Defying the General (Primarian Mates, #4) by Maddie Taylor

I’m hoping this isn’t the last we see of Primaria, Terra Nova and their inhabitants.

If you’re looking for a well written, captivating sci-fi romance that has a fast paced and layered plot then look no further. Whilst each Primarian Mates book can be read stand alone, they are all amazing reads and you will get the best from them by reading them in order.

I’m not sure if Lana and Trask have replaced Eryn and Ram as my favourite book couple – it’s definitely a close run thing. This story will take you across the whole gamut of emotions, from love to sorrow to pain to happiness, high to low and back again. It is also so much more than just the romance aspect too. Each book has a complex story involving both the main couple, other characters and the worlds around them, plus stands that weave into the back story that runs throughout all four books.

These are long books – well over 5 hours of reading time, and I loved every single minute of them. The characters are engaging, likeable and easy to connect with, the writing draws you into the book in a way that makes you never want to leave. Whilst I was desperate to complete the book and find out what happens with Lana, Trask and the others, I also wanted it to take forever because I so loved being immersed in this amazing world Maddie Taylor has created.

I can’t recommend this fantastic series enough, though I’m hoping the fact that I’ve read all 4 books back-to-back tells you everything you need to know.



With one look he stirs something deep inside her. 
A single touch is all it takes for her to awaken his soul. 

She has a mission. 
He has a duty. 

He is her captor. 
She is his destiny. 

Fate draws them together, but danger and deceit will wrench them apart. Can they find their way back to one another while doing what they must to save their people? Or, will treachery keep them from claiming their happily forever after? 

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