Top 5 Books… From a male POV

Top 5… Books From A Male Point Of View

Does this mean strictly from a male POV? I’m not sure if I’ve READ 5 books that qualify.

Oh yes I have! And it means that I get to include some of those juicy MM romances that are hot enough to melt your e-reader. Thank you Devouring Books for hosting this meme and for this weeks prompt.

Tom’s Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce

Genre – Young Reader/ Fantasy

Goodreads –

This was a childhood favourite read, and I’m fairly sure it’s from a male point of view. I loved anything fantasy/mythological from a young age and this book ticked all my boxes. I remember being incredibly moved when we discovered Hetty’s true identity. A much loved classic.

Primal Sin by Ariana Nash

Genre – LGBT Fantasy

Goodreads –

This is the first book in a series, involving angels and demons and an Earth setting. There are secrets, lies, power plays and some things, or people, are not who they may seem to be.

Fresh Catch by Kate Canterbary

Genre – MM Contemporary Romance

Goodreads –

This was one of my first forays into the world of MM romance and quickly topped the list of not only my favourite MM stories, but one of my favourite romance stories of all time.

If there was one think I’d learned since Cole drifted into my life it was that we mattered more than I.

Where The Stars Fall by Ana Simons

Genre – Second Chance Contemporary Romance

Goodreads –

This is written entirely from Brian, the hero’s, point of view. Whilst a part of me would have liked to have heard the heroine’s voice, I still enjoyed this second-chance romance. It’s a beautiful and heart-warming tale, best of all this book raises money for charity –

Con Man by T. Torrest

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Goodreads –

This was the very first romance book I ever read that was written solely from a male POV. It took me a little while to ‘get into’ the feel of it, but it was both intriguing and very enjoyable to follow Lucas’ story and I would recommend giving this story a chance.