Dirty Girls

Dirty Girls by Lily White

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 29, 2020

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48354753-dirty-girls


Lily White, lets just get one or two things clear here. I DON’T do New Adult and I most certainly DO NOT DO bully romances. So just what witchcraft did you perform to make me love this books so much? 

Actually this is more psychological who-dunnit than anything else, there isn’t really anything that makes it a romance in the traditional sense, though ultimately there is a Hero, a heroine and a HFN ending.

The hierarchy of an American high school is clearly unlike anything to be found in most British state schools. No students hold that sort of sway and power over so many others, though I’ve never worked in the private sector so whose to say what happens there? It did mean I had to swallow a tiny pill of disbelief for this story to work, but I honestly didn’t care because this book had me hooked on it as much as Soren does the teens of Winter Ridge. I simply couldn’t put this book down, and may even have screeched like a banshee when my husband attempted to engage me in a conversation whilst I was reading it.


I also blame the author because she ratcheted the tension so high I felt as though I was walking the edge of a sword blade. It started with Soren and the threat he brought into Olive’s life, it continued with his bullying of her (which thankfully was more of a garnish to the story than the main dish) and continued when doubts started to creep in about her brother, Nathan. This book contains clues, foreshadowing and red herrings galore and whilst I spotted the easter egg when Grady almost spilt the beans on Kendall’s task of two years ago, the detailed truth of it was a total shocker!

There were times, particularly in the first third of the book, where I really wanted to smack Olive for her stupid decisions. Then I had to remind myself that she was barely 18 and with no one to rely on. Whilst my adult mind was shrieking “go tell the cops”, I know full well that wouldn’t have been my reaction as a barely new adult. So yes, once I cut her some slack I was fully on #TeamOlive. She had backbone, she had drive and she cared. She cared about what was right and wrong, she cared about others feelings but she didn’t care about fitting in or being part of the crowd. That said, I’m not so sure I’d have jumped in to stop Jonah and the cops after the stupid stunt the 4 guys pulled, and it really wasn’t the believable action of a guy who was in lust/love/ obsessed by her, nor that of a caring brother. In fact my biggest gripe was that Nathan’s character was too inconsistent and bent too much in order to fit the story.

Until almost the very end you had no idea who the murderer was, there were simply too many suspects to know for sure. What was really great was that the author slowly threw us a bone every now and then, a snippet of information, an admission or truth designed to lead us astray as often as to point us in the right direction. The clues are all there to see, but so cleverly woven amidst other facts that it’s like one of those maze puzzles with a multitude of false starts and dead ends. But there was no ‘one big secret’ dangled just out of reach for the entire book and revealed at the end, like some authors do when trying to write a book of this calibre whilst failing badly.

Welcome back, Oh Mistress of the depraved, twisted and wrong. Your humble readers have missed you so.


They were the boys any good girl knew to avoid.
Rich and privileged.
Gorgeous and cruel.
The poster boys for rebellion…their tongues so sharp they cut to the bone.

We worshipped them despite their dangerous games.
We laughed even as we cried.
It was all fun and games until the first dirty girl died.

Now, as the bodies pile up, I believe I can endure their wicked ways. Only time will tell if I’ll escape.
Because when wealthy boys are accustomed to getting everything they want, not even the lives of those around them are too high an asking price.

Warning: This book is a dark romance. If you are looking for a sweet and tender story, you won’t find it here.

Buy Links (Kindle Unlimited): 
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/36BAwQ1
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2RZUMFI
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2RMTGN6
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2RvmvPh

Praise for the novel: 

“Lily White at it again, she likes to whip you with suspense, choke you with mystery, and keep you guessing until very end!”

~Amazon review

“… a fascinating, disturbing, intriguing and thought provoking read.”

~Amazon review

Author Bio:

Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorlilywhite/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/lilywhitebooks
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilywhiteauthor/
Website: www.lilywhitebooks.com

Giveaway: https://www.facebook.com/692538337455452/posts/3572004476175476/


I was putting distance between us with each step, the numbers growing faint until I barely heard ten. They had to be a good distance away, but I didn’t think it would be enough. 

Already, thin branches had grabbed at my hair and ripped individual strands from my head. My feet had stumbled over stones on the ground and roots that were growing too high up. 

Every so often, thick patches of bushes would block my way, causing me to turn left or right to avoid them. 

I was engulfed in darkness, the moon and stars hidden above the canopy of trees, and eventually the forest around me grew silent. I could only hear my heavy breathing. But I didn’t stop. Didn’t turn to see if I could hear footsteps behind me, didn’t slow down to give myself even a second to catch my breath. I just kept going without concern for where I would end up, as long as it was away from them.

For a moment I believed that I’d somehow outrun them, but when a tree blocked my path and I had to dodge to avoid it, a hand slapped at my arm causing me to scream. 

I turned again and ran in a different direction with deep laughter booming from where I had been.

I was being corralled, but still I kept running, even when my body wanted to give out.

5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

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