REVIEW & RELEASE //\\ The Danger You Know

The Danger You Know by Lily White

Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: April 22, 2020


Ari is everything I should hate but instead I totally adore him.

Lily White has once again created a masterpiece of a story, involving two very dysfunctional individuals and on very messed up situation. I want to say it was like watching a car crash but that results in devastation and destruction, whereas Ari and Adeline collided together in a way that resulted in something amazing. It was a long and at times painful process, their journey fraught with misery and heartache, but through it all was a connection and passion that most can only aspire to.

Ari isn’t just playing a game, I realize. He designed the board, carved the pieces and painted the dots on the dice.
It wasn’t good enough to linger in my world without my knowing it, he had to drag me kicking and screaming into his.

The writing held me spellbound and even though the plot foreshadows and indeed at times clearly spells where it will go, what will happen, the story still never felt predictable. This is just so unique, so different, so…. so Lily. There were so many times I wondered how this would end, wondered how I WANTED it to end, wondered if expecting a HEA was too much and whether it needed one.

Buckle up for one rollercoaster, bone shaker of a ride. One that will spin the world on it’s axis and leave you both shaken AND stirred. A ride that will take you up to such heights, just for the sole purpose of dropping you so far and so fast that your heart will be in your throat and you will worry both for your very survival and sanity. In The Danger You Know Lily White has created a story, a world that will stay with you. Characters come and characters go, but Ari and Adeline will remain for a long time. One of those unicorn stories that doesn’t fade with the passage of time but instead wedges itself into your heart, mind and soul.

It’s never the dangers that lurk in the shadows you have to worry about, it’s the ones you know. The people who can turn your world upside down without any effort at all. The terrifying monsters that sneak up when you least expect it to steal your heart and drive you insane.

When I began reading the book, I did think it might only be a 4 star “really liked” book. However Ari refused to have any of that nonsense and quickly informed me that it was 5 stars or he was leaving and wouldn’t be looking back. So firmly put in my place I enjoyed the rest of what is a twisted, tormented and tremendous story, one where it was also lovely to catch a glimpse of Rebecca and Aiden out in the ‘real world’.

I’ve not even talked about Lincoln yet. If ever there was a character who needed their own book he is one – don’t let me down Lily! I fell in love with him almost as much as I did Ari, he really was amazing in his own right. At one point I was kinda rooting for a menage, but I think his relationship with Adeline was perfect. He made such a great foil to Ari but also allowed us to see another side to him too.

This is an absolute must read book, both for Lily White fans and for those who like a good, twisted read. It’s not very dark in sexual terms, but it doesn’t need to be, not with such a heartless hero and messed up situation.


You’ll judge me.
Hate me and tell me I’m wrong.
Refuse to see how my darkness is what she needs.

While I don’t particularly care about your feelings in the matter, and while I pursue her despite the wedding bells that rang for another, only I can see how she is drowning beneath mediocrity.

How many times must I remind her?

It can’t matter that I am the person who ruined her life.
The man who killed her father.
The constant shadow that watches her sleep.
The lover who prefers dirty alleyways to freshly laundered sheets

She’s mine. Always has been. 

I’m the worst thing for her, yet I’m the only salvation she knows.
He had his chance to make her happy.
He failed.
He didn’t see how she was dying inside because he couldn’t know her.
Not like I know her.
I am her stalker.
Her protector.
And the only man that can bring her back to life.

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“Who are you?”

“Does it matter?” I cock a brow, challenging her to care.

She laughs, and it’s like music, free and unencumbered.

“No, I guess it doesn’t.”

We stare at each other for several quiet seconds, the beat of my breath matching hers. Her eyes are glassy and unfocused, her face so serene that I feel relaxed because of it.

“You’re pretty,” she says on an exhalation of breath.


Flowers are pretty. The sky is pretty. Women are pretty.

I am none of those things.

“You’re drunk, and I’m not pretty.”

Adeline pushes up to kneel in her seat and leans over the center console, her palm cupping my cheek as tender as a lover.

“Yes, you are. But you’re flawed. I can see all the mistakes. You’re gorgeous because of those flaws.”

My eyes widen, heart hammering. She needs to go. This is too much. Too close. How the fuck does she know that?

It’s the tragic artist in her. She looks for the cracks and fissures, the imperfections in anything she sees.

Her sloppy grin widens, pearly white teeth glimmering beneath.

“It’s okay. I’m flawed, too. Would you like to see?”

What a stupid question. I don’t need to see. I already know all her flaws. I could write a fucking book about them.

Adeline doesn’t wait for an answer before climbing over the center console to straddle my lap. And while I should open my door to jump away, I find myself sucking in a breath, my body going far too still.

She leans forward to press her mouth to my ear.

“I don’t even know your name, and all I want to do is kiss you right now. How fucked up is that?”

Extremely. It is just one of the things about her that drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong; I love that about her. But I also hate it.

“We shouldn’t do that,” I answer.

“I like doing things I shouldn’t.”

Yes, yes she does. She really is a little monster.

Author Bio:

Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

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5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.

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