REVIEW //\\ The Russo Saga Collection

Russo Saga Collection by Nicolina Martin

The Russo Collection is a set of interlinked stories, all with high heat levels, great characters and captivating plots. Several of the stories contain some violent scenes and there are also elements of dubious consent in some of the books. I can barely slide a cigarette paper between these books to choose my favourite, each has it’s own amazing heroine and redeemable bad boy, each is so full of emotional, so packed with feels that you will be transported into another world. However I do think the duet, Redemption and Absolution just pip the others to the post.

These are the type of stories that, once started, you simply can’t put down until you have read every word and reached the HEA. There is plenty of suspense, angst, anger, danger and scorching hot steam along the way. Heat is probably the lightest story out of the 6, with less violence and no dub-con elements. This has been rewritten and greatly improved on since it’s original release and the stories just seem to get better, and darker, from there.

Although there are 6 books there are 5 separate stories, all of which are fantastically written and an absolute pleasure to read. I cannot recommend this series/box set enough, both to those who love mafia romances, those who love darker reads and those who enjoy an excellent contemporary romance.

I’m a monster. Violence, pain, and power is my life. Nothing soft, nothing pure. My work as a mafia enforcer demands it. In my world, everything soft and pure dies.

She’s innocent. I have no business dirtying her with my touch.

But I can’t stay away.

Discover the entire collection of six, dark mafia romances and hot troubled bad boys featuring Heat, Ruin, Shame, Redemption, Absolution, and Capo.

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