Bookish Friday

Welcome to this week’s Bookish Friday, hosted by the amazing LauReads and Niffler Reads. It’s a bank holiday over here in the UK, moved from it’s usual date of the first Monday in May, to allow us to celebrate VE Day.

There were so many plans for great events, all of which have had to be put aside in the interests of safety. However we will find SOME way to celebrate the sacrifice made by so many, including our international friends, in the battle for liberty and democracy.

This weeks prompt is Middle Grade Covers which, as a product of the English education system, left me somewhat adrift. We generally have Primary school for ages 4 – 11 and Secondary for ages 11 – 16/18, with Colleges that offer an alternative for 16 – 19 year olds who either don’t want to stay in their school 6th Form, or who attend a school that only caters up to 16 years of age. I say generally because there are a couple of local authorities who still run a 3 school system, similar to the USA, but these are very few and far between.

I’ve taught in Secondary schools since 1991, albeit with a 7 year break when my children were little. I’m currently working as a home education teacher, or at least I would be if we weren’t currently in lockdown! However my specialism is Science and Maths, so I’m not too familiar with books that would be read by tweenagers. However here are a few that I know at least ONE of my children read at that age – I’ve read Harry Potter (we own all of them, the rest must be in storage) and also the Wee Free Men. The Hunger Games in still on my TBR list.

Middle Grade Covers

Sorry about the quality of the photos – I really should have brightened them up before uploading them.

So, what Middle Grade books do you have sitting around the house, and have you read them?

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