Top 5 …… books with sibling relationships

I’m joining in with the weekly Top 5 meme again, hosted by Devouring Books.

Necessary Restoration by Kate Canterbary

Well this weeks theme simply demands that I start with The Walshes series of books, a set of 7 books featuring the 4 brothers and 2 sisters of the Walsh family. My favourite couple are Sam, third brother and eco-architect, and the kooky free-spirit that is Tiel. These are a marmite pair – readers seem to either love them or hate them in Necessary Restorations, but they are the only couple who got a second book, Restored, all to themselves.

With the exception of one sister, Erin, this family work together at a high end architects firm in Boston. Patrick, Matthew, Sam and Riley all followed in their much hated father’s footsteps, to become architects, whilst Shannon runs the legal side of things. Each book features one of the siblings finding their HEA, but all the other siblings feature heavily too, along with some supporting characters, many of whom have since featured in their own book.

Kate Canterbary is one of the few contemporary romance authors whose books I still read. She is peerless in her snarky, witty banter, conflicted characters and ability to convey emotion. I don’t think I’ve ever read one of her books without both laughing and crying in equal measures. And once picked up, her books are nigh on impossible to put down until you get to the end. Not only that but her stories are full of quotable passages, to the point that they end up with more text highlighted than not!

Twilight Seeker by Pippa DaCosta

This is the first book in an as yet unfinished urban gothic series. Lynher is the hostess of The Night Station, a place where paranormal creatures pass through on their way to wherever. She is the heroine and main focus of the story, balancing on a knife edge whilst keeping control of her paranormal guests and avoiding their manipulations.

During the hours of light, she travels through hidden doors to join her brother, Kensey, on the Day side of the station. A place free from the constant threats and peril that come with her job. Whilst Lynher would do just about anything to defeat the dark ones who enslave humans, she WILL go to any lengths to protect her brother, but that might just get her into more trouble than she ever expected.

Dirty Girls by Lily White

A dark, edgy, psychological romantic suspense, Dirty Girls by Lily White features the heroine Olive, a girl who dances to the beat of her own drum. However her party comes to an end with the return of her brothers friend, and her nemesis, Soren. When Nathan invites him to live with them, Olive knows her life is about to get really bad, but Nathan gave up everything so that when their parents died she didn’t have to go into care. As a result Olive feels she can’t really complain.

The relationship between Nathan and Olive, whilst secondary to that between her and Soren, is still fairly central to the plot. Now when I read the book I loved every moment of it, when I discussed it with a group of friends, and began to pick it apart, I could see some plot holes and some explanations that worked until they didn’t work, but were never cleared up.

That said I’m still adding it here because despite all that I still loved the book. A book that was at heart a NA bully romance – two things I can’t stand! I should have hated it, been unable to get more than a few pages in. I should have hated the characters, the set up, the story. But I didn’t, because Queen of the MindF**k, Lily White, wouldn’t let me.

Fool’s Paradise (Cartwright Brothers #5) by Lilliana Anderson

Fool’s Paradise, as the subtitle suggests, is the final book in a series featuring the Cartwright Brothers. These brothers live at home with their mother. Now that sounds more than a little strange for a group of men in their late 20’s to maybe very early 40’s, until you know that they are career criminals, and until book #1, women were not a long term proposition for any of them.

This book features the eldest Cartwright brother, along with his love interest AND his all 4 brothers and their significant others. Toby’s story was always going to be my favourite, well that or leave me feeling so let down and upset that I would have probably stomped all over my kindle. Thankfully it was just as heartbreakingly, soul warming as I had expected.

Toby will forever hold a special place in my heart. To fully understand and enjoy his story I would suggest reading at least the first book in the series, to give a background to the family. However it’s also well worth reading ALL the books for these sexy, swoonsome men.

Sin & Chocolate (Demigod of San Francisco #1) by KF Breene

I feel as though I may be stretching the spirit of things a little here, but it’s for a very good reason. Whilst the siblings of this book are not legally related, they are brother and sister of the heart. Neither is the main character of the story (though watch out because one day soon Daisy will be), they are the charges, the son and daughter in every way that counts, of the heroine Alexis.

Daisy is a human living whilst Mordacai is a very sickly werewolf shifter, Alexis is a witch of undetermined skill and power. They live on the fringes of both the magical and non-magical zones, hiding in plain sight as it were, and avoiding detection by anyone important. That is until Alexis catches the eye, and libido, of a demigod.

The snarky banter between this pair has your sides aching from laughing and tears streaming down your face. They are uber protective of Alexis with others, but brutally honest to her face. Any one who is the parent of teens will very much empathise with Alexis, even whilst developing a firm fondness for Mordacai and Daisy.


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