Deliverance (The 1000 Revolution #5) by Pippa DaCosta

This book, boy this book not only entertained but tore my heart to pieces SO MANY TIMES!

I didn’t realise just how much I’d missed Caleb, One, Bren and Fran until I started reading this. Those guys just grab a hold of your heart and hold it hostage. Squeezing it every now and then to ensure you remember just how much you love them all. It left me alternately exhilarated, emotionally drained, electrified, crushed and hopeful. The writing is excellent and left me needing more.

I crouched in front of her and took her warm hand in mine.

“It’s all right. A friend of mine once told me, when you get scared, just count the stars and the fear will go away.”

One, Deliverance

How could you make me fall in love with Josie and Patrick (two side characters) and then do that? You evil author! Even if you patched my heart back up later I still don’t forgive you. The twists, the turns, the bluffs, double bluffs and is it a bluffs had me mesmerised and on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough and adored every single moment of reading this book, never wanting it to end.

“You ever see a button you just gotta press?”

“No, which is why women live longer than men,” Fran bend down and frowned.

Caleb and Fran, Deliverance

This could be read as a stand alone story, though reading the rest of the 1000 Revolution books would enhance the experience. They are also AMAZING stories and well worth reading. I simply cannot adequately put into words how brilliant this book is.


“Que te folle un pez.”

I had no idea what that meant, but I liked how it sounded.

Fran and Caleb, Deliverance


“You can’t say no to a pistol in the face.” ~ Caleb

Bren’s missing with a bounty on his head, which isn’t Caleb’s problem, until Turner Candelario makes it Caleb’s problem. But why does a pirate with an ax to grind suddenly want to work with the down-and-out captain who killed his sister?

Coded messages. Abandoned mining outposts. And Fran’s keeping secrets.

The mission stinks worse than the iron mines, but what else is there to do in the Nine systems now Caleb’s trying to fly-right? Besides, Bren’s bounty looks mighty tempting.

One should be dead, but death didn’t stop her before. Chitec is gone, the Nine systems left in disarray, and in the chaos, One moves among them like a ghost, seeing what others cannot: a new malevolent force rises. A force One has encountered before. And caught in the middle of it all? Brendan Shepperd.

Chitec was just the beginning. The true 1000 Revolution begins now…


Reading Order:

Season One:

#1 Betrayal
#2 Escape
#3 Trapped
#4 Trust

Season Two:
#5 Deliverance

Deliverance is the first book in a new season of 1000 Revolution. There are three further books planned for this second season.


Caleb and the crew of the stolen Fortuitous are back. Vengeful pirates, bitter betrayal, gratuitous sex, missing synths, and more…

You didn’t think it was all over… Did you?

Please note: This series was previously known as Girl From Above.

Genre: sexy, dirty, science-fiction space opera



“A gritty space opera adventure.” Publishers Weekly

“For fans of Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs.” BookBub reviewer

“This world is dark, the characters are twisted and I was completely hooked.” ~ Feeling Fictional

“(1000 Revolution) is what would happen if HBO made a love child between the shows Firefly and Killjoys.” ~ Smadas Book Smack

“It’s as if Blade Runner, Firefly, and Ex_Machina had a baby named the 1000 Revolution!”~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Generous helpings of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll plus the intriguing character of the post-human #1001 help this novel stand out from the crowd.” ~ Book of the Week (May 2015)

“Prepare yourself for some laughs, thrills, and potentially some tears.” ~ Sammie’s Book Nook

“Unique, gritty and totally awesome.” ~ Bookfever

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