A Journey into the world of Black Light

BlackLight: Scandalized
by Livia Grant

5+ STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

BOOM! Mind blown and mouth agape at this masterpiece.

Wow, wow and triple wow. Having had the massively good fortune to not only meet Livia Grant but chat with her (after the Four Brits Book Fest), I know how much blood, sweat and tears were involved in writing this book. I want to just say that it was worth it because without a shadow of a doubt this is her best book to date, and is up there as one of the best Black Light books too.

The book mainly follows a new couple, Nalani and Shane, though there is enough of Piper and Nolan’s story to satisfy the ‘need it now’ feeling, resulting from their appearance in the Celebrity Roulette anthology. There are several ways that these four characters are linked, some obvious, others less so.

I wish I’d re-read Piper and Nolan’s Celebrity Roulette story, just to have the events and ‘feelings’ fresh in my mind. However this book has been written in such a way that you can enjoy it without having read that story first, it really is a standalone book. I absolutely fell in love with these characters, they were believable and had depth, growing and learning as their stories unfolded.

There are some incredibly hot BDSM scenes for those who enjoy a little spice to their read. Shane has a penchant for humiliation play on an almost sadistic level, Nalani is a BDSM novice. Thankfully safewords were discussed and encouraged, though I would have liked to see some discussion/negotiation of limits too.

I just couldn’t read this book quickly enough, always desperate to know what was going to happen next. At the same time I wanted to make it last forever, savouring each moment and submerging myself in the amazing world created by this supremely talented author.

Scandalized is an absolutely amazing read, firmly ensconcing itself as one of my favourite reads of the year. I had the day off and, despite my best intentions to take my time, I just couldn’t put it down. It’s an absolute must read for any Black Light, Livia Grant or BDSM romance fan. I would also happily recommend it to those who like contemporary romance and are willing to be a little more adventurous.

***This book does contain a fairly graphic sexual assault scene, if that is a potential trigger this may not be the book for you. I felt the issue was handled sensitively, respectfully and in a believable manner. ***


Four lives tangled by an invisible thread…
Prepare to be scandalized!

Nolan and Piper have a lot in common, and a complicated history that has already hit the rocks twice before. But their undeniable chemistry keeps pulling them back together, and even if she’s Mistress Ice, Nolan is determined to have Piper any way he can get her — secrets and all. 

Famous actor, Shane Covington has almost nothing in common with Runway housekeeper Nalani Ione, but after one fateful meeting there’s no denying the fire between them. Dirty words and naughty fun bring them closer and closer together… but there’s danger in the halls of Black Light.

One dark force will bring these two couples crashing together, and it will take love to bring the scandal to light.

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Sinister Fairy Tales Collection

Cold Queen (Sinister Fairy Tales Collection)
by K Webster

4.25 stars

I’ve only ever read contemporary work by this author so wasn’t sure what to expect here. I have to say I think she did a fantastic job of writing a twisted fairytale. For me it was more grey than truly dark, but the intrigue and fast paced plot was still hugely entertaining and well executed.

Very, very loosely based on ‘Frozen’ this tale of Fire verses Ice is one I can happily recommend. The chemistry between Elzira and Ryke was so powerful it exploded off the page, a violent and compelling attraction that made this book shine.

Rather than being one big plot idea that is gradually built up to, this is more a series of smaller story lines, that are woven into one amazing love story that will span the eons. It worked so well and gave a book that constantly provided the unexpected. Has K Webster written other paranormal/fantasy books I wonder, because if she has I definitely need to read them.

Release: October 29, 2019

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Romance Suspense

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2nYTIGO

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From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a dark, fantasy romance standalone novel!

In a cold, empty castle, a young queen is dying.
Weak. Fragile. Disgraced.
But Queen Whitestone is not alone in her final days.
She has her beloved sister.
Until a wicked king rides onto her land.

Arrogant. Insufferable. Demanding.
King Bloodsun has come with an offer…peace in trade for a bride.
He wants the princess.
The fiery king won’t take no for an answer.
He vows to keep the cold queen captive until she gives in to his demands.
A queen bows for no one, though.
Not even when she’s frail and fading away.

She’ll tap into her strength, protecting the only family she has left.
The king is about to learn why they call her the cruel one…

Buy Links:
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Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/2pHdlnt
Apple: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1482183987
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2niT07e

Author Bio:

K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author.  Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks.  She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens. 

