Book Review – Absolution

ABSOLUTION (Savage Duet #2, Russo Saga #5) by Nicolina Martin


Wow, I was worried the second book wouldn’t live up to the brilliance of book 1. Well it most certainly did, and then some.

You can’t read this without having first read Redemption (Savage Duet #1), this review probably contains spoilers for that book.

Oh Christian Russo, you made my heart ache but you also totally redeemed yourself. Kerry may have taken a long, long time to make her choices but that so worked for me. First of all she’s considering getting VERY involved with a man who not only lied to her, but also tried to kill her. That right there is gonna make it hard to learn to ever trust him again. Secondly there’s all the family/mafia baggage that comes along with him, not to mention that at one time he was one of their “very worst” – gulp. 

I loved his patience and determination, and his interactions with Cece will make you melt. Sometimes he was an overbearing, overstepping, arrogant SOB but always, always, his two women came first. The growth BOTH main characters undergo felt so natural, as did Kerry’s eventual decision regarding if she could allow Christian back into her heart. 

It took me a couple of days to read the book, it’s not that it isn’t gripping because believe me it very much is. However it was just so emotionally charged, so soul wrenching and heart breaking that I had to allow myself some recovery breaks in between devouring each finely crafted emotion, every twist and hiccup of the plot. It’s a story of shuffling steps forward, stumbles back and one pretty nasty drop down a ravine. 

There is just so much in this book, so much story, so much action and adventure, so much loss and sorrow, so much hope. There was also what felt like a teaser for a future story involving one of Kerry’s friends. I’m really hoping we find out more of that story!

This duet has firmly placed itself as one of my top reads of the year and put this author firmly on my ‘must read’ list.


Absolution: Part two in the Savage duet.

An obsessed hitman. A woman on the run.

Finding Kerry was more complicated than Christian ever imagined. Disaster loomed around every corner, pulling his violent nature to the surface. True change must come from within, and breaking old habits is hard when you’re used to taking everything – and everyone – by force. 

Kidnapping. Murder. Betrayal.

Her luck had run out and this time, there was no escape. He had found her. He would claim her. Resisting the enigmatic and dangerous Christian Russo would be Kerry’s hardest trial. Resisting her own feelings might prove impossible.

Absolution is part two in the Savage duet. For the greatest enjoyment, the Savage duet needs to be read in order. 

Publisher’s Note: This is a dark, steamy romance featuring suspense, danger, harsh elements, and potential triggers. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.




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