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Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

So the question here is when to start counting from. Do I include my late teens and early to mid twenties, which were longer ago then I care to admit? What about those few books I read whilst my children were young? I know I read a LOT of Enid Blyton as a child, and of course all the Peter and Jane books that we had in the UK for learning to read. My Uni years saw a transition from Catherine Cookson and Meave Binchy to Mercedes Lackey and Katherine Kerr. I won’t include those, mainly because I can’t remember just how many of their books I HAVE read, but I will include those authors I’ve read since getting my kindle 5 years ago and one who I continued to read, even after my children curtailed it as a major pastime.

Most of my featured authors you won’t have heard of, unless you read indie romance authors who self publish. I’m hoping you HAVE heard of the first one though. They aren’t in any particular order.

1 – Terry Pratchett (dozens!)

With the exception of some of the very last books he published, I’ve read most of the discworld series, so I’m assuming he is the author I’ve read most. His magical combination of wit and world building have never disappointed me and I can read his books again and again and again.

2 – Cari Silverwood (30+)

From a rom-com with a paranormal edge, written under another pen name, through sci-fi , fantasy and to historical, I’ve not read a Cari Silverwood book I haven’t loved. And I’ve read one heck of a lot of them!

3 – Pippa DaCosta (30+ if you include her alternative pen name)

This author takes me back to my late teens and early twenties, when I simply couldn’t read enough science fiction and fantasy. Her world building always is amazing and her characters have been known to reduce my to a blubbering mess on more than one occasion. She’s also one of those evil authors who enjoys torturing her readers by killing of characters you love.

4 – Measha Stone (26)

Another who has slowly transformed from writing BDSM with a heart, to much darker stories with challenging anti-heroes. Her Owned and Protected series are my favourite by this author.

5 – Lindsay Buroker (high 20’s)

Lindsay Buroker was one of the first sci-fi/fantasy authors I discovered after I got my e-reader. I was immediately drawn into the worlds she created, falling in love with her characters and devouring all her back catalogue in a few weeks. I still get excited when I see she has a new release out.

6 – Livia Grant (high teens)

I found Livia Grant through the BlackLight series. It’s set in the world of BDSM but is a much more realistic, whilst still fictionalised, account of the lifestyle than a certain more famous series of books. With believable characters and emotional storylines, Livia isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

7 – Chelle Bliss (low 20’s)

Another author I discovered via a free book in my early e-reader days. Her tattooed bad boy heroes are unapologetically alpha, not always from the right side of the tracks and definitely not averse to doing what is necessary to keep their significant other safe. Whilst I’ve moved away from reading this type of contemporary romance, Chelle Bliss is still an author I would recommend.

8 – Amelia Wilde (30+)

Amelia Wilde started her career writing about Billionaires. It’s not a trope I’m overly fond of, but her wonderful characters and cute storylines more than made up for that fact. She’s moved on since then and I particularly enjoyed her Bliss Brothers series.

9 – Jennifer Bene (high teens)

Jennifer Bene is one of my Queens of Darkness. The first book in her Thalia series is pitch black, though it does end on a positive note. She also writes very consensual and quite light BDSM romances, under the BlackLight umbrella, and dark paranormal stories under the pen name Cassandra Faye. She is one of my go-to authors when I want a book that I know won’t disappoint me.

10 – Elin Peer (high teens)

Elin Peer writes romance that challenges both the protagonists AND the reader. She has an ability to create characters who become your new best friend and stories that stay with you long after the last page has been read.

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    1. Thank you, I was once lucky enough to meet him at a book signing. If I hadn’t emptied my physical bookshelves when we had children I could have included Anne McCaffrey and other fantasy authors of the 90’s.

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  1. Yeah, I struggled with what to count too, especially in the case of authors where I genuinely couldn’t remember which of their books I’d read. Still not totally happy with my outcome, but I had to stop and hit publish at some point. 😛

    Incidentally, you are correct that I don’t know a single one of these names except the first one (where I’ve read Good Omens and that’s it), but I appreciate that you described them. It sounds like you have several deep wells of thematic material to draw from, and that’s always a great feeling. Much easier than hunting for read-alike standalone novels.

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  2. You’re right, Terry Pratchett is the only one of these I have heard of! 🙂 I know what you mean though, about which authors to include. I decided to go with the books I’ve added to Goodreads. There are probably several others I read when I was a kid that didn’t get included because I don’t have an accurate count.

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    1. Thanks. I know I read a LOT of Anne McCaffrey books back in the 90’s but I also wanted it to be about who I’ve read recently.


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