Social Media Links:
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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/10439773-k-webster
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorkwebster/
Bookbub: https://bit.ly/2lnLpPP

Also Available
Venom (Sinister Fairy Tales Collection) by Dee GarciaBooks2Read: https://books2read.com/u/4XZ2P5


Can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle’s walls?

Find out in Educating Ella by Katie Douglas … AVAILABLE NOW!!

4.25 stars

This is less Daddy Dom, more school master/school girl, and one incredibly hot read to boot.

The author managed to incorporate a fantastic mix of story, emotion, character development and kinky play. The two main characters, ‘Ella’ and ‘Idris’, really drew me into the story and I soon found myself rooting for them to forge a deeper connection.
I loved how the author meshed Ella’s strong personality from her everyday life with her submissive side. Both elements were cleverly portrayed and led to her being both a likeable and very believable character.

Whilst Idris was definitely a dominant character, he didn’t feel overwhelmingly alpha with it. In fact he was more like the nurturing and guiding school master he ‘played’ at the castle, which I found very refreshing and was totally on board with.

I have the book on pre-order and will review the remaining stories when I get chance to read them, but would happily recommend the book just based on this story alone.

Get it ONLY on Amazon as a part of Daddies of the Castle: A Masters of the Castle Anthology

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Welcome back to the Castle.

After almost a year of construction, the Castle looms on the cusp of its grand reopening. The only problem is, it isn’t ready. Something is up with the construction crew Marshall had hired to get them back to full working order. So when, two days before guests are due to arrive, the construction company bails, leaving Marshall with a Castle that is barely functional, he is forced to do the unthinkable. He calls in outside help in the form of any contract laborer who will answer his call.

In addition to Wanting Winona, a full-length story by Maren Smith, eight of the hottest authors have teamed up to bring you seven brand new novellas including:

Educating Ella by Katie Douglas
When mischievous Ella picks up the wrong phone by mistake, she finds herself under the watchful gaze of a stern British billionaire daddy, who intends to teach her how naughty schoolgirls should behave. But how can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle’s walls?

ADD TO YOUR TBR → http://bit.ly/2W8PaKN

About Katie Douglas

USA Today and worldwide number 1 bestselling author Katie Douglas is the sort of incorrigible British girl you’d find at St Trinian’s. She recently quit her job as a school librarian in China to write steamy romance full-time, and loves reading and writing books filled with steamy alphas with hearts of gold. She prefers cozy diners to fancy restaurants, coffee or whisky to champagne, and sometimes she adults.

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Enemies to Lovers …

Rough Sketch
by Kate Canterbary

“You’re baiting me.”
“You’re damn right I am, Miz Malik.” I bunched her skirt in my fist, rucking it up inch by inch. “Is it working?”

SERIES: Talbott’s Cove — interconnected standalones
RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, October 29
GENRE: Erotic Romance
TROPES: Enemies-to-lovers, workplace romance

“I had to mentally negotiate my way out of biting her neck for that look. Biting her neck, unbuttoning my fly, ** her while a wall of spices crashed around us. I saw it in brutal oil paint like the exquisite disaster we were, a field of broken glass at our feet and a cloud of color and scent rising around us.”

This crazy-hot enemies-to-lovers standalone novella pits boss lady Neera Malik against arrogant artist Gus Guillmand, and they fight dirrrrrty.

🎨 Read it in Amazon Kindle Unlimited: https://geni.us/RoughSketchAmz
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Smart, successful, and sitting pretty at the top of her game, Neera Malik has it all figured out.
Save for the small issue of Gustavo Guillmand.

The artist with a cult—and Instagram—following has a problem and it’s not his preference for shirtless selfies. 
No, he has an attitude problem, a minding his own business problem, an infuriatingly sexy problem. 

They can’t stand each other and they can’t stay away from each other. 

“You’re such a good girl,” I said, my words little more than a hiss as I spoke directly to the tender skin below her ear. “So *ing good, aren’t you?”

“She didn’t allow herself much but she allowed me far more. And now that I was here, I intended to take everything I wanted. Not because I was an egotistical bastard—despite Miz Malik’s impression of me—but because she wanted me to take everything she had to give. Hell, if she’d meant to cut me off, she would’ve left. She wouldn’t be here, glaring at spices, waiting for me.”


