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REVIEW – Black Light: Roulette Wars

Hot, kinky and every story brings something new and exciting to the mix.

The stage setting scenes didn’t draw me in as much as they have done in previous years, but let’s face it, we’re not really here for that. We want the scorching hot, boundary pushing scenes that each year’s contributors bring to life.

Prelude by Renee Rose – 4 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this quite sweet but delightfully dirty encounter between bratva boss Ravil and seemingly straight-laced lawyer, Lucy, who perhaps isn’t quite as innocent as one would assume. Their scenes were both erotic and sensual, Renee Rose convinced me of how well this pair connected. It was easy to believe in their chemistry and the intense attraction between them. I liked that there were no silly declarations of love after only a few hours in each others company.

The story has clearly been written so that the author can continue it as part of her Vegas Underground series. Whilst I may well choose to read more about this couple, I would be able to leave the story as is – a wonderfully sexy night of BDSM play.

Breathless by Eris Adderly- 5+ Stars

When do we get a full length Eris Adderly Black Light book? Oh My Lord! By all that’s holy even Mother Theresa would have needed a hand free to read this smorgasboard of sexual delight. I’m telling you now – DO NOT READ THIS IN PUBLIC. Well not unless you are a massive exhibitionist and don’t mind being arrested for indecent behaviour in a public place. If hell ever freezes over we can send them a copy of this story and it will soon be back to it’s usual fiery temperature in no time at all.

Not only that but this book was packed with feels, both main characters had taken an emotional battering and the Hero had OCD type issues to boot. There is so much more to this than a couple of furnace heat level play scenes, there is character growth and a believable connection that develops between the main characters too. How Ms Adderly managed to achieve so much in such a short time I will never be able to explain, but the anthology is worth every penny of it’s cover price for this story alone.

Burn by Kay Elle Parker – 4.5 stars

I’m not going to say which kink it is, but this contained one that would be on my hard limits list! That said, the caring, respectful and sensual way Finn lead Ava through her submission was absolutely beautiful. Instead of cringing and being taken out of the moment, I found myself revelling in the connection and bond of trust that this couple forged. I have a couple of this authors books on my kindle but I haven’t actually read them yet – *hangs head in shame*. I will now be rectifying that asap.

Ava broke my heart at times, but in Finn she found not just a Dom, but a lover and potential life partner. One who would lend her strength when she was lost and give her release from the demons that haunt her soul. And it wasn’t just one sided. Finn gained just as much from the vulnerable and shattered woman as she did from him. I adored these two finely crafted and immensely likeable characters and am totally rooting for them to find their HEA together.

Inflamed by Golden Angel – 4.5 stars

It’s a Golden Angel story so you just know it’s going to contain some buttstuff, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ve sort of briefly met both these characters in the longer BlackLight: Defended, though you do NOT need to have read that story to enjoy this. The first time he spoke to her, Elliott was a total ass to Lisa. Regardless of BDSM protocols etc he was plain rude, which leaves Lisa needing to prove him wrong. It leads to some great battle of wills and situations.

Elliott is a sadist and that was very evident in the way he, at times, mentally tortured Lisa. There was more than one occasion when I wanted to punch him in the face. Until suddenly I not only no longer felt that impulse but actually found myself completely and utterly falling for him. I adored Lisa from the start, she might be a brat but she was a caring and loving brat, and there’s nothing wrong with curiosity and asking questions.

Whilst Golden Angel provides us with three fantastic and very sexy play scenes, the best thing about this story was seeing both Lisa and Elliott grow and adapt their thinking, allowing them to connect on a much deep level.

Wicked by Jennifer Bene – 5 stars

Let me tell you that I HATED Pierce when we first met him. His supercilious and rude attitude had me wanting to throat punch him, and when he kink-shamed Tori I could have whacked him in the nuts. And yet somehow as I read this story, somewhere along the line, I actually started to really, really like the man. He not only redeemed himself but he opened himself up to Tori in a way that had me swooning, yet he without him losing any of the sadistic, alpha Dom-ness that made him so sexy.

Tori was amazing, a strong female character that at times was vulnerable but never felt weak or insecure. She was very easy to empathise and identify with as she opened her mind (and body) to new experiences. As always, Jennifer Bene likes to torment us with edgy, boundary pushing kink scenes and this story is no different. Fantastic writing, emotional depth and character growth took what could have been ‘eww’ moments and made them very much into ‘mmm’ moments, and ‘sigh’ moments and ‘hot & bothered’ moments.

Trained by Sue Lyndon – 4 stars

This is a very sweet and gentle read, offering less in the way of hardcore kink but much more in the way of connecting with others. Xavier and Rachel were very interesting characters, both of whom had intriguing back stories. I would love to see this story extended and built on, allowing us to know more about them and see how their relationship develops and grows.

The connection between Kitten and her Daddy was very convincingly portrayed and I really appreciated how the author focused on feelings and emotional depth in this captivating story.

Unexpected by Measha Stone – 4 stars

Quinn and Jack are a great pairing, Jack sees beneath Quinn’s facade and recognises the precious gem beneath. I really enjoyed how Measha included a less popular kink but spun it in a way that made it enjoyable even for those who would normally consider it a hard limit. She also portrayed the developing connection between the characters in an very honest and believable way.

This doesn’t end with declarations of love, or life long plans, in fact it is probably one of the most real ending of the anthology, perfect for the situation and with enough of a happiness factor to satisfy even the most die-hard romantic.

Facade by Livia Grant – 4.5 stars

This book mixed some great kinky play with fantastic character building. Steph was really quiet complex and a tough nut to crack, she certainly had to be dragged into her submission. I’m not sure she was a submissive so much as a submissive for Sean. And that was fine as it led to some feisty, fiery play.

Sean was a hard-ass Dom, I quite got Steph’s action in the swimming pool, but I still adored him because his sub’s safety was alway paramount. And not just physical safety, Steph’s mental well being was just as important. This pair were one of my favourite couples and, just like the previous story, I liked how this one ended.

In summary this is one fantastic anthology with something for everyone and not one disappointing story in it.

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One crazy bet. Two sexy clubs. Eight bestselling authors.

During this Roulette, only one can come out on top.

Black Light’s naughty game of Valentine Roulette returns with eight brand new scorching hot stories. For the first time, Black Light East and Black Light West will compete against each other to capture the title of hottest BDSM club of the year in Black Light: Roulette War.
More than bragging rights hang in the balance when couples risk their hearts in this wild game unlike any other. With stories from Jennifer Bene, Livia Grant, Renee Rose, Measha Stone, Sue Lyndon, Golden Angel, Eris Adderly, and Kay Elle Parker, everyone will be betting on this sizzling game of chance.

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