the epitome of fantastic writing. And that ending, oh boy will that ending send you into a spin!

Did the author have the entire story mapped out when she first started work on Red ? Did she know then that once the Den of Mercenaries series was finished that she would be writing about Karina and Uilleam? And I also have to ask how, HOW, does she keep all the events in line? How does she weave strands from each mercenaries story with strands from Karina and Uilleam’s stories and make them all fit perfectly? Not to mention just how the heck did she ever dream up such an amazing story arc?

This book dropped on my kindle and that was it for me. I had the day off work and within minutes of picking up my kindle was totally absorbed into this complex, astounding and outstanding story. The book repeats a lot of what was in the Den series, but from the point of view of the puppet masters who pulled the strings. If you’ve very recently read the WHOLE Den of Mercenaries series then you might not need to read this. However it’s been a while since I did, so this was an excellent way to remind myself of all the manipulation and scheming. Seeing it through Karina and Uilliam’s eyes also gives us a valuable insight that would otherwise be missing.

This isn’t a stand alone book, and there seems little point in talking about Karina and Uilliam as characters. If you’ve got this far in the series then you know just how amazing, twisted, manipulative, caring and broken they are. 

I cannot praise this series highly enough. I cannot recommend it enough either. This series is fast proving to be my favourite of the year and you really don’t want to miss out on it.

What goes up must always come down …

Uilleam Runehart has never faced an opponent like Karina Ashwroth—he’s certainly never had to battle against a woman that held his heart.

But if she forces his hand, he’ll have to show her why they call him the Kingmaker.

Except … Karina knows all too well why most fear him—she’s just not afraid.

She knows his strengths.

She created his weaknesses.

And in the end, she’ll show him what no other has been able to—what it means to lose …

From Romantic Suspense Author, London Miller, comes the fourth installment in the Kingmaker Saga following the man whose hubris is his weakness and the woman who will use it against him.




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