Saving Simone (Florida Veterans Book 3)
by Tiffani Lynn


Quite simply a great read

Saving Simone is a shorter novel, but it certainly doesn’t lack in story, emotion or depth. It starts with an incredibly steamy encounter between Simone and Thomas, followed by a very up and down relationship. However none of the angst felt over-the-top or unnecessary, which is what I enjoy most about books by this author. Her stories feel ‘real’, as do her characters and you can’t help but be drawn into the story. It engaged my emotions, leaving my hugely invested in these characters and their story.

I don’t read many ‘straight’ contemporary romances, I find the majority of them fail to capture my interest. However I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will enjoy a book written by Tiffani Lynn. Her characters are so believable they feel like friends, the plots draw you in and the writing is superb. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book and can’t wait for the next one.


Successful romance novelist Simone Sayer may know how to write the perfect love story, but she hasn’t yet lived one. While her love life remains non-existent, the light of her life is her eight-year-old son, Gavin.

Everything changed for them when one of her books was made into a movie, affording her the opportunity to write full-time. But she can’t help but feel like something, or more likely someone, is still missing.

Army Green Beret Veteran Thomas Wade uses his skills as a bodyguard for hire at his brother’s firm– Sunset Security. Because of his line of work, relationships have never been his thing. Bringing random women home was enough, until the night he meets a sexy stranger in a hotel bar.

It turns out these two have more in common than being lonely. From chemistry to catastrophe, everything falls apart before it can begin. Just when they thought they would never see each other again, they find themselves in an untenable situation.

Thomas will risk his life to save Simone, but it could cost them both their hearts.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2lEqlZ9
Nook: https://bit.ly/2lEqvzJ
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2kcIL2K
iBooks: https://apple.co/2lMjr3L

Omega’s Destruction #2

Damaged (Omega’s Destruction #2)
by Eva Dresden


A descent into cruelty and madness.

I think Eva Dresden is even crueller to Quinn, than Addison Cain is to her omega heroines! However the fires of hell have truly forged her into a strong weapon, one who bides her time, chooses her moment and is prepared to sacrifice her very soul to save her daughter. This book is not just dark, it is viscous in its evil intent, dragging your soul down into its murky depths and tearing at your heart. And I loved every minute of the pain and despair.

Quinn forgot an essential truth, that an omega can never trust an alpha, forgot they view her as little more than an incubator, forgot her value lay in her ability to breed. Promises are lies, and kindnesses hide true intent. With a child to protect Quinn balances on the edge of a knife blade, trading her body for supposed safety, trading her soul for enough sanity to survive.

Tobias is determined to claim back what is his, but will he want want Quinn when he sees the damage wrought to her body? When he sees the evidence of the price of her survival? If he finds her will he forgive her? Can she forgive him?

Despite being determined to reclaim her, whatever the costs, despite thinking he’s doing what is right, I’m not sure if Tobias has earned any forgiveness yet. He clearly hasn’t heard the saying “If you love someone set them free”.

I really don’t know how Quinn holds on to her sanity and hope. I’m sure if it wasn’t for Elise, Quinn would have let go of both by now. Her spirit was ‘Broken’ in book #1, her body and mind were ‘Damaged’ in this book, I hate to think what will happen in ‘Destroyed’! I have a sneaking suspicion that Ilya and Curtis may be involved, along with some nefarious plans.

PS It’s a while since I read book 1 and so much happens towards the end of it that I do recommend a quick re-read of at least the last third.


Quinn Ivers thought she knew hell.

Taken by Tobias Kahler, the cruel Alpha that claimed her, she found herself isolated, mother to another’s child, and pregnant. Her choice had been removed.

Yet the road through hell is long and dark.

Now she finds herself in the glimmering city of Highwater and under the thumb of the Alpha named Lee Grimes. Quinn is caught in a tangled web of deceits and horrors, but she’ll do whatever it takes to see her daughter safely out of Lee’s clutches.

The players might have changed, but her goal remains the same.


Damaged is the second book in the Omega’s Destruction series, a raw and thrilling Omegaverse tale. It is not a traditional romance, containing dark, explicit themes and complete power exchange. These scenes are graphic and may trigger some readers. If this material offends you, please do not purchase.


