REVIEW //\\ Nathan

Nathan (Cultivated #4) by Elin Peer

Is it ok to be jealous of a character in a book? Because I may be a little jealous of Serena.

Nathan, our title character is just such an amazing guy. He’s alpha without being overwhelming, caring without being overbearing and sweet without being too soft. The fact that he was willing to “play” Serena in their first meeting in the book shows that he is fallible and not Mr Perfect, which only made him more relatable and human. Serena is equally likable and “real”, a victim of the media storm which surrounds them, but also not totally innocent of indulging in the publicity machine.

There are hidden depths to this story. Questions asked and situations created that on one level bring entertainment and enjoyment, but also designed to make you consider the impact of how your words and actions can have a deep impact on others. I loved how Elin Peer brought us a story about trust, not just of trusting the other person but of trusting yourself and your emotions. Trusting your heart and instincts.

This is so much more than just a romance, in fact so very different to your “typical” romance. Unlike most stories, the love, the connection, the declarations are the easy part – it’s life and circumstances that throw spanners into the works. And its how the protagonists face these challenges, how they choose to react, that sets this authors work apart from so many others. There are no “too stupid to live” moments, no ridiculous and highly unlikely decisions, no forced conflict. Just a wonderful and absorbing story.

People say that being in love is the best feeling in the world.
What a bloody lie!
I hate that I’m in love with Serena and that she used me to get what she wanted.
What good is it that my heart and body is a twisted mess of longing for her when I’m also furious with her for hurting my sister, River?
I don’t care if Serena is a Hollywood star — no one messes with my family!

Nathan is a man with too many ghosts in his past to stand still and face them. After being dismissed from the army for anger management issues, he’s traveling the world and setting records in extreme sports.

When a plot to get back at Serena for hurting his sister goes wrong, Nathan is front and center in a media storm that brings up his tragic past once again. This time, there’s no outrunning it. Nathan will need to prove that he’s more than what the media portray him as. But what if the media are also wrong about Serena?

Nathan’s story is the fourth installment in Elin Peer’s romance series, Cultivated. Readers find it impossible to put down and rave about the characters jumping off the page.

To avoid spoilers, this series is best read in order.

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