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Six For Sunday… Favourite Series Characters

Six For Sunday.. Favourite Characters From Series

Six For Sunday is a meme hosted by A Little But A Lot. May’s theme has been series, with this week’s prompt being favourite characters from series. I think I could populate this list repeatedly just for one author. So I’m going to spin it differently and choose six characters for six series.

1 The Messenger Chronicles by Pippa DaCosta

So the six characters to love in this series are:

1 – Kesh
The only female protagonist in the series, the Wraithmaker, a slave to the fae. With her ability to blend tec with magic, she is determined to be more than a pawn in someone else’s game. I adored Kesh, I laughed with her, I cried for her and loved alongside her. She isn’t perfect by a long shot but she loves her men fiercely and loyally.

2 – Kellee
The sheriff, the last Vakaru and all around good guy. Kellee stole my heart, even though he was tough on Kesh he loved her just as hard. The moment he pinned his shiny sheriff’s star to Kesh was one of many moments that had me sobbing.

3 – Talen
A my Talen was an enigma at times, but he was always Kesh’s biggest fan. A fae with a mystery, a pilot and the gentleness to Kellee’s hard edges. This man made me laugh and cry in equal measure.

4 – Sota
An AI and, for a long time, Kesh’s only friend. Sota undergoes some dramatic changes during the course of the series, but what never changes is his sarcastic sense of humour. So often, when this book had tears of misery and pain pouring down my cheeks, Sota would make fun of one of the other guys and pull me from the depths of my despair.

5 – Arran
I won’t say too much about this guy, because there are just so many spoilers around him, his history and his story. He is a source of strength and love for Kesh, and someone to whom she feels she owes a debt.

6 – Sirius
An autumn fae, a guardian, an man hiding so many secrets, one of which is his love for the Wraithmaker. He sacrifices much for Kesh, annoys the hell out of Kellee and often seems more like the bad guy.

Genre – Fantasy/ Science Fiction / Reverse Harem Slow Burn Romance

Goodreads –

2 The Veil and Chaos Rises Series by Pippa DaCosta

1 – Muse
A half demon who grew up in the netherworld, surviving abuse, torment and horrors beyond belief. She just wants to be left in peace, but that isn’t going to happen.

2 – Akil
The Prince of Greed, a power from the netherworld, deceitful, manipulative, not to be trusted but oh so sexy. He claims he isn’t good, says he can’t love anyone, but his actions and deeds say something very different indeed.

3 – Stefan
Maybe he’s the good guy of the story, maybe not. He keeps his own secrets close to his chest, and a trip to the netherworld results in a very different man.

4 – Li’el
The Prince of Pride, who appears in a spin off series (Chaos Rises) and proves to be just as slippery a fish as his brethren Akil. I totally fell in love with this guy.

5 – Gem
Another half demon, but this one born and raised in a lab, treated like an experiment and tortured in the name of science. She was strong, determined, naive, loving and loyal.

6 – Torrent
A good guy in a bad situation, but always on Gem’s side, whether she wanted him to be or not.

Genre – Urban Fantasy

Goodreads –

Goodreads –

Silk & Steel Series by Ariana Nash

1 – Eroan
An elf, part of the Order whose role is to hunt and kill dragons. A golden man who is a ray of sunlight in a dark world, he has a deep sense of right and wrong, of honour and loyalty.

2 – Lysander
A dragon, a prince and an outsider within his own nest. The dark to Eroan’s light and the strongest of men, refusing to be beaten down by the slings and arrows of life.

3 – Akiem
Brother to Lysander, at times his heart is as black as his dragon scales. However you can see glimpses of something good within him.

4 – Zane
A flame haired elf whose love and belief saves Akiem from a worthless existence.

5 – Trey
A laughing, loving elf messenger turned assassin of the Order during the war with the dragons. He brings joy and peace but at what cost to himself?

6 – Venali
A mysterious, supersexy Order leader but also a man who carries his wounds and scars inside.

Genre – MM Epic Fantasy Romance

Goodreads –

The Walshes by Kate Canterbary

I featured this series a few weeks ago, under a family relationships meme. These books are SO good, I’m featuring them again as six characters from a series!

1 Matthew (& Lauren)
Architect, second oldest, laid back but also a workaholic. He was delightfully sexy and was totally captivated by his sexy little schoolteacher.