A Beauty and the Beast retelling with a dark twist you won’t want to miss…

Belle’s Betrayal  by Aria Adams is OUT NOW!!

And you can read an EXCERPT below!!

Amazon US → https://amzn.to/2J65tCC
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Amazon CA → https://amzn.to/2VXRG6t
Amazon AU → https://amzn.to/2MZELwD

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Well, unlike others, I loved this, especially this slightly irreverent and off the wall humour. Perhaps that’s partly due to being British, like the author.

Marea was by parts tough cookie, foolish girl and bewildered captive. That’s not to imply her character felt inconsistent but rather she had depths and layers to her personality. Cole and Brendan were slightly harder to connect to, well their ‘castle’ versions were anyway, which is the whole point of the story.

It’s a very loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast, please don’t expect any of the Disney story line in this! In fact it’s a pretty dark tale for the most part, Cole in particular subjects Marea to some horrific abuse. Some of the scenes/events may push buttons with their very dubious/non-consensual nature. However the whole fantasy/paranormal style setting removes this book so far from reality that personally I find it easier to condone/accept.

I loved how this book didn’t end where so many other books would have done, but actually tied up those loose ends that other authors would have conveniently forgotten/ignored. It meant the book continually surprised me with it’s twists, turns and unexpected plot developments. Alongside the darkness was some very British humour, tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecatory and with more than a hint of sarcasm.


“They want to destroy me. Use me. And they have no souls.”

Cast out of her village. Left as a sacrifice on the doorstep of a mysterious castle. Fighting to survive. Marea Belle’s only sanctuary is a mysterious mirror-world buried deep within the castle, where she falls for two men. But when their darkest secrets are revealed, how can she ever hope to redeem them?

This 60,000-word novel is a dark why choose fairytale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The protagonists are the villains. The heroine endures much suffering. If you like your HEAs to come at a great price, this series is for you.

Formerly published as The Belle Jar.

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The brute’s muscles actually rippled as he carried her to the stairwell. Marea’s stomach flip-flopped at the idea of being put back in a bell jar. What sort of magic was that, anyway? She’d never seen anything comparable.

In the half-light of the experiment room, Marea saw only glimpses of the items in the room, visual rumors of the things to come. There was a flash of reflected light on a ladder of metal which could only be a chain. A few spindles of wood standing to attention above something indiscernible in the dimness; were they for a rack or something else? The smell was also very telling. Rust and perhaps seawater. Unmistakably blood, although whether it was animal or human, she didn’t know.

The beast was joined by the other one. Marea tried very hard to remain calm as they laid her down on a big wheel. While one man bound her wrists with thick leather straps, the other bound her ankles. The thin spindles of the wheel were uncomfortable to lay on, and she already wished this was over.

“You brought the spark wand?” Coal asked. Brendan nodded and pulled out a long thin stick with a beautiful hexagonal crystal set into the top. Marea wasn’t sure if she imagined it, but there seemed to be tiny bolts of lightning moving through the crystal. What was it for?

“Stupid girl,” Coal began. “The only way you can leave is if you surrender your soul to us.

About Aria Adams

Aria is an author of dark erotic romance that dances on the boundary between horror and romance. Her heroes are not always immediately obvious, and neither are the villains. Her books often have elements of horror, and the characters at the end of a story are forever changed by the events that befell them. But she always makes sure there’s a happy ending, even if the characters have to work for it.

Aria also writes the warm fuzzy romance stuff as Katie Douglas, where she has had USA Today and multiple Number One bestselling books in the US and worldwide.

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Underworld Royals #1

Happily Ever Crowned (Underworld Royals #1)
by Lexi C. Foss and Anna Edwards

5 STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wow. Dark, powerful, gut-wrenching, twisted, steamy and amazing.

This book takes you to the depths of hell literally as well as figuratively, and whilst not the very blackest of black it certainly had its moments. Whilst a lot of the darkness is implied or referred to in retrospect there are still plenty of edgy dub-con and non-con moments. In fact we get a very graphic and disturbing scene fairly close to the start and totally necessary to set the tone of the story.

