Just over two years ago I kept seeing a particular book mentioned on Facebook. It was called Acquired Possession and was by the author Cari Silverwood. Turned out I’d already read a book of hers, but one written under the pen name Wren Tirrell – and I’d been most disappointed to find that was the one and only book by that ‘author’. I loved the humour, the twists, and the engaging writing.

So getting back to Possession, once I was aware of the book and had read the blurb I was both interested and intrigued. I was a little worried that it might be one of those ‘instantly in love with the alien’ books OR might be too dark for my taste. So I did what any self respecting book whore would and used the ‘send me a sample’ option. OK the book doesn’t cost a huge amount of money but none of us like to waste what money we have. Anyway, as soon as I reached the end of said sample I immediately, and without any shadow of a doubt nor hesitation, hit the ‘buy now’ button on my kindle.

Then I sat and read the whole book in one sitting.

It was so good I pre-ordered Claimed Possession (The Machinery of Desire #2) before I’d even finished it. I then joined the authors group on Facebook and bought the rest of the series as they were released, including the no-longer-available Alphas and Aliens anthology where a short story from the world was included.

I’m here to share the amazing news that this series is available as a box set, including all 5 stories at a knock down price. The series is perfect for those who love well written sci-fi, dubious consent, naughtily steamy kinkiness and fantastic characters who you don’t forget.

AMAZON Australia



On Aerthe freedom is a lie.

Wrenched from their beds and into another world, three earth women and one man find themselves in an alien, violence-infested land.

Powered by old tech and carrying the captive humans, the immense landships of the Mekkers grind on track and wheel across the countryside. Fern, Gio, and Emery are property and must learn to kneel and beg, to open their legs, and to stifle their shame. Pleasure will be their reward.

Even if fated to fall in love, these women fight to the last.

Their weapons will be guns and words, or bots from the tiniest in size to giant war machines, though sometimes running away works best. Only Sawyer, ex-soldier, will never bow, for being the master beckons to him and drums through his blood.
With everyone at war with everyone else, the planet seems ready to implode. Can humans be the healing catalyst?

The journey to peace on Aerthe will be paved with the dead, as well as the screams of women climaxing in the hands, ropes, and chains of their masters. 

“… the wonderful, strange, demented, naughty and twisted things that have been dreamt up and included, all just roll together into an amazing read.”

“So many scenes are laced with darkly sexual undertones, occasionally outright blatantly delicious ones.”

“I was on edge until the last sentence faded.”


350,000 words from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Cari Silverwood.
Featuring Acquired Possession, Claimed Possession, Branded Possession, Exquisite Possession, and the novella, Fated Possession.

This is a very graphic and carnal story for those who love the fantasy of being taken by an alien warrior.

WARNING: Contains alien butt.


Firstly it didn’t feel that dark of a read, possibly because of the sci-fi/alien world aspect of the book. There was no where near as much ‘punishment’ or cruelty as I expected and instead I found this to be a very erotic but also action-packed read.

Emery came across as a tough cookie, with plenty of spirit and determination, I loved her character. Mako was also incredibly well written, his internal musings allowed us to see that actually he was a fairly decent ‘man’, despite his sadistic leanings. We only learn some very important facts about the Strathe, the Mekkers and Aerthe as we progress further into the story, but this is also very necessary for the plot to work.

This isn’t a conventional romance in any sense of the word, and not just because of it being set on an alien planet. But the chemistry and the connection between Emery and Mako is believable and works, and so much of it is in the small kindnesses that Mako shows to Emery (even when he doesn’t always mean to).

This book had me gripped from start to finish, it even had me fall in love with a small mechanical child’s toy! The writing is excellent, the plot is literally out of this world and not your typical ‘snatched by the alien’ story, the pace kept me turning pages as quick as I could and the whole book was just so easy to read.

Claimed Possession Review – 5 stars

This book had a different feel to Acquired Possession, whilst still being as captivating and well written. A large part of this is due to it being mostly written from the hero, Sawyer’s, POV but also because it is set in the Scav ‘part’ of Aether. I’m also pleased that this was the case, as now I’m wondering both what will happen in Book 3 and when it will be out as I’m desperate for more of this world.

