It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Wow, it’s yet again time to join in with Book Date and share a round up of our reading activity. I read the four book’s featured last week as books I wanted to read, one was a bit of a bust but the other three were really good. I also pulled in a further two books from my list for June, despite me being busier with work last week.

The gloriously sunny weather has broken, and we are experiencing a much more typical British summer, with lots of rain showers. The plants in the garden are thankful for it, but it’s also encouraged the slugs to chomp on some of my seedlings. Sigh.

The Highs and Lows of Last Week.

Fortune Fae Academy, closely followed by Something Twisted were my highlights. I also enjoyed A Rough Ride and The Ties That Bind. Heart Thief was a fair read but I was disappointed with Pure, which had so much potential but just didn’t quite deliver on it.

Current Reads

Arcs and Considerations for the coming week.

Despite keep promising myself that I will read Sin & Lightning and some Carol Van Natta books, I’ll probably try to do a re-read of The Velvet Chair, as this is a continuation of C.P. Mandara’s Pony Tales series. Who know’s if I will achieve those goals. What I do know is that I’ve got lots of good books to look forward to reading in June.

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