Can’t Wait Wednesday

Heartbreaker by Julie Kriss

Title – Heartbreaker
Author – Julie Kriss
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

Holden Whittaker broke my heart when I was eighteen. What kind of guy stands up his prom date and leaves her hanging, waiting for him to show up? A total jerk, that’s who.
Never mind. I left my tiny nowhere town and moved to New York to follow my dream of becoming an actress.
Ten years later, my dream hasn’t happened, and I’m working as the office supply girl at Morgan Financial Holdings, doing my best to keep my paycheck and not get fired by the world’s most terrifying boss. Life couldn’t get much worse, until I get stuck in an elevator and guess who comes to rescue me? In a city of eight million people, it’s Holden.
Turns out he’s moved to New York, too, to be an EMT. I don’t want to see my teenage nemesis as one of the good guys, but he’s out saving lives every day, and he’s still gorgeous and cocky. I could fall for him all over again, and that’s a problem. Because it’s only a matter of time before Holden crushes me again.

My hometown heartbreaker isn’t the guy I left behind anymore. If I could stop hating him, I might belong with him. The question is, which one of us will get hurt first? 

Julie Kriss is one of the few contemporary romance authors I still read. Her characters always have the depth that I need, and her stories consume me. I quickly come to care about her protagonists and find myself living their lives with them. She’s not afraid to make them flawed, either, which just makes them even more lovable.

This book is due out on the 19th and I will most certainly be one-clicking it!