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As a child, teen and young adult I read voraciously, with Science Fiction and Fantasy eventually topping the list as my favourite genres. 3 children in fewer years combined with a lack of available funds meant that reading for pleasure became a very occasional treat. As with many things, NOT doing something became the habit, and for a long time I was doing well if I read more than 5 books a year – and most of those were holiday reads.

Then for Christmas 2015 I got a Kindle, and haven’t looked back since. It rarely leaves my side. It’s my new best friend, my comfort blanket, my support in tough times. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating their but my family do believe I am addicted to it! Now there is a point to this ramble, that being that one of the first authors I discovered with my brand new, shiny, and much loved Kindle was a book by Rachel McClellan called The Devil’s Fool. I enjoyed it so much I quickly bought and read the remaining books in the series.

Well Rachel McClellan now writes her urban fantasy/ paranormal stories under the pen name Raven Steele, under which she has recently re-written and re-released The Devil’s Fool. I had the great pleasure of reading this story and loved how she cleverly linked it to her Rouen Chronicles series.

A great start to this tale of the paranormal, politics and power

I very much enjoyed The Devil’s Fool , in which we see Eve led on a path to her (almost) destruction before finding redemption in unexpected places. Do be warned, there are times when the heroine, Eve, is quite an unpleasant character, behaving in a reprehensible and selfish manner. However the story was gripping and, despite some very stupid choices , overall found myself really liking Eve. I think it helped knowing that she was going to repent some of her decisions and find the light that she was always searching for.

This is very much a journey of getting to know Eve, along with watching her chose her future. The story ends at a natural break point rather than cliff-hanger, though there are still a fair number of lose ends that need to be tied up and mysteries that will hopefully be solved. I will definitely be reading the remaining books and can’t wait to see more of the mysterious Lucien.

The book contains hints of romance and a few mildly steamy moments, but this are no graphic scenes, so this is suitable for older teens and adults. The writing is absorbing, the characters engaging and the plot captivating. A great read for those who like a good urban fantasy read.

“I was afraid of the dark until I became it.” 

As the daughter of a magical family, power bled through my veins.
The desire to control.

It lived in my blood, handed down from generations of witches.
They expected me to be the same.
Subtly rule over humans, bending their will to ours.

But I wanted to be free of my family’s dark world.
Their crimes and murders.
I wanted to be more.
Be different.

Boaz, a powerful vampire, saved me from my parent’s suffocating grip.
He promised me the world.

I craved him.
His power.
His strength.

But the devil’s in the details.

And even he was once an angel. 

In this full-length, paranormal romance series, Steele introduces readers to a dark and sexy world full of vampires, and witches. If you like Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice, you will LOVE this series! Scroll up and grab this paranormal romance TODAY!  

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan but has since been updated with LOTS of new content and includes some of the beloved characters from the Rouen Chronicles.

** Intended for adult readers. ** 

This is the beginning of a four book series! Start it now!

The Devil’s Fool
The Devil’s Angel
The Devil’s Soldier
The Devil

“Thought-provoking, dark, and remarkably suspenseful.”

USA Today Bestselling Author, Rebecca Hamilton ★★★★★

“This is one of those rare books that captures me from the very first moment. The first scene was all it took, and I was in love. The story has some unique turns that ultimately set this story up as an epic paranormal romance.”

Book Enthusiast, Amazon top 100 reviewer ★★★★★

“It is a must-read book! You won’t be disappointed!”

Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

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