2 Patrick (& Andy)
Oldest sibling, controlling, demanding, moody but a force to be reckoned with in the architects firm they run. He met his match with Andy, she won’t be cowed and she loves Harry Potter so gets the thumbs up from me.

3 Sam (& Tiel)
Arguably the most affected by their father’s violence and cruelty, Sam struggles to form any lasting relationships. Tiel is quirky, awkward and just so perfect for him, but this pair have a long and difficult journey to their HEA.

4 Shannon (& Will)
Abused and then abandoned by their father, whilst her brothers got to train as architects at a renowned college, she had to work and pay her own way through. She loves fiercely and will do anything for those who earn that love. She also swears like a sailor. She needs a strong and determined man and finds that in Will, a Navy SEAL, and just thinking about him makes me all hot and bothered – *swoon*.

5 Erin (& Nick)
Erin is the one who got away, the youngest of the siblings she doesn’t remember how cruel, how violent their father was.

5 Riley (& Alex)
Throughout the series this guy is central to so much. A man-child with a man-bun and a tramp stamp, he has a love of superheroes and unexpected depths that made me see him in a whole new light. Alex starts of as a sort-of friend, she needs a date, he needs a date, so they pretend to be one another’s significant other, until passion and emotions take over.

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Goodreads –

1000 Revolutions by Pippa DaCosta

I feel the need to point out here that Ariana Nash is an alternative pen name for Pippa DaCosta and YES out of the six series, four are by the one author!

1 Caleb
Ex-AirFleet, a bad boy with an attitude and a chip on his shoulder that you could carve a house from. He is moody, sails under the radar but is loyal to a fault.

2 One
An AI with a soul. If I think of One, I think of the phrase “Count the stars” and before I know it I’m blubbering again.

3 Fran
On social media Caleb and Fran’s relationship description (if you could call what they have by that name) would most certainly be “it’s complicated”. You can never quite be sure whose side Fran is on, and whether she will shoot Caleb in the back. She’s a great girl though!

4 Bren
Bren is Caleb’s upstanding, by-the-rule-book, AirFleet brother. Despite appearances this pair care deeply for one another and Caleb would break all the rules and face the pits of hell for Bren.

5 Turner
A pirate with a hard-on for Caleb’s destruction. However this pair are unwilling allies as much as enemies. There is just something so attractive about this bad boy.

6 Fitz
A relative new comer to the series, Fitz is an engineering genius but really isn’t cut out for the life of an outlaw. There’s something between her and Bren, but just what it is, well you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Genre – Space Opera / Science Fiction

Goodreads –

Steamwork Chronicles by Cari Silverwood

This is a steampunk world and whilst some characters overlap, each story can be read stand alone.

1 Claire
Claire is a frankenstruct – a living being made from an amalgamation of cloned body parts. A trained assassin who might just be falling in love with her next target.

2 Theo
A rich, ex-Air Corp nobleman and a Dom, Theo is just so gorgeous and irresistable. He isn’t going to be to happy though when he discovers Claire’s lies.

3 Kaysana
An airship captain who loses her airship, is caught in the middle of a zombie plague and is stuck with a frankenstruct, and Kaysana doesn’t like those cloned beings. Strangely though she finds herself attracted to Sten’s dominance, and his ropes!

4 Sten
A male clone not above indulging in some very dub-con activities. This guy is super dominant but equally protective and determined to keep Kaysana safe. Well safe from the Zombies, she might not be safe from him.

5 Sofia
An intelligent and brilliant researcher, Sofia needs to work undercover in Byzantium but that involves pretending to be the sex slave. Pretend to be owned by the man employed to be her bodyguard. It’s the only way to keep her safe from the Emperor, but who will keep her safe from Dankyo?

6 Dankyo
Despite what the intelligent and independent Sofia believes, the Dominant part of Dankyo can sense the submissiveness at her core. And boy does he have fun convincing her to follow his commands and in bending her body to his desires.

Genre Sci-Fi Romance / Steampunk

Goodreads –

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  1. GREAT lists! I’ve only read a couple of books by Pippa DaCosta but I really enjoyed them – I read the first two books in the The Veil series.

    Lovely blog – I’m now following 😀

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