I absolutely adored both Valora and Adrik, they had depth and, despite being paranormal creatures, felt both real and believable. Valora could so easily have felt weak but somehow this talented pair of authors kept her head above water and gave us a woman with huge depths of compassion and an inner strength that even she never suspected at. There was some pretty decent world building too, perhaps not the most complex I’ve read but more than sufficient to allow the story to hold its own.

Adrik had every intention of being a bad man but just had far too kind a heart. He was a wonderful hero and, for me, the story worked better that way as opposed to Valora having a magical vajayjay that miraculously alters his personality! It was great to see both characters grew and mature during this story, and in a way that felt entirely natural. Their connection and relationship was also well portrayed, and again was totally believable.

The story had an excellent mix of passion, evil and intrigue with some twists at the end that will leave your head spinning – even though the authors dropped a few little breadcrumb clues at the start! I loved that there wasn’t instant forgiveness of certain people for their actions but that Valora didn’t rule it out either.

And that little epilogue has me panting for the next book!

“I do.”
Two words that signed over my soul to a monster, all to save a kingdom I knew little about. This isn’t a fairy tale. No knights in shining armor, only kings fighting for power. And my heart is the key.

A game designed to shatter even the harshest of resolves.
My husband wants to debase me. To break me. To destroy my spirit. To possess every inch of my soul through acts so heinous, I can hardly breathe. And he’s using six men to do it. Including him. Adrik, Prince of Noxia.

Such a wicked twist of fate. Happily-Ever-After may not exist here, but amorous energy rises after a night of unbridled passion. A night I should hate, but don’t.. A night I long to repeat.

“I love you.”
A statement I will never say. Not even to him–my dark prince who plays in the shadows, engaging me in a forbidden dance of hope and adoration. He promises me a new crown, in exchange for my heart.

I will not be owned.
I will rise above them all.
And the only crown I will wear is the one drenched in their blood. 

Author’s Note: This is a dark paranormal romance. Please read the author’s note at the beginning (available in the “look inside” feature) if you have any concerns about dark content. 


“No permanent damage,” Necros finally said. “She might be barren, but I want her alive.”

Of course you do, I thought. He wanted her power, same as I did. “So only leave wounds that will heal under immortality?” Again the question was for the benefit of our audience. It would be such a shame to harm someone so gorgeous. 

Necros nodded. “Blood is fine. You can even break bone. But only if she can recover without a scar. If I can’t breed her, I might as well use her body for other means.” 

Another benefit of having her trained, I supposed. 

Not that I agreed with any of this. 

But I had to play along to get what I needed–her heart. 

“Understood,” I murmured, tracing the tip of my dagger down her corseted top. Her breathing remained steady as she floated in some faraway place, her imagination overtaking her reality. Alas, I couldn’t allow her to stay there. I needed her focus and compliance to achieve my goal. “I want to teach you something, Valora,” I said, my weapon nearing her belly button. “An important lesson on participation.”

Doms of Club Eden

Will Gina and Leo finally get their chance at love?

Find out when the next book in LK Shaw’s Doms of Club Eden series, Absolution, comes your way on November 7!!

ADD TO YOUR TBR: http://bit.ly/2kPhxzr


“Please, don’t leave me here.”

Those were the last, tearful words Gina Castillo spoke to me thirteen years ago. It killed me to go, but I was getting sucked further and further into a criminal lifestyle. I wanted more for myself. For her. So I left for the Army, knowing she’d be better off without me.    

Now I’m back: a better, stronger man, and Gina has grown into a beautiful woman. One who despises me.

Soon I discover that all the truths I thought I left behind had been lies, and that my leaving caused nothing but heartache and destruction. Now I have to find a way to earn the forgiveness of the woman I’m coming to love.

When my boss, and fellow Dominant, assigns me to be the bodyguard to a submissive, every protective instinct inside me rises. Especially when it turns out to be Gina I’m protecting. There’s nothing I won’t do for her, including destroy the enemy who threatens us both.  

*This book contains sensitive subject matter that may be difficult for some readers.

About LK Shaw
LK Shaw is a physical therapist assistant by day and author by night. She resides in South Carolina with her high maintenance beagle mix dog, Miss P, who should probably just have her own Instagram account. An avid reader since childhood, she became hooked on historical romance novels in high school. She now reads, and loves, all romance sub-genres, with erotic romance and romantic suspense being her favorite. LK enjoys traveling and chocolate. Her books feature hot alpha heroes and the strong women they love.

