It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Saturday was wet, wild and windy here but Sunday, whilst still breezy, was also much more summery in feel. This meant we (my husband and I on this occasion) got out for a walk. We are very blessed to have some beautiful countryside within both walking and short driving distance.

Oh boy, I’ve got arc reads and beta reads coming out my ears this week. That almost empty July had several unexpected arc-team reads dropped into it! So what am I doing? Yes, that’s right, I’m re-reading an anthology.

Many years ago as part of my degree, I took a unit in Animal Behaviour. I adored it and was very tempted to swap to as my major (in the UK you study for a specific degree from the start, attending lectures in that, and related, subjects). However it was notorious for it’s tough exams and lack of career opportunities, so I stuck with Genetics. Anyway, back to the point I was going to make! In that unit, we learnt about something called “conflict behaviour”, a situation where two very conflicting demands on the individual results in a totally unrelated and rather unhelpful reaction. For example a bird sat on a nest sees a predator approaching. It is torn between fleeing to safety and incubating the eggs, so it starts to preen its feathers. I think I’m the bird, avoiding those arcs and beta reads and so picking up something else entirely to read. Oops.

Last Week’s Round-Up

Along with these I also included some beta reading and a couple of shorts in an anthology – phew! That said Viking Raid is a novella and at least two of the other books were fairly short novels.

Reading now as an arc deadline is looming

This is Ariana Nash we are talking about so, yes, this one is going well.

Also on this weeks TBR list

I’m not sure whether I will get to the last two, since I’m currently beta reading a ‘choose your own adventure’ erotic retelling of Princess and the Pea in Wonderland, plus an MC book for an author friend. I’ll let you know next week.