Top 5 Saturday… Books You’d Give A Second Chance

Top 5 Books I’d Give A Second Chance

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Whilst I love Second Chance romances, I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of books that I need to GIVE a second chance too. That said, sometimes we have to be in the right frame of mind to really enjoy a book, or indeed to even get into it in the first place. There are a few books that I DNF’d but still have on my kindle specifically for that very reason of wanting to give them another go. In fact I never considered them as DNF’s so much as To Be Finished At A Later Time.

Title – R.I.P.
Author – Charity B
Genre – Gothic Romance/Horror
Goodreads –

This just felt like it was trying a little too hard to be shocking and edgy and ‘out there’. More forced than an organic part of the story. However I tried reading this just as the world descended into chaos and we were put in lockdown in the UK. So my state of mind at the time played a big part in reading enjoyment. A lot of my friends who share the same reading tastes loved this, so I want to give it another go.

~ Malakai ~ On the outside, we look normal, like an all-American Christian family, but behind the walls of this church basement, we are far from it. My mother says it’s her calling, my father says it’s our blessing, and my sister says it’s fun. I say we’re fucked.
I don’t know if what we’re doing is really what God wants us to do, I just know that the more we do it, the more natural it feels. Natural. What we’re doing and the reason behind it is far from natural. In my family, love blends with hate, duty with torment, and blood with water. We are the Courtenay family and this is the story about how it all went wrong.

~ Adriel ~ Her actions shattered my family, leaving it half alive.
And I hate her for it. My brother is broken. His torment suffocates him as he claws his way through the aftermath of her decisions. Despite it all, he remains by my side. The life we knew has been gutted, rotting into a million pieces. We have no home, nowhere to go, but I don’t care because we still have each other. He’s the only one that can see beneath my flesh to touch me in my darkest places. Our choices have taken us on a new path. A shimmering sea of blood trails behind us on our search for purpose and reason.
No matter what happens, I refuse to let anything or anyone keep us apart.
I’ll burn the world to ash before I’ll let him go.

Title – Innocent Eyes
Author – Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune
Genre – Dark Erotic Romance
Goodreads –

I originally found the plot to be a little eye-rollingly far-fetched. However if I know to expect it in advance, I find it much easier to go with the flow. I’ve been know to read spoilers for books because occasionally I need to be forewarned and therefore forearmed. I went on and enjoyed book 2, so I really do want to see if my mind has changed on this one.

“If he’s gross, I’m bailing.”
That’s what I said to my supposed best friend when she asked me to take her place. A blind date, she said. What harm could it do?
He was charming. Beautiful. God’s finest creation. He wined me and dined me. Made me do things I’d never before dreamt of in the bedroom. It was perfect. Dangerous. Arousing.
But she didn’t tell me the full story. She didn’t tell me about the debt she owed.
And now Quinn Cane wants his money’s worth, and he’s going to make me pay whatever way he can.
“A debt needs to be paid.”
The woman who came to meet me didn’t owe me money. I could tell by her innocent eyes. Still, the debt will be paid either way.
She was something to play with and use as I saw fit, but something about Emily Brooks made me want to keep her. So she became my dirty girl.
Pure. Innocent. Mine.

Then she whispered my damned name and invaded my world, changing its reasoning.
She wasn’t meant to break the rules. But she rolled my dice and won.

Title – Taunting Tony
Author – Marie James
Genre – MM Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

I was overloaded with arcs when I read this one and I just didn’t “feel” the book. In general I have enjoyed this author’s work and the book has good ratings, so this may well have been a case of it’s me not you and it’s me at the moment but not forever.

They’re a necessity. They make the world go ‘round and help idiots function in society. Most don’t require much thought and are easy to follow—or so I thought…
I didn’t realize, however, that the new group of people I became friends with could have so many.
No sleeping with group member’s moms? Easy enough.
No shirts at the BBQ? I’m all over that. Do you know how hot it gets in Texas during summertime?
No sleeping with others in the group? Now this one… This one is killing me.
If you saw Joseph Snow, with those killer abs and cocky smirk, you’d be thinking the exact same thing… rules are meant to be broken.

Title – The Body Painter
Author – Pepper Winters
Genre –
Goodreads –

Pepper Winters writes with such an ornate and poetic feel. Her descriptions transport you to the setting and she immerses you within the character’s emotions. I felt like this was a 5 star read for the first third, then it seemed to fall into a repetitive cycle that was just filling pages. This is another example of when knowing what is coming allows me to move on and enjoy the story, rather than getting caught up in my dissatisfaction.

“Must be slim, able to stand for long periods of time, and be impervious to the cold.”
The headline caught my attention.
“Hours are negotiable, pay is minimal, clothing absolutely forbidden.”
The second line piqued my curiosity.
“Able to hold your bladder and tongue, refrain from opinions or suggestions, and be the perfect living canvas.”

The third made me scowl.
“Other attributes required: non-ticklish, contortionist, and obedient. Must also enjoy being studied while naked in a crowd.”
The fourth made me shudder.
“Call or email ‘YOUR SKIN, HIS CANVAS’ if interested in applying.”
The final made my heart race.
I should’ve kept scrolling past the advertisement.
I should’ve applied for the boring receptionist job at minimum wage.
I should’ve clicked on any other job where I got to keep my clothes on.
But I didn’t.
I applied.
My interview is tomorrow…

Title – Tempted
Author – Felicity Brandon
Genre – BDSM Romantic Suspense
Goodreads –

Another casualty of arc commitment overextension. I did complete this but in a skimming, rushing to tick a box way, rather than a take time and enjoy it. It’s also the first book in a trilogy that I never completed, so this is on my list more as a “complete the series” than an individual re-read.

I’m obsessed with a woman who’s nothing but trouble.
She’s feisty and tempting.
And she doesn’t let anything come in the way of her mission.
I’ve dealt with my fair share of rule-breakers.
So, Delilah isn’t what I need.
But I can’t stop dreaming about having her in my arms.
She might be hiding a secret.
A secret that could destroy me and burn the city to the ground.
There’s only one question that remains.
Is she worth the destruction that she’s about to cause?

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