STEELE RESOLVE by Gwyn McNamee – 4 stars

A hot and full of feels conclusion to the Hawke family saga

Luca and Byron are such a sexy and passion filled couple. Theirs is not an easy path to love and happiness, but then nothing worth having comes easy. What they do have is an incredible chemistry that burns up the pages of this story and scorches both their souls.

Byron owes the Hawkes so much, they have offered him friendship and a sense of family when his own let him down. Luca is the son of the enemy, the man whose father nearly destroyed the Hawkes and has caused them untold pain and misery. They are the Romeo and Juliette of the MM romance world, torn between their feelings for each other, their sense of honour and the influences of the outside world.

Despite Steele Resolve being a novella, it still packs a powerful punch. By focusing very much on the two main characters we still get to know them really well, along with getting drawn in by their feelings. It was a fantastic end to a wonderful series, with an epilogue that is very much the icing on the cake.

If you’ve read any of the other Hawke family books then you won’t want to miss this. Whilst it can be read as a stand alone it does contain a few spoilers for the previous books. It also runs concurrently with book #4 (Building Storm) and book #5 (Tainted Saint). It’s also a must read for those who love a well written MM romance.


For one man, power is king. For the other, loyalty reigns.

Mob boss Luca “Steele” Abello isn’t just dangerous—he’s lethal. A master manipulator, liar, and user, no one should trust a word that comes out of his mouth. Yet, I can’t get him out of my head. The time we spent together before I knew his true identity is seared into my brain. His touch. His voice. They haunt my every waking hour and occupy my dreams. So does my guilt. I’m literally sleeping with the enemy and betraying the only family I’ve ever had. When I come clean, it will be the end of me.

Byron Harris is a distraction I can’t afford. I never should have let it go beyond that first night, but I couldn’t stay away. Even when I learned who he was, when the only option was to end things, I kept going back, risking his life and mine to continue our indiscretion. The truth of what I am could get us both killed, but being with the man who’s such an integral part of the Hawke family is even more terrifying. The only people I’ve ever cared about are on opposing sides, and I’m the rift that could end their friendship forever.

Love is a battlefield isn’t just a saying, for some, it’s a reality.

***Steele Resolve is the final book in The Hawke Family Series, but it is a continuation of the same story in the main series. While it is a complete story, it is NOT meant to be read as a standalone. The story of the Hawke siblings and the secondary characters who appear in Steele Resolve all build on one another and are intertwined. They need to be read in order to fully enjoy and understand the plots.

Reading order for The Hawke Family Series
Savage Collision
Tortured Skye
Stone Sober
Building Storm
Tainted Saint
Steele Resolve


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