Cultivated Series Prologue

Charlie (Cultivated Book 1)
by Elin Peer

Elin Peer is the writer of books that explore the human psyche through the medium of romance. Whilst Charlie could be considered a prequel, it is a full length story that stands in its own merits, introducing us to a host of complex and very human characters. Characters we will no doubt fall in love with and who will stay with us for a long time after the book is closed.


The thing I love most about Elin Peer’s work is just how darn unpredictable it is.

I’ve been stuck in the reading doldrums. You wouldn’t suspect from my review list because I have managed to finish a few books over the last two weeks, but you wouldn’t believe just how many books I’ve started and DNF’d. Book after book had left me struggling to connect with the characters or just plain care about what would happen next. Until I picked up Charlie, and in this I found a book that I didn’t want to put down. From the very first chapter I was totally engaged by both Liv and Charlie, desperate to know how their story would unfold.

At one point I was certain I knew what would cause friction between Charlie and Liv, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Ha! Just how wrong was I, and that is the beauty of this author’s work. The journey she takes you on is never the obvious one, yet it is always absolutely the perfect one and one where I wouldn’t change a thing.

I found myself totally smitten by both main characters, so much so that I cast aside my usual issues with super speedy (though not quite insta) falling-in-love, totally embracing the speed with which this couple formed a connection. It helped that the pair had some prior history but mainly it was the fantastic writing that engaged my emotions along with my mind. There are depths and layers to this story, the unwrapping of which made this a book that will stay with me long after I read the last lines.


“This is the first book in a new series and boy does it start with a bang….”

Read All About It.

“My criteria for a good book is one that makes me laugh and cry. I was giggling by page 9 and hooked by page 27. Crying came later. Will reread again and again until the next one comes out.”

Judith Weaver


“Charles, the reserved, mysterious, and unattainable guy I had a major crush on in college, got tangled up with the wrong crowd. Being the heir to one of the largest business dynasties in the US made Charles a target for the narcissistic and cunning cult leader O’Brien. Now, I’m flying to Dublin to get him out. “

With degrees in both anthropology and psychology, twenty-seven-year-old Liv is convinced that she can resist being sucked into Conor O’Brien’s cult. But it’s been years since she and Charles last met; will he even remember her and will he trust her?

Charles and Liv are about to learn just how dangerous it is to go up against a possessive psychopath like Conor O’Brien.

Charlie is the first installment in Elin Peer’s contemporary romance series Cultivated, which offers suspense and drama. Like all her books, this one has a fast pace, lots of great dialogue, and it leaves you wanting more.

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