REVIEW //\\ Cheri’s New Rules

Cheri’s New Rules by Markie Morelli

A very sympathetically told and erotically charged age-play tale.

This was somewhere between a 3 and 4 star read, but for the sheer bravery of the author in tackling a difficult topic, with a mature couple, and I’m plumping for the higher rating. The writing engaged me and I found the book really easy to read. Given the subject matter, this isn’t an overly erotic tale, it is much more about the emotional and mental aspects of their lifestyle choice than it is about kinky sex.

Cheri’s New Rules was really well written, I definitely felt a connection with both main characters, as well as believing in their love for one another. Cheri’s struggles to accept her own desires felt very true and were a real strength of the story. And what an unusual but also compelling story it is.

We don’t get to see a couple falling in love, we don’t even meet them on the start of their journey into an age-play relationship, and that is a very bold decision for any author to make. I’m really please Markie Morelli decided to do just that, because what we got was a story that was so plausible it could, perhaps, have been based on real life. I feel if we had joined them as they embarked on their new life adventure, it might have felt a little ‘fairy tale’, left on an impossible to achieve HEA. I loved that we joined them and saw that even after three years things weren’t always perfect. That both still made mistakes, and had new things to try out and to discover, including new play, themselves and about their spouse.

Whilst the story refers to new rules, what we see are the current rules in operation along with Cheri’s consideration of agreeing to a move from ‘play’ to a 24/7 life. In some ways I wanted a little more from the ending BUT there is a book 2. I don’t think an epilogue or a few chapters would have satisfied me either, so on reflection I quite like where the author chose to end this book. I’m definitely planning on reading the second book at some point in the future.

Title – Cheri’s New Rules (New Rules #1)
Author – Markie Morelli
Genre – DD/lg BDSM Romance
Goodreads –
Blurb –
Every marriage has its ups and downs and for twenty years, Judge Michael Reynolds has been reminding himself of that fact. His wife, Chéri, is the epitome of the perfect suburban wife. Chéri works for an advertising agency, raises their twin sons, and micromanages them all to within an inch of their lives. It’s working, he reassures himself. It’s not working well, but it’s working. He keeps his nose to the grindstone and stays out of her way as best he can, avoiding confrontations and acting as a buffer between her and the boys. Even now he isn’t sure if he is having a mid-life crisis or it has something to do with the boys going off to college – but one day he’s had enough, more than enough! It’s time for some new rules, and for the first time in a very long marriage, he feels capable of enforcing them. Michael tries not to present them as an ultimatum, but Chéri knows what they are just the same. Her husband is tired of her domineering, controlling ways. While he readily accepts his part of the blame for what their marriage has become, he is not willing to continue with the status quo.

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