Can’t Wait Wednesday

Can’t Wait Wednesday

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they’re books that have yet to be released. It’s based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking the Spine

This week has felt long – and we’re only at Wednesday though, in contrast, the last few months have disappeared in the blink of an eye. Work is now a strange mix of some phone lessons, some sessions spent at the small centre where I am based, online meetings and emailing work to a few remaining students. It has been difficult to get into a routine as timings seem to change with every week that passes!

The two books I’m featuring today are both due for release in the next week or two. I love both these authors, they are both indie authors but that’s where the similarities end. Eva Dresden writes dark, dark omegaverse stories whilst Nicolina Martin has published several BDSM romances and a series of darker mafia romances. However both these books are very different to their prior work.

Title – I Am Eve
Author – Nicolina Martin
Genre – Dystopian Romance
Goodreads –
Blurb – Eve’s sculptures capture the cries of agony as the plague ravages mankind.
I call her the collector of tears.
I watch her, waiting, biding my time. Alone in her rickety castle she knows nothing of my intentions.
We’re the outcasts, the freaks, the dregs of this broken realm, but we will rise and I will make the strange artist my queen.
Hidden from sight, fiercely protected by her kin, untouched by any man.
I’m the devil to her angel, and together we will save the world.

Title – Rite of Omega
Author – Eva Dresden
Genre – Fantasy Omegaverse Romance
Goodreads –
Blurb – Orphan. Jealously guarded possession. The object of her cruel guardian’s desires. These are the only things Aida Vertia has known in her life. Locked away in the high towers of Logoria, the seat of Aeslomor, she has little contact with the outside world. Knowing nothing of its splendor and beauty, she sees only the cruelties within the sooty stone walls of her prison.
Then he comes on the crest of a raging inferno. Destroying everything she’s ever known. Freeing her from one prison for the cold, hard chains of the next.
They call him the Usurper. A blood crazed mage, no different than the one before.
Yet he is wholly different.
Forcing her to bend to his will, she is helpless to stop the way he makes her soul sing. No matter the murderous vengeance in his eyes or the vicious oaths he swears.
He claims she has a purpose that he’ll see fulfilled, but amid the ruins of her past, she’ll find a destiny far more devastating.

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  1. Both of these sound dark and intriguing! I I am Eve particularly interests me. I hope you enjoy both of theese when you read them.

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