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Review //\\ Hunted

My Rating – 3.5 Stars

When we first meet Jared (and Harper) he is a really sweet, fun and caring guy, so his later transformation was really something else. His alter-ego is definitely sinister and poor Harper most certainly comes off worse when he’s around. Jared’s slow descent into “madness” was very finely crafted, and so terrifyingly believable.

I found it easier to connect with Harper, though that isn’t surprising since Jared wasn’t always quite himself. This meant I didn’t connect with the story with as much emotional depth as I prefer, but I still really enjoyed the story. With both characters being so adorable and cute at first, I was rather puzzled as to just where things were heading, though it quickly becomes clear that not all is well. The plot then rattles along at a rapid pace, with lots of darkness, lots of twists and lots of a very bad man.

Harper remains strong throughout, and I loved her resilience during her trial in the woodland. I did wish nasty things to befall not-Jared, and I had absolutely no idea how the situation would be resolved. Needless to say it was resolved in a very satisfactory way. Hunted is a good addition to the Dirty Heroes collection and shouldn’t be missed.

Title – Hunted
Author – Cassandra Faye (Jennifer Bene)
Genre – Dark Paranormal

“It doesn’t matter how far she runs.
This is my forest, and I always catch my prey.”

As a Loxley, I know the rules, I just never took them seriously. I only knew when I finally brought a girl here it would be special. She would be special. And Harper is… perfect. Now we’re out here, alone, and something’s gone terribly wrong.
I broke the rules, I’m losing myself, and I’m afraid she’s going to pay the price. I need to fight this. I need to protect Harper. We’re meant to be, and I know she feels the same. I don’t want to hurt her but… I have to claim her.
I have to make her mine. Before I do something I can’t take back.

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  1. Ooo, this looks interesting. I’m wary of descent-into-madness stories because they affect me negatively, but if it’s resolved, I’m good with that. Off to take a look!

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