It was interesting to ‘see’ the male perspective on all the dubious consent and dominance ‘stuff’ and it involved my emotions in a very different way to Emery’s story. I still felt the emotions and empathised with both characters, but I usually ‘connect’ more to the female character just because it is easier to put myself in her shoes. That in no way affected my enjoyment of the book, it was still full of action, had amazing pace and was incredibly steamy and it allowed this story to take us more into the world of Aether and its people.

Sawyers battles with his base desires, Scav expectations and his own morals turned him from what could have been a despicable individual into quite an attractive, and definitely one heck of a sexy, anti-hero. Despite the dubious consent aspects, and even at the start when he was still very angry, his scruples led him to protect and take care of Ari. I loved those moments, when he wasn’t conscious of his actions, where he would hold her close to him for comfort. 

We had enough of Ari’s viewpoint to know she is an intelligent, feisty, caring and deep down brave woman. She is also a little naive and a lot confused by the lust she has for Sawyer and his treatment of her. That treatment and Sawyer’s behaviour was depraved at times but somehow, given the setting, it felt acceptable, especially as he often battled with his conscience or drew a line where the Scav wouldn’t have. This along with JI’s emotional/mental growth raised some deep questions on how the thoughts and actions of society – or a lack of morals by those in charge, can affect our own behaviours. To my mind it posed similar warnings to those raised by The Lord of the Flies. 

There were so many unexpected twists in this story that it kept me gripped. That ending – it came out of nowhere for me, but it was perfect for the relationship Sawyer truly wanted with Ari. JI’s ending was even twistier – and send disturbing shiver’s down my back., he (it?) is no longer the person that Emery knew and cared for. 

I can’t even begin to guess where this story is heading but I know I can’t wait for the next book.

Fated Possession – 5 stars

This is a quick but engaging, hot and fantastic story from the Machinery of Desire series. Whilst it can be read as a standalone, and indeed Cari managed to briefly fill in the important details of this world, having read the other books will really enhance this story. (Book 1 world builds and Book 2 has Sassik as a side character).

I know it’s a short story but there was no way I was putting this down and going to sleep – it had me gripped. Blue was such a strong heroine, never giving up or giving in and I’d love to see more of her. Sassik was as honourable a man as you are going to find on Aerthe and I’d love a Sassik of my own. The characters spoke to me, drew me in and made me love every moment of this book.

Branded Possession – 5 Stars

This is my favourite book of the series so far. I just loved the mind games and manipulation by both parties, though Gio was too caring to ever succumb to doing anything truly bad or evil. Ryke on the other hand did bad things for good reasons, or just because he wanted to. I could happily live in this book, I wanted it to never end. The detailed world building, the tiny little touches that seem insignificant at first but that will prove to be important later, the wonderful, strange, demented, naughty and twisted things that have been dreamt up and included, all just roll together into an amazing read.

If this was a contemporary romance, based on Earth with Ryke as a human, I would consider him morally depraved and somewhat evil. He carries an air of menace and dark about him, exploiting the attraction between Gio and himself in order to manipulate her. However, since this is based in another universe I really liked him instead. I’d run screaming in the opposite direction if I met Ryke, but my word he did some hot things to Gio.

Gio is absolutely amazing, her mind was a constant whirl of plans, worries, analysis and pushing crap into boxes to ignore forever or to examine later. I adored her mental debates with herself, and how honest she was in these. She was so scarily rational. So rational, in fact, that it didn’t take her long to accept what Ryke did because, well damn, she enjoyed it. 