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// REVIEW \\ Venom

Venom (Sinister Fairy Tale Collection #1)
by Dee Garcia


This is a twisty, full of mystery, intrigue and lust retelling of Peter Pan. The good guys are no longer good whilst the bad guys are definitely dangerous.

I loved this tale of Tinksley and Callan/Hook, which is surprisingly slow burn but still manages to feel very hot and steamy too. There are some dark elements and some moments of deep despair and bitter betrayal. By getting both Hook and Tinksley’s first person point of view, I found it easy to understand and forgive – particularly Hook with his ulterior motives wrapped around genuine deep feelings for Tink.

Normally I’m not a fan of a book that hinges on a ‘big secret’ that isn’t revealed until near the end of the book. However Dee Garcia executed this one perfectly by giving us plenty of other action, intrigue and romance throughout the story. The plot and pace easily, totally and utterly, held my attention. I couldn’t read it quickly enough, yet wanted to savour every single moment of the story too.

Highly recommend this book and am hoping the rest of the series lives up to this fantastic start.

Release: October 15, 2019

Genre: Dark PNR/UF

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46258946-venom



From the moment I befriended him, I set a conspiracy in motion.

A revolution.

Kill Peter Pan.

And I was their ultimate weapon.

I was also none the wiser, falling hopelessly and irrevocably in love with him as the years went by.

Just as they hoped I would.

But their plan comes to a screeching halt when Peter vanishes into thin air, something I’ll learn has nothing to do with Rosewood at all.

You see, Peter never truly loved me…because he loved a wench instead.

He lied to me, he used me, he left me, and he broke me. 

Forever altering me in ways that incite revenge when Hook sweeps in with revelations and the ultimate truth.

Peter may have turned his back on me, but in the end, he and his precious little Wendy will choke on every last tear I once shed.

And I’ll have Hook to thank for that.


It’s no secret I always despised Peter Pan.

A common threat amongst the factions, I should’ve killed him when I had the chance, long before he sank his claws deep into Tinksley’s heart.

But his death at my hands wasn’t what the plan called for, despite how I felt for her.

I’d always been drawn to the girl, innocently enough at first…until that vile abomination marked her with his stamp, unleashing a sense of propriety I had no rights to.

Didn’t matter—he had her…and I wanted her.

Then like magic, he disappeared.

I thought my time had come, but the road to owning Tinksley’s heart comes with a price.

A price so dark and depraved it strips her of her purity and awakens the beast within.

All because of the truth.

Sometimes, there is honor in revenge, and it will be my utmost pleasure to watch as Peter Pan finally meets his maker.

His maker who will soon be my Queen.

Buy Links:

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Don’t do it, Tinksley. Turn around, says the angel on my shoulder, a voice I’d forgotten existed amidst the demands of depravity.

Do I listen? Of course not. 

I have to know what’s happening. I’m too intrigued not to. 

 An intrigue that continues amounting as I pass this hand-carved archway with thick spiraled pillars. The pillars themselves aren’t what draws me—it’s the marionette puppets hanging off each one. They’re both female; one blonde, one brunette, both surprisingly quite scantily clad unlike a typical puppet.

I’ve never seen one like this before.

Reaching out to graze the tips of my fingers over one of their wooden bodies, I—

“Boo!” a husky voice ghosts in my ear.

My heart shoots up to my throat as a terrified scream breaks free. Next thing I know, I’m spun around, staring into amused blue eyes.

I literally feel myself deflate in his grip before I can react accordingly.


“What the f*ck!” I shout, wiggling myself free.

Callan chuckles darkly and shakes his head, crossing his arms over his chest. “Look at you. So crass these days.”

I mimic his stance. “What can I say? I learned from the best. You’ve got one helluva sailor’s mouth yourself.”

“I’m not a sailor, love.” He smirks. “A pirate? Yes. The Captain? Obviously. Not a sailor, though.”

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Dee Garcia is a voracious fan of romance novels and a long time lover of the written word. Her mission is to craft unique, compelling stories that will give her readers a place to briefly escape the trials and tribulations of everyday reality. With headstrong heroine’s who don’t need a man to stand on their own two feet, Dee hopes to leave her mark in the Indie world, one plot twist at a time.

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