HIS EMPIRE SERIES by Tabitha Black


Gold star

I had heard good things about this series and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was fortunate to read a Tabitha Black arc a few weeks ago (Primal Possession) which I adored. I knew I had a couple of her books languishing on my kindle, so decided to bump them up my TBR list. I went into Restraint fairly ‘blind’, for some reason believing it to be a darker read. It isn’t, it’s actually a BDSM resort read, similar to the Masters of the Castle series and a darn good read too.

I liked that we didn’t have just one hero and heroine in this, we actually follow several different characters, some more than others. This allows us to participate in some very hot scenes with an established Master and his slave, George and Faye, as well as enjoy a budding romance between a Dom and a very new-to-it-all sub, Dain and Hazel. I loved the characters, found them all easy to connect with and was totally captivated by the story. 

The plot was interesting and the pace was perfect, moving the story along whilst also holding my attention. I was actually disappointed when I discovered I was almost at the end of the book, thankfully I also have book 2 on my kindle and will be diving straight into it. A definite recommend to BDSM romance lovers.


DENIAL – 4.5 Stars

I absolutely loved this second instalment of the ‘His Empire’series. We get to see more of the characters from Book 1, lots more of Hazel and Dain, plus a new couple in dungeon monitor Cav and holiday guest Shanna. I found myself gripped from the very first page and couldn’t read the book fast enough to find out what would happen next – especially at Simeon’s ‘special’ meal!

The chemistry between the different couples is amazing, the scenes are hot, and there are plenty of interesting sub-plots too. Personally I felt the play scenes were a little limited, focusing almost solely on bondage and discipline, I would have loved a little more variety and some boundary pushing. However they are still very well written, following the precepts of RACK and SSC. T he more experienced kinksters are very good at making the newbies aware of how to play safely, of the need to negotiate, have safe-words etc. 

I’m certainly hoping that the author gets back to this series, I really need more of Simeon, his employees and guests at Nox Oasis.


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