You can really feel the plot building in this story, with lots of political and Aerthe machinations occurring as sub-plots. Towards the end these almost pull us away from Gio and Ryke, but those final scenes make it clear that this was (I think) deliberate by the author, reflecting Gio’s feelings of being adrift and purposeless, perhaps of abandonment too. Whilst there is a scene that suggests the title refers to Gio, it could equally refer to Ryke and his marked role as the KOL (King’s Own Lawgiver), the belief that he is the prophet or even the Dekkers with their blue etchings from their livelihoods, or following Aerthe’s manipulation of them. That is the wonder of Cari Silverwood’s writing. She opens so many doors for your mind to travel through, scattering little breadcrumbs to lead you on the most fantastical of journey’s. It doesn’t harm that she writes damn good kinky scenes too.

If you ever join this authors facebook group DON’T LET ON WHAT SCARES YOU. She is more sadistic than Ryke and merrily wove mechanical 8-legged creepy-bots and claustrophobia inducing headgear into the story, just to torment her readers (evil woman, lol). However her brief homage to The Hitchhiker’s Guide made me forgive her. Well that and all the really good naughty stuff in here.

Exquisite Possession – 4.5 stars

Fast paced, filthy, funny, frenzied and fabulous. An exciting, humorous and often thought provoking conclusion to this epic series.

I’m probably (OK definitely) going to take a while to get to the crux of this review, so I’m going to lay down now how much I LOVED this book, how gripping the story was, how fabulous the characters were, how hot the sex was and how sad I am that the series has ended. Whilst this can be read as JI and Fern’s stand alone story, reading the series will give you a better understanding of where all the other characters fit, along with how and why certain events happen. 

I fuck therefore I am. He would rewrite Emery’s ideas on what made a self-aware AI.

JI, Exquisite Possession

Each book in the series has brought something new to the story of Aerthe and it’s inhabitants. Each tale has opened our eyes to a new facet of what life is like for its people. They’ve also contained some downright filthy and perverted sex scenes, and boy are they wonderful to read. Now normally I’d be bleating on about the amazing world building skills of the author, but in Exquisite Possession she took things in a different direction. We had a story that looked inwards at what makes us human and what constitutes a good or a bad person, rather than focusing on the outwards.

Still learning how to human … Some days he seemed a cross between her perfect Dom and a teenager.

JI/Osta was a mechanoid, a sentient robot for want of a better description. He took over a ‘human’ body (or technically a Scav body) in Book 2 of the series. Fern is a human, dragged through time and space, otherwise known as a portal, to become a blood slave to the Mekkers. Only Fern stabbed the judge who ruled that they weren’t ‘sentient’ enough to have rights and ended up being ejected from their landship broken, battered, bruised and close to death. So it’s fair to say that both characters come with a fair bit of baggage.

The first part of this book focuses on JI and his battles with the fantasies he has about Fern. Fantasies that include pain, humiliation and domination. Fantasies that just perhaps Fern might have too. 

With a thrill to top what already had grabbed his balls … he realized Fern could be his experiment. His little experiment on sex.
Little being more due to her size compared to his, not to what was possible. Because there was 
everything. Possibilities seemed endless. He, an ex-mech with control of a girl.

JI goes through a lot of soul searching, but it never felt too introspective or naval gazing. Usually because CS would always drop in some of her wonderful humour when things started getting a little too serious.

This was much more of a love story than any of the other books, possibly with the exception of Blue and Sassik’s story. It still retained dark edges and some very extremely kinky play, some of which involved the surgical implantation of blunt spikes around a part of JI’s anatomy. However JI was always far too caring to ever truly be a bad man, and given Fern’s traumatic past he was the perfect hero for both her and us. That didn’t stop him from using the connection both he and Fern had with the mechlings to his own benefit. 

“Is a part of you still Osta? The thinking part of you?”
“No. I’m not him at all. I told you that.”
He wanted to ask her if that would scare her more than she could bear but didn’t dare to. Because the answer might scare him.

The second part of the story is more ‘traditional’ sci-fi action, if being strung up naked on the nose cone of a war ship, your body pierced by countless wires, could ever be considered traditional. Like all truly great books, lots of strands and easter egg clues all wove together to bring a very satisfying ending to this amazing series.

Did I also mention that there is a lot of very hot, kinky and lust filled sex?

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