REVIEW //\\ Noir Reformatory

Noir Reformatory
Lexi C Foss and JR Thorn

I’m a little torn on my rating for this book, it had great writing and good world building, scorching hot sex scenes and three engaging characters but I just felt that, at times, the plot was a little lacking. There was too long spent wash, rinse repeating the same stuff, and whilst I enjoyed what I read, I also felt like I wasn’t always really getting anywhere either. Where as this would normally drop my rating to 3 stars, this book is just far too good for that, so I am rounding what would otherwise be a 3.5 stars up to 4.

It would have made sense if this time had been used to develop the males into two very distinct characters but, to be honest, at the end their personalities still felt far too similar. One of the heroes even spends a couple of weeks being tortured, none of which we got to witness. We didn’t have one scene from his time at this mad woman’s hands, not one moment of seeing him survive by thinking of his friends, dreaming of Raven, or just being damned determined not to let the bad guys win.

At times it felt as though this was erotica, with the focus more on sex than story. There are many authors that I would expect and accept that from, I guess I’m just used to something a little more complex, more sophisticated and just all around “more” from one of these authors. It’s still a really good read, a fun and interesting story that held my attention easily from start to finish.

Even though this is a stand alone novel that will have follow up stories featuring other protagonists, I didn’t quite feel as though Raven’s story was wrapped up. I still have questions, some which could be answered via other characters, but some of which I really need to have answered FOR and BY Raven and her guys. That said I do still recommend this to paranormal romance readers, especially if you love a lot of MMF action.

Happy Birthday, Raven. Welcome to Noir Reformatory.

Not what every girl wants to hear on her 18th birthday, but I accepted my fate long ago. Once my wings turned black, I knew I’d be stuck behind bars.

A Noir Angel for life.
That’s fine.
I’ll own this prison just like I did back home.
Even if it’s ruled by two hot kings.

This reformatory isn’t all-girls; it’s co-ed. Which means I’m outnumbered ten-to-one by brutes with more brawn than brain. Not a problem. I thrive on aggression and this place is riddled with it. A nightmare wrapped up in an ebony cloak.

Well, bring it on, boys.
Just try and claim me.

Note: This MMF romance novel is part of the Paranormal Prison collection and the start of a brand new “Why Choose” series by USA Today Bestselling Authors Lexi C. Foss & J.R. Thorn. 

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